Sitting at the empty canteen of the school, Jacie was the only girl in the group of three who stayed back to study for their finals. For the two guys, it was their last paper of their poly exams they were rushing for, and being the junior of one of them, Nick, she was just in her first year, also approaching the last few exams for second semester.

Throughout the intense revision, she was the more relaxed one and chatted them into random topics from their school lives to their histories. To them, it was a way of releasing stress while they focused on memorising the important notes needed to pass. As the clock ticked into the night, their attention was fading to a more relaxed state, having done what they could. Slowly, the topics made a turn for the more personal ones, with a tinge of erotic nature in them.

Jacie: ‘Eh.. Have you guys ever tried how cum taste like?’
Nick: ‘Lol. Not for me. Never had to try that myself.’

The other two who were less familiar with her had built enough rapport to disclose their sexual experiences, citing a no in their answers.

Collin: ‘Why ask? You want to try?’
Jacie: ‘No lah. I don’t know mah.’

They smiled at her curiosity and flipped their books randomly, browsing through whatever they might have missed. Seeing that silence had once again took over the boring night, the next statement she made did managed to get them awake.

Jacie: ‘Do you guys dare to try?’
Collin: ‘Try what? You want to help us release so you can taste?’

A much more innocent reply of, ‘Here can meh?’ turned their minds into a solution seeking mode, while Nick gave her a weird stare in reaction to her gullible response.

Nick: ‘Are you done with revision? Let’s pack up and go somewhere else.’

Their books and notes were promptly packed, and he led the two of them into the stadium section of the institute, that was dark and emptied. He walked all the way into the shower rooms and waited for them to catch up behind him.

Nick: ‘I think here should be fine.’
Jacie: ‘Fine for what?’
Nick: ‘You want to know how it taste right? But you will need to help get it out mah. I think Collin won’t mind too.’

Collin did not wait for her to answer and just pushed her lightly towards the one-way door of the men’s shower, flicking the lock to engage the entrance. He had gentlemanly helped to remove her bag and took her books to place it on the wooden benches. Standing in front of the door, he just took his shoes off and undid his jeans, leaving his underwear down his hips just enough to let his manhood stand out.

Jacie: ‘Huh! Must I? I was just asking only.’
Nick: ‘Don’t have to worry lah. Just taste only. Not going to rape you also. You want to sit at the bench?’

She sat down with her legs tightly closed, shorts too short to shield the coldness on her thighs. Collin went in front of her and held her hand up, placing it next to his dick that was excited to begin. Her fist made a clench before releasing the grip slowly, still unsure of what she was supposed to do.

Collin: ‘You ever touched a dick?’
Jacie: ‘No.. ‘
Collin: ‘No wonder.. Just hold it first. I’ll guide you to move up and down.’

The naive expression just stared into his face while her hand went around his stick, letting him guide the stroking motion. As she noticed how much he was enjoying the handjob, his hand broke free from hers and let her took over, standing with one arm against the wall behind her for support. Nick, who was washing his face at the sink saw that she was learning well and came up to her, with his pants and underwear off, ready to work her other hand out.

She grabbed his dick once he was close enough and jerked the two of them robotically, paying attention to their faces as she tried different grips.

Collin: ‘Has any guy ever masturbated for you?’

That very sentence had some error as it was clear that guys DO masturbate for her, with that tight body often dressed in plain spaghetti top and matched with short shorts or skirts. However, it was her interpretations that gave them the answer they wanted.

Jacie: ‘Nope. Never.’

Both Nick and Collin sat beside her and convinced her to remove her shorts, leaving her panties on as an excuse to see if she was shaven. Beside them, it was a shortless little girl with an inviting cameltoe for them to toy with.

Nick: ‘I’m going to help massage you. You can close your eyes, but must tell me how it feels k?’
Jacie: ‘Okay.’

Nick’s hand went onto her pussy and teased her clit over the panties, sending her against the wall in a relaxed state. As the pussy play went on, her strokes were getting quicker, and it did not take too long for Collin’s hand to join in the fun, pushing her panties to the sides to access that untouched hole.

While Nick focused on her clit, Collin’s fingers were stimulating the opening into her vagina, which she was finding hard to resist too.

Collin: ‘Do you finger yourself?’
Jacie (replying sensually): ‘Yeah.. ‘

Upon hearing that, his fingers dipped into the fresh entrance and thrust in and out, making her exclaim cute, soft moans that helped in their ejaculations. The three of them remained in that mutual masturbation position for some time as she climaxed from his strong fingers, and constant rubbing over her swollen little pearl.

Collin: ‘Damn.. I’m cumming first.’

He let Nick’s fingers take over his job and stood in front of Jacie, where her head was pulled to his dick.

Collin: ‘Say ah. Can you keep this in your mouth?’

Her lips sealed themselves around his mushroom and continued jerking the exposed area of his shaft, until his hand went under her chin and requested her tongue to be on the tip. The hot gush of cum poured into her mouth free flow and her cheeks just puffed up to contain his load. During that process, Nick was pumping his hand faster into her and she was desperately needing air.

Along the time Collin pulled his exhausted meat out of her mouth, his hand on her chin made sure none of that precious cum was wasted, and she just swallowed the instant the tip left her lips. Panting hard, she went back to moaning in ecstasy, enjoying the fingers that was still kicking in her.

Nick: ‘Collin, take over. Let’s see if she can cum at the same time.’

His friend took his seat and used his unused arm to satisfy her, while Nick went to her mouth and did the same, sticking his dick into her lips that was sucking lightly. Circling her tongue around mushroom tip number two, one hand was stroking his shaft while the other toyed with his sagging testicles. The simple oral sex continued only for a short while, before his hand went to her chin and shot the powerful loads into her.

Sucking on and on, his cum just sprayed all over her tongue and she had to pull away before he was done, growing her shivers into a convulsion while seated. Nick knew that was as close as he could get to ‘cumming together’ and let her body handle the pleasant shock. Her jaws were opened while she sprawled onto the bench, droplets of cum still wet around her lips.

Taking close to five minutes to recover, she was dead tired but the satisfied look can’t be mistake at all. They picked her up and dressed her, carrying her books to the main road to hail a cab. She was all drowsy and weak by then and just let them bring her wherever. Knowing that it was late, they gave her money for the ride and left for home, both happily tired.

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