Caught Skirt Down

In the heat of the moment, Tim turned Jill’s body towards the opening at the stairs of the HDB, unhooking her skirt and letting it drop to the floor. Her blowjob was getting him too hot to resist and she just succumbed to his force. Pointing her butt out, she waited for his dick to shove her tiny panties to the sides and felt the shove of his manhood into her. Bundling her hair with one hand, he held down her hips and began thrusting into her, jerking her body forward for lucky eyes to see.

A trio of men were loitering around that very block, and immediately saw what the couple was doing, the girl with her skirt down and guy ramming hard at her butt. Silently, one of them took out their mobile phone and started recording their acts, while sending the other two down another flight of stairs, ready to ruin the quickie.

With their backs facing the stairs, the two of them could not have anticipated the interruption when the two men below shouted, sending their faces into sheets of white. The three of them had their phones pointed at Jill, while they hurried to pull their bottoms up. In an instant, the men were at that same platform, giving them no room for escape.

Man: ‘Don’t bother covering your face girl. It’s all in the video.’
Man 2: ‘I think it will be messy once these clips are uploaded right?’
Tim: ‘What do you want?’
Man: ‘Simple. The same as what you had.’

He drove a punch into his stomach without waiting and Tim collapsed on the floor, weakened by the power and pain in his abdomen. The three men then dragged him onto the flight of stairs and cornered Jill, bombarding her with questions about what would she do. Clearly, it would be most detrimental to her if their quickie was made public. And any resistance from Tim would worsen things as well.

Jill: ‘What do you want me to do?’

One of them hugged her from the back and turned her towards the side to face another. The two which was not doing anything quickly unbuckled their pants, showing off their dicks that were yet to be erected from the sudden confrontation. A push down her back sent her head towards the groin of the guy in front of her, and he just held her hair and guided his dick right next to her lips.

Man: ‘Come. Do what you have to do.’

She held his waist with one hand for balance and her other went to his dick, holding it mindlessly unsure of the next action. While she was hesitating, the man behind her just unzipped his pants and freed his dick, rubbing it over the panties under her skirt.

Man 2: ‘If that guy fight back, make sure he cannot stand again.’
Man: ‘Shut up lah. Need you to tell me what to do?’

The third man went beside Tim and sat down, lighting a cigarette while resting an arm over his shoulders. With a dick outside her panties, he could not hold himself back further and placed her at an arm’s length, positioning himself before sinking his rod into her tight cunt. She was partly tighter because it was forced, but he was no doubt feeling the pleasure. Once he started ramming into her cute ass, her head was forced down on the second dick and she took it helplessly down her throat.

Gagging at the size of it, the unneeded orgasms were alleviating the trauma from the forced deep throat. After all, his hand was in control of her mouth, pushing mercilessly down his shaft. Unable to use her tongue much, he treated her as another hole and slowly changed to fucking her face, motion assisted by the guy banging her from behind.

Man: ‘Later is our turn k? Just watch first.’

Tim was terrified of them as their tattoos were showing a common symbol, possibly a gang sign. His pants were still undone, but it was the arm over him that was threatening to strangle him if he made any move.

As time passed, he realised Jill was enjoying the rape, moaning and groaning in the process. Halfway, the men signalled each other to stop and swapped places, letting her take that juice coated dick in her mouth while the other dick pounded deep into her pussy. Soon, juices were dripping from between her legs while she took pauses in between orgasms. Her legs were already weakened but the man behind was holding her up as he rammed.

The abuse went on for another five minutes, before the man at her pussy gave her bum a loud slap, grabbing the soft flesh in his hands, he gave a few powerful thrusts and held still inside her.

Man: ‘Oh man! She’s fucking tight!’

The juices leaking onto the floor had turned whitish and it was his cum mix coming out. The guy at her mouth held her head with both hands, and shoved his dick continuously down her throat, until he plunged himself in and stopped her from moving, shooting that foreign liquid down her throat as she gagged. Pulling himself out at the last few waves, her chest just toppled forward and the watery mixture just poured out from her mouth, onto the floor missing him by a few centimetres.

They had their turn with her and it was finally time for the other two. The man released his arm from Tim and went behind Jill, where he walked her in front of Tim and removed his slippers.

Man (impatiently): ‘Oi! Lend me your slippers.’
Man 2: ‘What for?’
Man: ‘Quick lah. Ask so much for what.’

He placed a pair of slippers on the floor in front of Jill and made her kneel on it, facing directly at Jim’s groin. He then positioned his own footwear behind her and knelt on it, getting into a doggie stance.

