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Hopping into the bed excited, Gerald knew he would be having a great time with his girlfriend, Rebecca, 16, who had dropped out of school since secondary three while he moved on to the final year of his poly education. She had lots of freedom since then and had been spending nights at his place. For a start, she was a virgin, and they had decided to leave sex until the time was right. Among the DVDs he brought into his room from his dad’s collection, they bought enough booze for to get themselves dead drunk for the first time in their lives.

As the room was darkened, cans were popped open with movies being played. Gerald’s mind was not in the movies, but on his girl, who had worn a simple tank top dress, with bra removed for comfort. With her attention on the TV, his hands had been running all over her body, squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples, while she moaned without intention of breaking away from the movie.

Gerald: ‘Dear, you want to pause the movie?’

Rebecca: ‘Huh? Don’t want. Keep the TV on.’

His impatient fingers ran under her dress and reached for her panties, wet from the foreplay he had started. Pushing her panties to the side, he let her juices lubricate his fingers before he played with her clit, rubbing it till she finally gave in to him, spreading her legs wider leaning against his pillow. Slowly, her head fell backwards on the wall as he thrust faster into her, making a sensual squishing sound at the same time.

Rebecca: ‘Lick me?’
Gerald: ‘Lie down first.’

They adjusted their bodies for her to lie on the bed, while he moved between her legs and pulled her black thongs away. The freshly shaved pussy had never looked so yummy before, partly due to the fact she had been applying whitening lotion to bring the complexion around that area to match her inner thighs.

His head centred on her pussy and got his tongue working, sliding along the slit that was leaking with her sweetness. Sucking on her clit occasionally, her pussy was getting all sensitive with his slimy tongue, running in circles on her clit. Rebecca was not someone who would hold back if she had to moan, and to make things more exciting, Gerald had left the window facing the corridor of the house opened.

Soon, he got tired and stopped his headwork, lying beside her while she recovered from the gentle orgasm he just gave her. She took a minute to calm herself down, and brought her head to his stomach, lying on it while he wriggled his pants down. It was more of a routine that they had, with him fingering her before she does a blowjob for him.

Once his reddened dick appeared, she did a short lick around the little head and along the shaft, before sucking down onto it and pushing it deeper into her mouth. A groan came out of Gerald’s mouth and she immediately knew she did a good job. It wasn’t much of oral sex but just a part of foreplay, swirling her tongue around the meat stick while her lips pressed hard together, making strokes up and down to pleasure the ring under the hood.

She went on going deep and shallow, disturbing him with painfully strong sucks while trying to poke into his pee hole with the tip of her tongue. It was an enjoyable service to him as he laid relaxed on the bed, while his hardworking innocent girl worked on his rod. Once in a while, she would toy with his balls, pressing the testicles in the sack for fun. It would drive him crazy whenever she did that, along with the faster bouncing of her head.

Gerald: ‘Dear, enough le. I’m so horny now.’

Her reddened face looked at him with droopy eyes, alcohol in effect of blurring her actions. Throughout his cunnilingus and her oral, they had been taking sips from the cans. On top of that, she had emptied two cans just after her two orgasms earlier, allowing the beers to amplify the pleasure.

Rebecca: ‘How I wish you can fuck me now.’
Gerald: ‘Why not?’
Rebecca: ‘Cannot luh. Must control. Sorry baby.’
Gerald: ‘We try something new today?’
Rebecca: ‘Huh? Safe?’
Gerald: ‘I promise won’t break your virginity. Just use your outside only.’

He did not wait for her to give any reply, and asked her to get into doggie on the bed. She was wary about that specific position and blocked her pussy with her hand reached between her legs. He angled his dick lower under her hand and let her legs close to hold it in place.

Gerald: ‘Dear dear, trust me can? It will just be outside.’

Rebecca hesitantly took her hand away and his dick slapped on her shaved groin, further adjusting her legs to clamp tighter on it. Slowly, Gerald began to thrust his dick between her legs, rubbing against her clit with that width dick of his. Being a girl who had never fingered herself, the stimulation on her pussy was enough to get her off and was never tempted to explore anywhere deeper.

As time passed, her body was getting wobbly but she wanted more. The orgasms from this position was irresistibly good and it was more intuitive on Gerald’s part, making strong moves on her butt, dick well coated with her juices. Between pauses, they would drink a huge mouth of beer before resuming, giving him extra delay and heightening the sensitivity for her.

A while later, Gerald stopped his pounding and let her butt rest on her ankles, while running to his drawer to take a bottle of solution.

Gerald: ‘Dear.. can I try putting it in your butt?’
Rebecca: ‘Huh? It will be painful.’
Gerald: ‘Won’t. I will use more lubricant.’
Rebecca: ‘If pain then stop k?’

