Visual Discomfort

Tied to the bed, there was nothing I could move except my dick, which was standing upright. Baby had left the bedroom to use the toilet and I was blindfolded with the red scarf I initially intended to cover her eyes with. Waiting patiently, the door clicked and I felt her presence back in the room. A short gasp was heard but I did not think much of it, probably caused by my red, swollen rod that had a cock ring at the base of the shaft.

She climbed over my body and gave me a kiss, before taking a moment to pull the scarf away. In front of me, her nipples were showing under the translucent pink nightie I bought for her. Her face closed in on mine and kissed passionately, which I quickly pushed my tongue and began the slurpy exchange of saliva. My eyes was in her face and she just rubbed her groin on my stomach, protected by the matching pink strings under it.

My dick was dying for attention, but it was only a matter of time she had to give in. As we made out, my mind was slowly getting more desperate, until a warming mouth went over my dick and started sucking on my rod.

Me: ‘Baby, who’s that?’

Baby: ‘Hehe. It’s a surprise.’

Knowing it could not have been a guy, my lips went back to baby while the other mouth licked hungrily on my dick. The blowjob was alternating between a mouth and hand, jerking behind baby’s body. From the corner of my eyes, I could only see the legs of the girl, and a part of the dress that reached her thighs.

Was it one of her two good friends? But why did she allow this to take place? There was just so many questions I had. And the fact that she was right in front of me made me more confused. After a few minutes of tongue fight, she sat towards my chest and the girl behind her boarded the raft. The tanned pair of arms came around baby’s body and cupped over her boobs, squeezing and rolling her nipples until baby was moaning.

In just a few minutes, the girl stopped and raised her hips, only to lower it slowly down my raw dick. Since no girlfriends would put their boyfriends at risk, I could only think of her best friend who fitted the figure that I saw. Her body descended with small bounces that slowly engulfed my dick bit by bit, until she was fully seated over it.

Seeing my dumbfounded look, baby took the blindfold and pressed it over my eyes. She got off me and turned herself around, carefully placing her pussy over my mouth and ankles holding onto the excess length of the scarf. Gently, the girl at my hips began to grind back and forth, using my dick to stroke along her pussy, making her moan in the familiar, unmistakable voice. I had no idea why did she want to do this, when she had a boyfriend, although overseas at that time.

I stuck my tongue out and let baby move her pussy over my mouth, using my tongue to swipe along her slit while my dick was pleasured by her friend. As she rode me quicker, I flicked my tongue at a proportionate speed, sending baby into a slight shiver. Just three seconds later, the pussy contracted until I felt the tightest squeeze, and she had stopped moving to let the orgasm pass. I was literally a sex toy for the both of them, but who was I to complain?

After some time, baby got off my face and let the girl continue dominating me, bouncing herself up and down, dumping her body hard over my enlarged rod. Somehow, I could tell that she was willing and was even enjoying how great it felt. I was just wondering how long they would need to find out that I wasn’t going to cum in this position.

Before I could ask for a change in arrangements to cum, the blindfold was suddenly pulled away, and before my eyes, was the decent looking Jess. Having her eyes closed, she was not aware that I could see her, and baby only gave me a smile while she continued riding me.

Baby: ‘Sweetheart, just help her with this favour k?’

Who would say no when your girlfriend was the one who agreed on your behalf? My limbs were silently freed while Jess did what she wanted, making loud slapping sounds as she bounced non-stop. As I placed my hands on her waist, she finally opened her eyes and almost screamed at my stare. I quickly lifted her up and broke free from under, keeping her seated while I went behind her.

Me: ‘Baby, lie on the pillow.’

Baby did not waste a second thinking and laid on the bed, with her legs spread beside Jess’ knees. I then pushed her back down into doggie, arms perched beside baby’s head. I grabbed my dick and angled it at her pussy, before sending the overpowered meat into her. The long moan hardly relieved any of the surprise element, and the girls were looking into each others’ eyes as I began banging Jess from behind, jerking her body forward with force.

I was watching her head closely, and she did as expected, lowering her mouth to baby’s and kissing her while I pounded deep and hard. Baby had been playing with her exposed boobs and she was the guest-of-honour for that afternoon. The pleasure from my dick was too much for her, as her pussy tightened from time to time. At times when she trembled from the orgasm, I would pull myself out and sink my rod into baby, shocking her without a condom. But there was no denying that she loved how my raw meat felt inside of her, scraping against the sensitive areas that was lubricated and yearning.

And when baby was climaxing from my thrusts, I would return to Jess, and give her all the attention we wanted her to have. The clock was ticking as the two of them took turns, receiving my rod eagerly.

Me: ‘Jess, where do I cum?’

Jess: ‘You can release inside. I am on the pill.’

A raise of my brows did not believe how lucky I was, to be fucking her petite sized girlfriend, and even getting to cum inside. I increased my speed and baby stretched one of her arms between her slightly parted legs, rubbing on her clit while I did my work. Ramming and thrusting, I did not take any breaks and just gave Jess my best, sinking my meat so deep her pussy would contract a little whenever my hips touched her bum.

Less than five minutes later, I was about to cum and I picked up my pace, driving my tool faster until she was grunting in ecstasy.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

I pulled her waist backwards to my hips and let the fully penetrated dick shoot the warm load of gooey starch, right into her womb. Halfway through, she pushed me off and my dick almost stopped spraying that instant, a little taken aback by her move. She then got off baby and went behind me, wrapping her arms around my hips and jerking my dick to shoot the leftover on baby, getting my cum all over her tummy, nightie having pulled up to her neck.

Once the last bit of cum was launched, the droplets trickled down my shaft and baby helped herself up, sitting in front of the pillow and taking my cum-covered dick into her mouth for the first time. Baby really took her time and worked on my rod until it was all hard again.

Baby: ‘Sweetheart, love it?’

Me: ‘Yeah. Jess? Like it?’

She sat behind me without saying a word, just her hand between her legs, smearing her juices and feeling the load of cum swimming in her belly.

Jess: ‘I like it. Thanks baby and J.’

Baby helped Jess to dress up and put on her purple jacket before sending her to the void deck where there were direct buses to get her back home. All alone in the room, I rested for some time, before a mouth went over my dick again, and I knew it was baby from her sweet smelling scent. Needless to say, our alone time was spent on another round of intense sex, this time, with all my energy and attention on her, shooting a huge load into the rubber as I finished the second round in missionary, hugging and kissing her for most of the action.

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