Man: ‘Boy, must I tell you what to do?’

Tim pulled his pants lower and Jill’s mouth went to his dick voluntarily. Working on his rod diligently, it was perhaps the only comfort she could get out of this. Without having to move, Tim let her sucked on it and watched her bounced her head over it, sending him into the heavens with her mouth.

Seeing how well she was performing, the man behind slipped into her pussy and thrust gracefully into her. It was those gentle yet powerful thrusts that got her cumming in no time, squeezing him tighter as she sucked faster. Taking his own time, he held onto the waist and rammed at a steady pace, stunning the other two friends with his skills.

Jill had never felt such expertise in sex before, and she was smiling and moaning while her mouth was busy. Tim too, was dumbfounded by her weird expressions. As his mind was still being flooded with that warmth and wetness of her lip service, the other man was still gliding his dick in and out of her, making her shiver as though she was peeing whenever she climaxed.

Soon, she began tightening her pussy to either get him to cum faster, or to feel better. Either way, she was making him jerk at a random tempo, until he went into berserk mode after a couple of minutes. He was literally pounding the breath out of her with his vigour, and it stopped her blowjob midway, mouth opened and covered while giving an ‘oh my fucking god!’ kind of look to Tim.

Just five thrusts later, he spread her ass with his hands and dived into the deepest spot, sprewing his hot load into her while grunting in the breathless state. He made sure to empty his load before exiting, and putting his slippers back on after. A few taps on her butt notified her to let go of his friend’s slippers, but her knees was back on the concrete floor.

Man: ‘Eh. Take your slippers off.’

He yanked it off Tim’s feet and placed it under her kneecaps, giving her head a push down back on the dick in front. Sucking it obediently, she went all the way until he came, and made sure her head was all the way down to his balls while he fed her with his precious semen.

Upon seeing his release, the first two men their video recording and had their heads smacked.

Man: ‘Pass me your phones. Fucking asshole.’

He took his seat beside Tim and showed the screens one by one to the couple, ensuring that the videos and pictures were deleted. I guess it was only right to repay with righteousness.

Man: ‘I will make sure nothing happen to you two. You can count on me.’

He gave them a clenched fist bump to his heart and left with the other two. Not once turning back to see what Tim and Jill were doing. After they went into the lift, he picked her up and helped her wear her clothes back, hugging her while apologising for the mess he created. Throughout the consolation, a faint smile was on her face as she had witnessed first hand how caring he can be. Especially when something that fierce and exciting just happened.

Jill: ‘It’s okay dear. Umm.. I have something to ask you.’

Tim’s face was filled with question marks as she did not seemed to be too affected by it.

Jill: ‘Did you enjoy watching me get fucked by other men?’

The sleeping worm in his pants began transforming into a dragon, pushing against his pants unto her arm.

Tim (doubtful): ‘A little?’

She happily jumped onto his lap in the narrow steps and sat on his groin facing him, planting her lips onto his for a slippery tongue fight. One thing leading to another, he lifted his butt to lower his pants and whipped his cock out, hungry for a second round. With his dick in position, she pushed her panties to the side and sat over his dick. Hanging onto his neck for support, she made the simple but stimulating motion to grind over his body, thrusting his dick by throwing her hips at it.

That wide opened legs of hers was pushing on all the right keys of his flute, bringing him up to heat with occasional kisses and hands given access to squeeze that soft cute butt of hers. For a treat, she decided to keep squeezing her pussy over his shaft, while bouncing atop of him. The whole thing lasted for a good five minutes without rest and interruptions, alternating between bouncing and thrusting.

Tim: ‘Baby. Are you ready?’
Jill: ‘I’m always ready for you.’

He used his feet to push his hips up in a non-stop upward thrust motion, scraping her sensitive walls until she was begging him to cum. With the final burst of her energy, she slammed her hips down on him and rose and lowered her hips quickly and shallowly, teasing only the dick head and part of the shaft.

Tim (groaning): ‘Oh yes baby!’

She held his hands behind his head and rode him into abyss. His hot load just flushed into that tiny pussy of hers, unable to stop or slow her down from overwhelming his senses. That twitching and squirting rod of his just kept erupting until he had to plead desperately for her to stop. With that, she remained seated on him for a while before lifting herself away.

Cum safely held in, her panties were adjusted to keep that slimy load over her pussy, and his dick was truly shrinking at the fastest speed. Once his pants were done, they left that happening location for supper before heading home for the night.

Would you guys enjoy or hate being Tim in the story?

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