Sitting at the void deck of block, all hope was gone when I realised I had forgotten my bag containing my identification documents and some cards. It was a last resort to hang around the place until the person who had picked it up showed up to hopefully return it to me.

Just as I was about to finish my can of drink, a girl in her teens appeared from the lift and looked at me for a good three seconds. She later walked up to me and asked if I lost something here. Immediately, I said yes and she replied I looked very much like me on the IC. Hmm.. Of course I looked like me. She told me to wait and went back up the lift, reappearing with my brown sling bag over her shoulders.

Girl: ‘Na. Here you go.’

Me: ‘Thanks. What’s your name?’

Girl: ‘I’m Joey. And I know your name already!’

I laughed at her cuteness and sat her down, insisting I buy her a drink from the machine under the block. She was wearing a translucent black top with a black bra underneath, complete with a denim shorts that exposed part of her bum at the thighs. Making small talks with her, I realised she was just enrolled into a private institution doing a degree, at just a young age of 18. We chatted for some time about my recent change of job and she was very keen in how much I learnt from my previous employment.

Joey: ‘I think I have to go home now. It’s getting quite late.’

Me: ‘Oh. Going up already?’

Joey: ‘Nah. I don’t live here. Just sent my boyfriend home. I still have to get dinner.’

Sensing her loneliness, I offered to accompany her to get the late meal, and in return, she asked me back to her place which I instantly turned down. I was after all a stranger, and it was her kind nature that held me back. Instead, we stopped below her block that was about ten minutes walk from my place, and ate her packet dinner.

Mouth by mouth, we kept chatting and when she was finally done, it was close to eleven. As the seat we were on was the long dark metal bench, I made a daring move of hold her hand and kept her warm. Slowly, her head landed on my shoulders and we continued talking like a couple.

Joey: ‘Do you have to go home early?’

I shook my head and pressed her ears on my shoulders, before turning my head to look into her eyes. In a twist of event, her hand reached behind my head and pulled me in for a kiss that lasted a few seconds. My tongue was brushing against her lips that a while, before she stopped herself and stood up, patting her shorts in preparation to leave.

Joey: ‘Can you accompany me just for tonight? I know it sounds weird, but you really made me feel safe although we just met.’

Still grateful for the return of my all-important bag, perhaps the reward for her was a different one, involving some form of manual labour. Throwing away the bag for her, she slipped her arm under mine and pulled me into the lift, where she stuck her body onto mine, and kissed be with her hands on my neck.

Boy, I had no idea she was this wild. But being a guy, my little head only nodded in my pants. Staying on the tenth floor gave us a lot of time to fool around, so I spun her around and stopped her facing the glass panel. Kissing down her ears, she was twisting her body around and arching her chest out. My hands remained on her waist and brought my erection under my pants to move up and down along her butt crack.

A few more kisses and we were at her floor. She walked out briskly and opened her tote bag in search for her keys. Somehow, I wished I could just finish the job outside her place and be gone before her parents returned. Although I was urgent, I guessed it was only gentlemanly to wait for the doors to be closed before going on a journey of no return.

We rushed into the house once she got it opened and went straight for her room. Falling onto her single sized bed, I covered myself up with her blanket while she went to the bathroom. My shorts was gone and tucked away, leaving me in only my shirt. She came out of the cubicle after a while and gave me a jaw-dropping gasp wearing only the black bra and a really short mini skirt. I was sure that skirt’s purpose was only to be worn as a kinky foreplay and not to be in public eyes.

I waited for her to climb onto the bed before dodging her fall over me, letting her get under the sheets. My naked bottoms were exposed and she tried in vain to grab it. I held her hands above her head and used my tongue to lick behind her ears. I moved downwards avoiding her lips, and pecked all over her chest.

Joey: ‘Can I take my bra off first?’

Me: ‘Nope. I’ll take it off for you.’

A quick press of the buckle and her boobs rolled to the sides, where they did not rest for too long with my mouth closing on them. Scooping her nipples with my tongue, one of them went between my lips and I gave it a really loud suck, sending a pee-like tremble down her body. Smiling at my achievement, her pair of soft breasts got my attention for close to five minutes, alternating between hard and light suctions, and very light rolling on my fingers.

I shifted my body on top of her and glided downwards, pulling her bra and panties off in one trip. The apple fragrance at her pussy was so tempting and inviting. I just pushed her legs apart and went for my supper, using my lips to make painless bites and then forming a little pout to suck on the well-hidden clit a few times. The air conditioning was getting cooler and the whole room felt as good as a posh hotel suite.

Joey: ‘Can put it in?’

Me: ‘As you say little princess.’

My head went back to her mouth and she pulled me in for another long french, while my hips found its way to park outside her pussy, with just the head at the entrance. Her legs had wrapped themselves around and tried to push me in, but the playful me was just thrusting outside.

Joey (whispering): ‘Please? I can’t take it anymore.’

With a strong thrust, her vagina was split open in one stroke, forcing all of the nerves filled flesh over my dick.

Joey (whispering): ‘Don’t move. Don’t move. Keep still for a while.’

The agonising pause was in fact calming, and I could feel how her pussy was contracting and expanding. Worried that I had hurt her, I watched her expression closely, but she had her eyes closed and somehow focusing on other things.

Her legs released the hard push and I knew it was the cue to move. Lips sealing over hers, I began to thrust my hips in a skilled manner, keeping it active without making too much movements to the rest of my body. It was a gentle fuck as she preferred it this way, and there was not much pressure for me to not-cum-quickly. Her pussy was making small squeezes as I went in, and a totally opposite effect when I pulled outwards.

