Discovering Secrets

Ting Ting arrived at the cafe just as I finished my cup of mocha and we left for the fountain in the middle of the flat that we usually hang out at. We had planned to meet at 10pm as I thought it was more convenient for her, assuming that work ended at 6pm or so. She was wearing a short sleeved white blouse with a short grey plaid skirt, making her looked like a matured school girl. I did not complain much since it looked great on her, and we just sat there chatting about whatever happened since the last gathering we had in poly.

I had an agenda when I asked her out that night, and it had something to do with her work outside normal daily duties. The previous few days I was surfing the net, I stumbled upon her profile on an escort site, that was obviously hinting at the other services their girls provided. That sexy dragon tattoo on her back was one that no one could forget, but yet she was not aware of the discovery.

Me: ‘Ting, do you work outside your normal job?’

Ting: ‘No ah. I’m busy enough with that never ending workload. How would I have time to anything else?’

I casually went to the website on my phone and showed it to her, earning a stunned look without a word from her. That same skirt, with the tattoo on her bare back in the photo cannot be wrong. Even in the outfit she wore that night, I could make out the ink under that thin top. She calmly held my hand after clicking on the standby button on top of my iPhone and pushed it away.

Ting: ‘Yeah. That was what I did outside. Even just before I met you today.’

Me: ‘Why? Is it for money?’

Ting: ‘Partly of it. After I finished my poly, I went for a makeover that changed my habits, and breaking up with Tony was the best thing that happened. In case you don’t know, he was just a horny pervert, who took my virginity and cheated on me. Since then, I sort of felt a calling to satisfy my urges without emotions and that was how I ended up working there.’

Me: ‘But you can easily find a fling, or friends with benefits who are willing to pay right?’

Ting: ‘But they will slowly ask me to be their girlfriends. I hate that word.’

Me: ‘So are you going to carry on in that line?’

Ting: ‘Don’t know. I am getting tired of it. And now, even you have found out about it.’

Me: ‘I won’t tell anyone about it. As long as you know what you are doing.’

Her hand on me ran onto my thigh and slid up and down, which was actually useless since my mind was already drifting along her shapely body. I moved my hand on her lap and did the same to her, but went higher up her legs under her skirt, maintaining the depth since we were in public.

Ting: ‘You want to sit somewhere with less people? I feel like crying.’

I heaved a breath of relieve and brought her to one of the blocks in the distance, where executive units had unoccupied floors. We sat there quietly and her head laid on my shoulders. Her hand was digging into my shorts and going as far as my underwear. I knew we would go further than that, but the night was still young.

True enough, tears were flowing down her cheeks and I remained silent, leaving her to shed those painful memories. As a way to comfort her, my hand went up her skirt again, until I felt the thin piece of panties she wore. Ting leaned back on the stairs and I gently massaged her pussy, legs spreading as I picked up my speed. Soon, the wetness was soaked up and made her uncomfortable. She had to remove it before it got too wet and returned my fingers on her clit after it was taken off.

I could feel how nicely she was waxed, without any prickling feel. My fingers would not stop teasing her, but would not enter no matter how hard she was pressing on them.

Ting: ‘Why won’t you put it in?’

Me: ‘Wait. Slowly can?’

Ting: ‘Cannot.’

Although she said no, there was no actions to support it and I just took my time to get her hornier to a point she could no longer take it. Her hand in my pants left and ordered me to take it off, which I gladly followed. With my dick at risk of being seen, she almost got her mouth over it before I stopped her. It was part of the plan to take things slow, since both of us were in no rush. The confused expression on her face did get my attention and I had to ask her.

Me: ‘What do you look so lost?’

Ting: ‘Cause most men would be on my by this time, they won’t bother to wait or do anything more.’

I laughed and placed her head on my chest, while my fingers entered that moist hole, playing around the entrance before pushing my way in. I did not make any hard or deep thrusts, only dipping one third of my middle finger in and moved it. That gentle and non-invasive masturbation got her to give up wanting and let me did what I wanted.

