Cooking Up

Coming from wealthy families, Philip and Elizabeth was happily married and were still in their first few months of honeymoon. Although she was a breadwinner too, she was the more obedient and submissive partner in the household, listening to the man of the house for basically everything. On nights she ended work early, she would go home and try to cook new dishes, for her husband to enjoy. But that was something that Thomas did not really liked, for her sense of taste was a little distorted. Nonetheless, he always complimented her for the attempt and did not break her heart.

One night, he was home late, but there she was, lying on the dining table, asleep waiting for him to return. He dropped his bag on the couch and went over to her, eating on the cold rice and plates of eggs and vegetables. Just a few mouths later, he placed his utensils down and looked at her with a tired expression.

Philip: ‘Eliz, I can’t eat this. I know you tried very hard, but frankly, I’ve never liked the food you cooked. Sorry. I guess I’m a bit tired today.’

He left the table and took his bag into their room, shutting the door lightly and running the taps in the bathroom. Elizabeth was at a loss for words, unable to understand why he did not tell this to her since the beginning. She packed the table, and washed the plates, heading into bed directly before he was done bathing. That night, she did not catch much sleep, but waited for him to head to work early in the morning.

For a few weeks, their sex life was still thriving, but it was more of a tease to her, as he had always turned her on so much, only to leave her deprived when she wanted more from him. His mission seemed to be just to get her horny and desperate, so whenever he felt like it, he would go into the ‘beast’ mode to claim her. Anyway, sex was the last thing on her mind after he left for work.

Turning on her phone, she scrolled along the names to find a colleague-turned-chef from her previous employment, and immediately gave him a call.

Elizabeth: ‘Hello? Is this Thomas?’

Thomas: ‘Yeah yeah! Elizabeth? Have been so long since I heard from you! What can I do for you?’

Elizabeth: ‘I want to know if you do one-to-one cooking lessons. I am going to take it up for my husband.’

Thomas: ‘For you? Sure! When do you want to start?’

Elizabeth: ‘Available today?’

Thomas: ‘Yupp. Let’s make it 1pm. So you can whip up a dinner for your husband.’

Before she was married, all the guys in the department were eyeing on her petite figure with those long slender fair legs. Many times, she would expose herself under those short fitting dresses, and the continuous attention from the guys didn’t seemed to mind her at all. As a courteous girl, she would help them pick up stuff and run errands without suspicion, giving them more ‘limelight’ moments when she bent over.

Elizabeth went back to sleep until the doorbell rang, jolting her up in a frenzy to receive him. Dressed in a pearl white slip dress made of satin, her braless state did not bother her one bit when she opened the door for Thomas. Without me saying, his eyes went to where they wanted to go and she just invited him in and brought him to the kitchen.

Elizabeth: ‘I don’t have much cookwares. Will it be enough?’

Thomas: ‘Yeah yeah. I can do wonders with just my hands.’

The innocent girl had no idea what he meant, but disappeared for a moment to tie her hair up. Going back to the kitchen, she saw him searching the cupboards for something, and offered to help him get what he needed.

Thomas: ‘I’ll need a pan, some bowls and plates. We’ll be cooking chicken chop today. It will be something easy for you to cook.’

Elizabeth: ‘Oh. I’ll get it for you. And, my husband says my taste buds weren’t accurate, so maybe you’ll have to show me how much spices to put in.’

She squatted down next to him and pulled the built-in dishwasher open, picking out the pot she used last night. From his height, her pinkish nipples were in full view and her breasts were obvious in the loose neckline. His hard on was right beside her, and she did not even noticed what was happening. While she arranged the counter top of cups and plates, he took out two pieces of chicken and laid it to cool.

He started up the contact stove and stood behind her, instructing her on what to do. Following his instructions closely, she managed to season the chops and placed it skin down on the pan, sizzling in the hot oil that was on it.

Thomas: ‘We’ll have to wait for a while for the skin to turn a little crispy, then flip it over. How are things with your husband?’

Elizabeth: ‘He’s nice. Just that sometimes work tire him out. I want to make his day better with nicer food too. How about you?’

Thomas: ‘Haha. That’s nice of you. Me? I’m still single and looking. My skills in the kitchen are never seen by anyone else except you.’

He placed his head beside hers and looked at the pan, sniffing a breath of her morning scent as she waited. Slowly, his hands went to her waist, and held her lightly.

Thomas: ‘What about sex with your man? Is it good?’

Elizabeth: ‘Why did you ask this for?’

He pushed his arms through her waist and cupped his hands over her braless breasts, kneading them like soft dough. She had tried to pry them away but he was much stronger, and the unwanted pleasure was weakening her resistance as well. Gradually, he kept up with his movements and started licking her neck, where heavy breathing from her came and her butt just arched back onto his groin.

