Playful Youngster

Denise held her boyfriend’s arm as she saw him waiting outside the school gate, ignoring the staring eyes of her friends and the security guards who was zoning out in the hot afternoon sun. The guy whom she was holding looked at least 10 years her senior, and it was actually not that far off, with a difference of eight years in age. Addy let her arms tucked under his and made their way to his car, parked illegally before the traffic lights in front of the school.

She hopped into the front passenger seat and threw her bag into the back seats, pulling off her hairband while he climbed into the driver’s seat, starting the engine to head to their usual hideout. Since Denise parents separated, her mum no longer cared that much about her and only gave her a generous amount of pocket money each week. So, with so much freedom, her habits were mostly revolving around her boyfriend, who had been paying attention to her all these while.

Along the smaller streets, she reached back to her bag and pulled out a singlet. Unbuttoning her school blouse, she changed into the top and removed her skirt, leaving only her FBT shorts to cover her bottom. The car turned into the main roads and he cruised smoothly towards their destination, making small talks about her school and his work. On the outside, no one could tell that they had a much more exciting lifestyle together, but it was all for the better that no one knew.

Denise reached for his hand on the lap and brought it to her legs, placing it into her shorts where she had held the waistband open. His hand could not feel any signs of panties and naturally, he questioned about the occasion.

Denise: ‘I just decided that this will be more comfortable. It’s so dark after all, no one could look under.’

His fingers wriggled between her slit and touched her clit, where she took a deep breath, waiting for him to start massaging the swollen spot. A smile broke across his face and he started what he was supposed to do, sliding up and down, stroking along her clit until juices were leaking all over. The car was handled nicely up till the carpark of the condominium. A nod of his head raised the barrier and he drove into the basement, locking the car into position in one of the lots.

About two weeks ago, he had found a stranded access card leading to the condo, and the attempt to unlock the magnetic gates worked, giving him unlimited entries. Well, what could be more lucky than that? They alighted the car and walked towards the lift and headed for the top floor, where the stairs are fully concealed.

Upon reaching that isolated area, Denise just pulled her shorts down and sat on it, placed over the highest flight of steps. Addy took his position in front of her, and tugged his pants low, until his dick bounced in the air.

Addy: ‘Come? Let’s not waste time.’

Her hand wrapped around the base of his dick and her head shifted forward, sinking his dick into her mouth in one move. Accustomed to this routine, her body had adapted to the scent of his rod, making her wet the instant the slurping sounds started. Throughout the few months they were together, he had taught her how to deep throat, and she had no qualms about giving it to him whenever he asked. Pushing her head deeper, his dick went into her throat and she just let him take over her body, gagging from the thickness.

Grunts were coming out of him, but she was getting hornier every minute, having no one to touch her. Without permission, she was not allowed to masturbate, and every time she broke the rules, there would be no orgasms from him. That alone had pushed her to control herself, and learnt to satisfy before getting satisfied.

After five minutes, he had enough of her and sat a few steps below her, spreading her legs open so he could quench his thirst.

Addy: ‘Someone has prepared my drink huh?’

She watched him closely as his mouth neared her pussy, tongue touching her clit first and the quick flicking of her sensitive spot followed. Pressing his head onto her groin, he ran up and down the whole pussy, scooping up the milky white liquid her body was leaking. Drinking and sucking, her clit was getting swollen to a point it was protruding out from under the hood, dying for some attention inside of her.

Denise: ‘Boyfie, can you fuck me now?’

Addy: ‘Now? Yeah. What position you want?’

Denise: ‘Standing.’

Addy: ‘Okay. Let’s make this a quickie. I still have some work to finish at home.’

She got up and went to the horizontal railing to hold onto, sticking her body backwards for him. Without hesitation, he got up as well and went behind her, guiding his dick to the entrance. After the tip was poked slightly inside, he held her waist and gave her a pull, plunging his rod into the unprepared hole. Denise gasped at the size of him and clenched her hands tighter.

Seeing that her pussy had more than enough lubrication, he proceeded to pound her cute little butt and fucked her brains out. From the moment of entry, he was someone who could go full speed at a pussy, reaching into the deepest, darkest corners of a vagina. All she could do was to hang on for her life as he held her waist tighter and tighter, filling her pussy up with his hot meat over and over again.

The varying angles of attack had been doing good to the G-spot in her, and it did not take more than a few minutes for her to climax, sending a squeeze down his shaft. Expecting that pressure for some time now, he was glad she came and used the recovery time to ram her harder. Her body simply kept shaking and her legs were wobbling, overwhelmed by the speed he was going at.

They did not change their positions as the floor was not as clean a place to sit on, let alone lying on it. She finally got some of her senses back and held the railing firmly while giving him the squeeze, pushing her vaginal walls closer together.

Addy felt the change in suction immediately and went even faster, echoing the slapping sounds of their bodies along the stairwell. At last, with the last few powerful strokes, he thrashed her pussy all the way in and the warm milk poured into her womb, filling her to the brim and making sure it overflowed out of her cunt. He could not handle the process and so wrapped his arms around her, playing with her boobs while his dick continued refuelling her.

After close to twenty seconds, he was done and gently pulled himself away, letting the cum splash onto the floor where her pussy was.

This time, she helped him to sit down and went a few steps below him. Taking his rod back into her mouth, the clean up was done without awakening round two, for the first session was too intense.

Denise: ‘Boyfie, like it?’

Addy: ‘Yeah. It was the best I think.’

A hehe came from her and she wore her shorts back, before assisting her boyfriend with his pants. The journey back to the car was less of touching, but the cum trail down her legs was flowing non-stop. There was just so much that she could not keep it inside of her.

He sent her to her void deck before giving her a kiss, zooming away without waiting for her to disappear from his sight. After all, his wife was waiting for him at home, dinner cooked and nicely showered, donned in one of the sexy lingerie she owned. It was time for round two with his beloved wife.

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