High Hem

Shelly: ‘Why did you buy this skirt for me? It’s so short!’
Adrian: ‘Just trust me k? I’ll be beside you all the time.’

They left the mall and walked towards the bus stop, planning to take a longer bus ride home to spend the uneventful day which they had been just shopping and eating. It was a day revolving around her as he splurged on food and clothes, buying some matching couple items along the way. For the ride home, it will be her turn to satisfy him, a move which guys would expect when they treated their girls well.

Heading straight for the upper deck of the bus, the passengers sitting adjacent could totally look up her black skater skirt with a matching black thongs covering in contrast to her fair butt complexion. They walked past a few staring eyes on his girl and sat at the last row, before he leaned towards her in the corner and laid on her shoulders. Sheepishly, he reached under her loose sheer top and unclipped the buckle between her cups to free her bra. With the dangling bra, she slid lower and kept her eyes on the front of the bus, while removing the straps from her arms.

For the whole day, Shelly had been feeling insecure with that top and skirt, requested by her boyfriend to put it on for him. And now, on the bus, he went further to bare her body under and covered her breasts with his hand, rubbing his palm over her nipples and giving them a sloppy massage. Although she was getting turned on by his moves, fear was still ringing in her head and her eyes just could not break away from the front of the bus.

A short while later, his hand went down onto her lap and glided up her skirt, tugging the pair of thongs down and off her legs. He lifted one of her knees onto the window ledge, and slipped his fingers onto her clit, rubbing them in circles with his fingertips. Her face was getting flushed at the same time her eyes shut themselves to enjoy the sweet pleasure, coming from his skilful hand that kept going.

Slowly, the passengers on the upper deck left as the bus neared the end of the journey, leaving them in private to finish what they started.

Adrian: ‘Come, sit on my lap.’

He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled it low enough to let his dick bounce free in the cold air, pinkish from the arousal caused by her moans and twitching. She got up and sat over his legs, partly holding the handgrip of the seat in front, to let him rest his dick along her slit. For the period of time they were together, they never had sex, and was contented with just getting each other off. This time, it was nothing different, as she would sometimes let him use the exterior of her pussy to rub him off, but in a more convenient position.

Facing away from him, she was half squatting over his legs and was teased by his dick that was sliding up and down her slit, stimulating her clit while she used one of her hands to push his shaft closer between her legs. On her part, she made small bounces in compliment to his gentle hips thrusts, jerking his meat on the wet parting between her pussy.

They kept up with this foreplay until the bus was just one stop away from the interchange, forcing him to increase his speed and also making her change her palm shaped to a ring (formed with her index finger and thumb). She had placed it over his little head while he thrust harder, until the grunting noises he made signalled her for what was about to come (or cum). He stopped moving and Shelly took over, quickly shifting her knees beside his thighs and rocking on his groin.

Shelly: ‘Baby, are you going to cum? I want you to shoot all out.’

Her pussy was getting sensitive and hornified from the strokes along her pussy, and the subtle orgasms were exhausting her to a contentment. In just ten seconds later, his cum shot through her two finger ring without warning and squirted onto the back of the seat in front of them. Keeping up with her grinding and special ‘fingerjob’, he gave all the shots he could get and let her get off her before pulling his pants back up. She picked up the thongs that had a bit of cum caught on it and put it on, before keeping her bra into her bag and using it to cover her bare chest.

Adrian: ‘Come come, let’s go. We’re here.’

Hands still damp and dirty, they left the bus with a smile to the driver, making their way to the nearest toilet to clean and dress up. The walk back home was a short one, so it was not much of a hurry nor trouble despite the late timing.

Although guys love looking at girls in skirt (or in fact, skimpy clothing), it is actually the imagination of the naked body that completed the mental picture in their minds. Still, it’s nothing to be disgusted at, or worth putting in effort to cover, I guess girls do like how they (themselves) look and the staring look is actually a compliment.

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