Feeling his hard on through his bermudas, she grind up and down along it, in an instinctive manner conditioned by her husband for such scenarios. Sliding the shoulder straps off, her dress fell in a single wave down her body, and onto the floor. And there she was, nude in front of a good looking chef with intentions she had never suspected.

Thomas: ‘Come, hold the handle, I’ll teach you how to flip.’

He held her hand and gave the pan a push, turning the chicken onto the meaty side and sizzling again on the pan. He moved his arms to her waist and carried her up, bringing her to the custom made dining table and letting her down on her knees.

Once she was half doggie on the table, he sat on the chair in front of it and planted his face at her pussy, sucking at her slit while she just stopped moving, letting him feast on her pussy. Somehow, that was how submissive she was, never going against anyone that she knew. Thomas just ran his tongue along her slit and nudged her back parallel to the table, so he could fondle her clit that was covered in juices.

After he was done making her wet and moaning, the chicken was cooked too and he made a dash to turn the heat off, going back to her in less than three seconds. He turned her body around and made her sit facing him, legs still apart and eyes looking everywhere. His mouth went back to work while his hands removed his pants, officially freeing his dick from the confinement. He got up on his feet and hastily aimed his dick at her pussy.

Elizabeth: Wait wait.. can I turn away?’

Damn, did she see through his plan? He stopped in his track and had to ask her what she meant. Not only she did not reply him, but she just got off the table and went into the living room. Disappointed at himself, he walked out behind her and saw her sitting on the sofa.

Elizabeth: ‘I think the couch is more comfortable.’

Like a little boy finding his long lost toy, he hurried to her and placed her lying down on the length, before she stopped him a second time.

Elizabeth: ‘Can I turn around? I feel guilty doing this when I’m married.’

Thomas: ‘As you wish.’

She flipped herself around and kept her legs together, waiting patiently for him to finish his job. With that small leg space, he kept one feet on the ground and the other knee beside her calf. Sliding his little head along her slit, she was wet enough for him and before he could warn her, his dick plunged right into her and sent her gasping in surprise.

Elizabeth: ‘Why are you so big?’

Thomas: ‘It’s because of you.’

Without saying more, he grabbed her shoulders and pounded at her body, sinking his meat forcefully deep into that sloppy wet hole. She could only manage about three of his strokes before her face dug into the cushions, muffling her moans and groans from his powerful thrusts. In and out his dick went, desperately trying to cope with that tight cunt that was closed for close to two weeks.

In his mind, it was all bliss fucking the woman of his dreams, and better still, owned by another man. For Elizabeth, it was time to get some attention to her primitive needs, and there was no better person who knew how to control her. On and off, she would pleasure that piece of meat inside her by squeezing tight, and making him slow down so he would not shoot. Going all the way out, she was overwhelmed by his vigour and was pleased beyond satisfaction.

On Thomas’ part, the speed he went at was at his top and his dick was screaming silently for the go-no-go to cum. That tightness, wetness, warmth, accompanying slim waist, sexy back, silky long hair, sensual pleading moans, it was about all he could handle.

Thomas: ‘I am about to cum!’

Elizabeth: ‘Oh yes baby! Pump it all into me! Don’t stop now!’

Her pussy contracted involuntarily this time and squeezed the trigger of his balls. Still ramming at her, the hot load of cum just kept pumping into her needy hole, and he had to force himself to continue moving despite the hyper-sensitiveness. Finally, her hole was leaking his cum and she had to stop him, for she was getting too sensitive as well.

Thomas pulled out of her and watched her cup her hands under her pussy, closing her legs to prevent dirtying the cushion. Heaving and panting, there was no questions to what the indecent couple just did, covered in perspiration from their exercise. In an awkward scene of her waddling to get tissue, he went to the kitchen to plate the food and just as he walked in on her, she was wiping herself with her legs spread opened, sort of a welcoming sight to behold.

He fed her the completed dish and helped her wear that sexy nightie on, before packing up and preparing to leave.

Elizabeth: ‘Oh wait. Umm.. I can still ask you for help when I want to learn new dishes right?’

Thomas: ‘Of course! I’ll make sure to bring more tools the next time.’

Elizabeth: ‘Do I need to pay you?’

Thomas: ‘You’ve already made payment.’

He left her house and she sat back on the couch, rubbing her sore clit that was just slapped countless times by his balls. Naturally, the urge to get herself off came with cleaning up and massaging her privates, all the way until her husband came home, greeted by a sight of ‘better tasting’ food and his horny wife who deserved a goodnight of love making.

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