He popped the lid open on the squeeze tube in his hand and pushed out a blob. He gave a few strokes along his dick and applied the rest around her rim, where she squirmed in a ticklish manner. Once he placed the amount more than needed, he moved in on her butthole and pushed his tip downwards between her crack. The unexpected relaxed tightness made it easier for him to enter, although slowly.

Rebecca had been clenching her head between her arms, pressing her face into the pillow as the piece of hot flesh pierced into her virgin ass, sinking in a way that seemed to last a lifetime. There was not much pain, but it was the feeling of a foreign object making its way into a place that wasn’t designed for entry. After an agonising two minutes, he was finally in and was balls deep into her.

Overwhelmed by the tightness around her rim and insides, he did not wait any longer before starting to pump his dick into her. The pause inside her had made her felt weird and lost, but as soon as he started moving, her pussy was dripping non-stop, as though it was begging to be relieved. Without guidance, her free hand reached for her clit and began rubbing on it, moving as fast and furious as her boyfriend ramming her hole.

The orgasms were getting more frequent with the aid of alcohol, and the newfound sensitive spot in her butt. No matter how wide she spread her legs, it did not help in relieving that ‘filled’ sensation, she was feeling just as full. Gerald had started groaning in a manner she had never heard of, but he was clearly enjoying himself, giving naughty pinches and squeezes on her boobs whenever he leaned on her back.

Rebecca’s eyes were rolling white from the pleasure, while Gerald was trying not to cum so soon. After all, it wasn’t everyday that he could do something new for the first time. All that was left of his girlfriend was probably the rightful virgin pussy. Giving her no time for breaks, he raised on of his knees to stablise himself, ramming deeper into her and delivering another powerful orgasms she could hardly handle.

With that unspeakable heat and contraction of her anus, he knew he could not last much longer. His pace slowed down and Rebecca immediately felt the difference.

Rebecca: ‘Why are you slowing down?’
Gerald: ‘I am going to cum.’
Rebecca: ‘You can shoot inside there right? I won’t get pregnant.’

Hearing that, the excitement returned and he used his last burst of energy, penetrating as far as his dick could reach, sending her into a series of screams that no one was around to hear. In seconds, her body shook uncontrollably and it was as good as going into a fit. But there was no more time to waste, Gerald was nearing his climax too and the sudden clench on his dick made things even better.

Loud slapping sounds of their bodies were heard, and continued for a good ten seconds before he gave her the long strokes, while his rifle clocked and fired the first round. It went right into her at the deepest end and he kept himself motionless, while the waves of cum used the milking motion of her innards to empty the rest of the rounds.

The feeling of shooting raw into her was indescribable, and Rebecca felt the same way. The warming hot liquid was a sign of his love, and she was receiving all of it. He could not move from the increased sensitivity on his dick, and Rebecca loved how he was still inside, rod still hotter compared to the temperature of her body.

Finally, he pulled his softened meat out of her and fell back onto the bed, panting heavily from the awesome anal sex they did. Immediately after, she took the roll of Johnsons & Johnsons baby wipes to clean his dick, wiping it as best as she could before sending him to wash it clean. He did took some time in the toilet, but was more energetic when he returned in her arms.

Rebecca: ‘I can tell you had a lot of fun.’
Gerald: ‘I did! Did my dear like it?’
Rebecca: ‘Yupp. A lot. And you can shoot inside me without worry. Let me see if you washed it clean.’

She slithered her body down to his shrunken dick and took a whiff, before wrapping her lips over it, sucking it till it was big again. This time, she did not just tease him, but forced her own head down over it, reaching as far as her throat. She kept moving her head up and down, surprising Gerald with her dare and he was trying to find a way to stop her. Despite that, the willingness of her to do this for him touched his heart and he chose to let her finish it, knowing it would take more time.

Gagging and choking, she did not lift her mouth away for even once, and let the huge dick slip into her throat. It was a sudden experience to him that his body was already going into the cumming stage, as her throat was contracting on his dick head whilst inside her mouth. Bringing her speed faster, she literally went balls deep on him and just as she felt the veins on his rod thicken, his hands went behind her head and raised his hips higher, forcing it deeper, and also squirting the shockingly huge load of cum.

Fighting back for air, she managed to pushed him away and only let the tip stay in her mouth. The amount of cum gathering over her tongue was gooey and thick, but she was more than happy to do that for him. After the pulses of warm yogurt stopped, she went down on him for a few times to suck the tube clean, before lifting her head up to him with a smile.

The open mouth showed him how much he came, and the following gulp made him pull her for a kiss, done in his arms and tears rolling down his face. It was something they had never felt in a long time, and it was more than just physical satisfaction, but also love strengthening.

Gerald: ‘I love you dear.’
Rebecca: ‘I love you too boy boy.’

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