This entry is written in the female’s point-of-view. Hope you will like it.

For the second time this year, I was asked to head to a club with a male friend, whose name I shall not disclose. I was quite sure he had other things in mind when he asked me out, but it was a free night for me, so I went along with him. That night, I was wearing a simple black tube dress with rhinestones lined in rows around the top, and my usual light make up completed my outfit for the day. His car had been waiting under my block for some time already, but I was in no hurry to look the way I wanted. After close to thirty minutes and countless unread messages from him, I made my way down and watched his jaw drop from that short hemline of my dress that was a just a few inches below my hips.

I hopped into his ride and he drove us to Butter Factory, where the music had started playing and guests grooving to the beat. He led me in with his hand on my waist and I was wary of where it went, sure of myself not to let him take advantage despite being in a place where girls were ‘eaten’ in the vicinity of the club. He walked away to get me a drink and I felt a little lost in that place, unsure of what to do as there were no seats available. After a few minutes, I looked around for him and found him talking to a group of people around a table, before he glanced in my direction and waved me over.

They managed to get us some space and he was immediately attended to by one of the girls, bringing the glasses of alcohol to each others’ mouth in an attempt to get each other drunk. By then, I was a little numb to guys shifting their attention so quickly and did not thought much, going back to drowning myself in the glasses of liquor. Throughout the next hour, a few guys did chatted me up but my heck-care expression turned them off, diverting their attention elsewhere worthy to getting them laid.

It did not take long for my body to feel a little high from the intake, and I found myself too high to do anything, in case some guy just pulled me out and start groping me. At the same time as I was staring blankly at the floor, a pair of 3 inches heels walked towards me and squatted by my seat, revealing the leopard panties in the flashing lights.

Lady: ‘Why do you look so listless?’

Me: ‘Just high from drinks.’

Lady: ‘I’m Zenki. Traveller from Europe. You?’

Me: ‘Etta, prisoner in Singapore.’

She gave a giggle and helped me up to the toilet where I rinsed my face. She was done before me and stood by the side, wiping her hands with a few pieces of paper towel. Once I was slightly more sobered, we walked out through the floor and halfway, she held me by my arm and turned me to her. Holding my waist with both her hands, she brought me into the tempo, swerving my body left and right in accordance to her and we got so close that our bellies were touching.

I bet it must be very hot to watch two girls dancing so calm and sexily on the floor as the surrounding people made space for us, and slowed their pace down as well. The DJ noticed the change in mood and switched the music to a slower one, but with strong bass that filled up any silence. Slowly, my head was in her shoulders and the sweet scent just overwhelmed my nose, enticing me to give in to her lead.

At that moment, I was no longer thinking about the friend that brought me here, for he was clearly more interested in ‘easier’ girls. My body was Zenki’s to control, and she took great care of me, until I was getting too wobbly to continue. Right then, she tilted my head up and planted a kiss on my lips. Being a very traditional girl, I never had a same gender kissed me and frankly speaking, her lips were so soft and puffed. Furthermore, her hand behind my head just pushed me firmly on the kiss and all I could do was nothing.

Our lips broke up after five seconds, and the world suddenly came back to me, with staring eyes of jealousy and admiration.

Kenzi: ‘Are your friends sending you home?’

Me: ‘I prefer to go home myself. They could be dangerous when I am this drunk.’

Kenzi: ‘How about I sending you home? Will it be as dangerous?’

Me: ‘I hope it will be more exciting than dangerous.’

She gave me a hug and walked me to the table to retrieve my purse, before leading me hand in hand out of the place and into her car. Unknowingly, I felt asleep and woke up only when the car stopped in the open space of her semi-D. She got out of the car first and went over to my side, giving me a long kiss while she reached to unclip the safety buckle.

Still unstable, I had to place my arms around her neck while she helped me into the house, going all the way to a bedroom and then free-falling on the softness of it. After my heels were gracefully removed by her, she climbed on top of me and continued frenching me, piercing her tongue into my mouth this time.

It had definitely felt better than the make out sessions with guys. As a woman, she portrayed a unhurried aura and delicate attention to my body. Her lips trailed from my lips, to my cheeks and ears, nibbling on my lobes. The shiver down my spine kick started my hormones and it was something so powerful I could not imagine otherwise. Following the nibbles, she moved down my neck and my tube dress just slipped down with a slight arc of my back. Something in me just wanted more of her, and it was so instinctive. After all, break ups exhausted my poor heart and she was someone who knew how to take care of me, or at least for the night.

Wearing that dress meant that I could skip my bra (cause it would deform the shape around the chest), and Zenki just went for my nipples, sucking them lightly in her mouth. She would use the tip of her tongue to go in circles around them, gathering my horniness at the peaks before giving them a nibble, driving me moaning uncontrollably. It was the only time I allowed anyone to turn me on that much. You can call it destiny or fate, but it was truly a night that I will never forget.

After toying with my boobs, she pulled the dress off and went all the way down to my panties. Biting on the centre area, she tugged it down and began working on my clit, pushing her tongue hard on it before flicking that forbidden fruit up and down. In no time, the first orgasm hit me hard and the subtle tremble sent her going for more, making her movements faster so I could keep cumming.

I wasn’t skilled in pleasing a woman, and it would soon be my turn to satisfy her. Right there, her head pulled away from me and I held back from pushing her back down, finishing the orgasm that was about to come.

Me: ‘I am not sure if I can do the same for you. I don’t know how to.. ‘

Kenzi: ‘Shhh.. I’ve never asked for that.’

She sat opposite me with her legs opened, angling into a scissors formation. Her pussy then slid between my legs until our privates touched. In that position, I had no idea how to move or what to expect. She knew exactly what to do and began grinding her pussy against mine, squishing our wet parts together in a manner that felt so slippery and comforting, without any pain or extreme pleasure pounding in my head.

Our sweating bodies just continued with that only move and the unique sensation came when our bodies lost synchronisation, going in random directions. She was right there, opposite me and moaning with her head flipped backwards, so was mine. I could not believe myself when a climax was felt building up in me, through the simple acts of grinding and rubbing.

Suddenly, just as I was moving at my fastest, a stream of juices leaked from her and coated onto me, causing me to slip and trigger the single event that knocked the breath out of me. The built up started from my pussy, going up my hips and waist, finally reaching my chest and neck, almost throwing me into cramps. Zenki was lying on the bed by then, shivering in her own world while my energy was getting drained from me.

My breathing went deep and heavy on her bed, unable to move into a more comfortable position. After some time, my vision blacked out and the rest of the night was spent snoozing until we got up next morning in a frenzy to get dressed before her parents returned.

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