That sensual connection was done so slowly, and after three minutes of the unhurried sex, her pussy remained tight and the effects leading to her orgasm was never seen before. I had to maintain my pace while she felt a drop in sensitivity, giving me a uh-oh look. Unsure of what was about to happen, I gave her a few deep rams and she just grabbed my shoulders, flicking her head backwards while the veins in her neck protruded scarily.

Her vagina just clamped down so hard on my rod that her legs went behind me to hold me in, while her sexy body made violent arches up and down, as though she was being defibrillated. Just imagine a living patient given the shocks to revive her perfectly fine pumping heart. That was what happened. Joey took a while to recover from the intensified climax from whatever I just did, and was pretty lifeless when she finally stopped.

Joey: ‘Oh my god.. panting.. ‘

Me: ‘What just happened?’

Joey: ‘I don’t know. But it’s good.’

She quickly got up and turned over into doggie style, hurrying me once she was in position.

Joey: ‘Do it like how you did it earlier.’

I wasn’t sure if I could hold back from giving her the hard pounding that was supposed to be in this stance, but I just had to remember that she was the queen of the show. Replacing my rod where it belonged, I held her butt to spread them open so I could go deeper. Following that, I continued the slow strokes into her, allowing her timed tightness to amplify the orgasm. In and out I went, taking my time to do her, it was much more tiring as I needed to pace myself, resisting the urge to just go all out. It was clearly not on her mind to let me enjoy or release.

Nonetheless, the full five minutes was filled with her stillness, as I did all the work. Just before I knew it, her pussy went into the same electrifying stage and I granted her the few hard laps of pounding. In less than ten moves, she just threw herself forward and went straight into a fit that made me worried if she was in any danger. The pillows and sheets were kicked all over the place, and the moans were coming out of her petrified locked jaws.

All I did was to remain kneeling on the bed, while I tried to cover her up with the blanket. Frankly speaking, I was a little regretful of whatever new things that we did. The struggle slowly died down and I placed the pillow under her head once she stopped moving, prepared to let her go to sleep right then.

Picking up my clothes, my hand was on the knob of the door when loud key sounds were coming from outside. I dashed out into the living room naked and grabbed my bag before going into Joey’s room and hiding under her bed. Her parents had returned and she was awakened as well, putting her shorts on and slipping a worn shirt that hung on the poles of her bed.

Me (whispering): ‘Joey! I’m under your bed.’

Joey (whispering): ‘Okay. Stay there.’

They entered the house and checked on their ‘sleeping’ daughter, before closing her doors lightly to get about their own chores. She reached her hand at me and helped me up, while we sat silently waiting for a good hour for the lights outside to go off.

Joey (whispering): ‘They have gone to bed. They always sleep early.’

I finally let my tensed shoulders fall and she pushed me onto the bed, while I laid alert ready to go back under if they woke up. Unable to take my mind off this awkward situation, I did not realised she was naked again below, and had climbed over me. Her knees were by my hips and started grinding my frightened dick over her pussy. Just one minute later, I was all hard and standing, pointed right at her.

Sitting back, my dick slipped easily into her wet pussy and she just began to ride me. Her body was straightened when she did that, and it was just her hips that was moving. My dick was being pleasured with the maximum effort and it was as good as being in control. A few moments later, she slowed down and laid atop of me, whispering into my ears to take over.

I let her take the bed and got into missionary, covering our bodies with the sweet smelling blanket. Without wasting anymore time, my dick started work and it was slurping excitedly in and out of her. She hugged me tightly as I went fast and deep at her, rendering her attempts to squeeze me useless. In my mind, I just wanted to cum and fall asleep. Still, it was easier said than done.

Our covert sex continued into the night with my mind afraid and excited at the same time. It just felt so wrong doing the daughter of the parents who were soundly asleep in the next room. I kept moving morbidly while she breathed hot air into my ears, whispering her sexy exclamations to keep me going.

After twenty minutes of the adrenaline pumping intercourse, I could feel my balls loading up the rounds and she had to highlight to me about the expansion of my manhood. Before I could asked her, she had told me to empty it inside of her, and it was the final straw needed to complete my job. Forgoing all the risks, I forced my hips onto her so hard that the dirty slapping sounds echoed safely under the sheets. Biting her lips on my shoulder blade, my cum ejected right out of the rocket and coated along her pussy as I kept thrusting my hips.

Having no idea how much I shot, the only sign I was waiting for was the end of the pulses of ejaculations. It did took me a while to stop my dick from forcing out blank rounds, since it was safer to pull out without dirtying her sheets. I backed away from her after I was certain there was nothing left, and fell beside her on the pillow soaked in my own sweat.

Joey (whispering): ‘It was crazy. And the first two orgasms were so powerful.’

Me (whispering): ‘Yeah.. panting.. ‘

Joey (whispering): ‘Let’s have a another round when you rested enough.’

Rested enough? Seriously? I went to sleep without wearing my shorts and by the time I was awake, sunlight was hitting onto the curtains of her room and Joey was sitting by me, legs apart and masturbating herself.

Joey: ‘Crazy boy! You’re finally awake? My parents are out and the whole house is ours! By the way.. you’re way better than my boyfriend.’

That was the last sentence she said before her mouth went over my semi-erection and gobbled it for breakfast, getting me all hot and excited for a round of rough morning sex. That reminder of her boyfriend was one that I could not forget, in turn getting me more violent and eager to please her beyond what her boyfriend could even try.

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