Precum was already forming on my pee hole and her moans were getting quicker as well. Seeing that an hour had passed from our meeting time, it was more appropriate to go further. I took her hand on my lap and placed it over my shaft, which she held lightly onto it and used her thumb to spread the droplet of precum over the tip.

By then, I was moaning and feeling weak from her slow handjob, resting more of my weight on the wall beside me. Gradually, my fingers slowed down from tiredness and stopped. She gave that seductive look before opening her mouth, lowering her head over my dick. That warm environment brought my rod to the next level and all I could do was let my eyes close, to savour that glossy lips of her work.

Her blowjob was less of getting me to cum and more on preparing me for sex. Perhaps it was an occupational habit, but it worked well on me. My dick was harder and bigger than before ready for the sex I had no intention of getting. It didn’t felt right to me that she went any further without monetary compensation.

Somehow, she noticed my concerns and assured me that it was for fun, on the account of our friendship advancing. After some time, she got up leaving my saliva dripping dick and stood over the steps, with one feet on different level. She had stretched her arms out all the way, giving me only that bit of space to stand between the wall and her butt. I went into that allocated slot and stood on the higher steps, holding my dick downwards at her pussy.

The tip poked into her and the rest of the penetration was done by her. Her body shifted back and my dick sank all the way into her, before she made a few grinds on my hip. I rearranged my stand and held her waist firmly. Naturally, my dick started pumping into her in a deep yet relaxed manner, unhurried despite we were still at risk of being seen.

That session of gentle sex was so intriguing that my mind could not bear to let the urges take over. It was pure sex with my dick thrusting into her and splitting her vaginal walls open over and over again. Her pussy fluids were magically drying into a powder where our genitals did not touch, keeping out of the way.

Her orgasms were also one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever came across. Whenever I felt her pussy tighten, she would push her body back on my dick and kept herself still, letting me feel that upward milking action from her contracting pussy. Her arms would lift her chest up into a perfect curve while her moans echoed softly like a cat’s purr. Once the waves died down, she would resume her position and the sexy pounding would continue.

Once her phone beeped the midnightly alert, her body went into another mode where she would maintain the orgasmic tightness and jerking her hips in the opposite direction to my thrusts. Knowing that we were reaching deeper, I grabbed her waist tighter and kept her as still as possible, increasing the strokes my hips were giving without moving too much of my body.

The escalation in pressure of my balls was like a super soaker getting pumped for action. We kept up with the outdoor romp until my dick could no longer hold the liquid in.

Me: ‘Ting.. Move forward. I’m going to cum.’

Suddenly, the fact that she could be infected came to me but was quickly negated (since it was too late). She shook her head, throwing her hair around to reject my disposal suggestion. Having no time to work with, I continued driving my dick at the same speed into her. Till the trigger was finally squeezed, I yanked her waist at my groin and forced myself deeper. The waves of cum squirted into her non-stop and her struggle to move made me delivered a few extra rounds.

Half a minute later, she retracted her arms and pulled away from me, dripping cum on the concrete floor a few inches of my feet. She sat me down and went a few steps forward, taking my dick in her mouth and sucking it clean. Before I could say a word, her body was in my arms and I hugged her with much console.

Ting (whispering): ‘Thank you. It had been a long time since anyone made love to me. I really missed that feeling.’

That sentence took me a few seconds to make any sense out of it, but her understanding of sex and love making did impressed me. It seemed that she truly knew what she was doing in that sideline. We cuddled for a quarter of an hour, giving pecks to each other and just enjoyed the company in the breeze night.

Me: ‘Shall we go?’

Ting: ‘Yupp. Umm.. are you working tomorrow?’

Me: ‘I’m actually looking for work now. Just quitted not long ago.’

Ting: ‘You want to come to my place? The earlier client actually booked an overnight room at MBS. I don’t want to sleep alone.’

The invitation could not be any better than it could get. After all, it was at MBS. I picked up my bag and followed her to the main road, where the taxi she paid for drove us all the way to the hotel where another night of sweaty love making took place.

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