Finally Home

Seated at the back of the taxi, Annie could not keep her hands from her husband, Teck’s, pants. As he sat behind the driver, she was groping his little tentage that was protruding from under the zip, possibly breaking the teeth apart if it wasn’t for his underwear.

Annie: ‘Dear, I missed you so much. And I can’t wait to be home with you.’

Teck: ‘I know. We’re on our way home already. Can you wait?’

The driver was a unique one, dressed in a formal white blouse with a blazer, somehow, he looked a little like Jason Statham from the movie ‘The Transporter’. Through their conversation, he never flinched an eyelid, and it made them felt even more private in the vehicle.

Pulling her long sweater off, the translucent white nightgown surprised Teck as he would never imagine her to be that daring. She placed the pullover over his groin and slowly unzipped him, making as little noise as possible. Soon, his fly was undone and she managed to wrestle his manhood into the soft fleece. Stroking in anticipation, she twisted her palm around to give him the handjob he would die for. After noticing that the cab driver did not look into the rear mirror even once, she lowered the sweater away and slowly lowered her head.

Teck knew the driver could see what they were doing anytime, but his eyes remained fixed on the busy road through town. Without stopping, her mouth went over his rod and coated her saliva all over, pressing the shaft at her upper mouth with the tongue. If she did not seal her lips, there won’t be any slurping sounds, and it would be less dangerous for them to get exposed too.

Driver: ‘Sorry to interrupt. If you’re okay with it, I will take the longer route to your destination.’

Teck: ‘Can.’

That guy knew exactly what to do. They considered themselves lucky to have hopped on his car, and wasn’t even worried about being peeped at. Her lips sealed around his width and sucked up and down, letting Teck’s head fall back on the headrest of the passenger’s seat. His hands began moving after five minutes of her mind-numbing blowjob, shifting to her inner thighs once her mouth left the meat.

Spreading her legs open between the centre footrest of the car, his fingers dived into the souping wetness and circled his fingertips around her clit. Whenever there was a traffic stop, the driver would look out of his window or just keep his head forward, turning on the radio after he reached the heartlands.

Soon, Teck’s fingers were darting in and out of Annie’s pussy, sounds drowned by the male voice on the radio. With just a few more turns to their place, he had to stop before she reached the climax and put the sweater back on, forgoing the zipper to cover her nakedness.

They paid the driver fifty for a thirty dollars ride and he left happily, delighted at the amount of tip he received. The couple made their way hastily back to their flat and dropped everything once the doors were opened, their clothes included. He pushed her to the wall where their wedding photo were hung, and wrapped his arms around her waist. Reaching downwards to her pussy, he raised one of her knees with one hand and started fingering her with the other.

Pumping his hand at her slit excitedly, his hormones were also raging from the long trip, having controlled himself whenever his colleagues went out to have ‘fun’. After a while, her pussy was dripping non-stop onto the wooden flooring and she did not seemed like she wanted to stop. Growing tired, he flipped her around to look at him and carried her up, letting her legs go around his sticky body. Using the wall as support, he lowered her down his rod and bounced her up and down, letting gravity force his dick deep into her.

Carrying her to their room, he dropped onto the bed with her and remained on top, turning to pound her pussy with his elongated dick. All Annie could do was thrash her body around while the moans became more of groans, clearly over her limit for the fierce pumping she was receiving. The orgasms hit her real hard with the quick and deep thrusts of his rod, going as deep as he could to stroke her innards continuously. In no time, she was drained of energy from the non-stop orgasms she seemed unable to get enough of.

Teck: ‘Come. Turn over.’

She wearily flipped on her fours and arched her back downwards, positioning herself as a well-behaved bitch. Shoving his dick into her in one move, she was almost thrown forward with the force, but he held her down with his hands, resuming the hyper speed merciless sex.

Annie: ‘Are you going crazy? I can’t take it anymore.’

Teck: ‘Shhh.. just enjoy k?’

Yes, she was in heavens from the orgasms, but her pussy was begging for a break. And breaking her was the whole idea all along. Pounding loudly into the night, his dick only grew thicker as he moved faster. So much so that her opening was stretched to a record wide. With the incoming urge to cum, there was no stopping then and he only rammed her harder.

Finally, with the last bit of his energy, he stopped halfway to one of her many orgasms and pinned her body to the bed. Dragging her leg out of the bed, he stood over the outstretched limb and squatted lower to get his dick back in. Leaning sideways, he angled her other leg to a 90 degrees and rammed into her without a holding back.

His hips knocked against her butt and it was just frenzy once he found the perfect position. Sinking his dick deep, there was no turning back. It was pure lust driving him and it was the release that he had been looking forward to. Slapping sounds echoed in the room as he grunted like a bear, turning a deaf ear to her pleas to stop.

Before she knew it, less than ten seconds later, he finally gave the last few strong thrusts into her and filled her up with the thickened sticky cum that was in storage for the longest time. Just like a pastry puff getting filled, her swollen red pussy lips were oozing cum that was overflowing, and the amount was enough to scare her with the thoughts of pregnancy.

Teck’s body had given in to the exhaustion and pulled out before the last few drops were out, leaving droplets all over her bum as he stumbled onto the bed. Lying with his eyes closed, his dick was still huge and twitching, leaking cum onto his body.

As tired as Teck was, Annie crawled to his dick and took it into her mouth, sucking the leftovers out of it, and twirling his warm rod in her mouth until he almost fell asleep.

Teck: ‘Dear.. let’s sleep.’

She leopard crawled into his arms and collapsed on his chest, that was still rising and sinking rapidly from the intense sex.

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