E-Stim Play

Jolie had stumbled upon a new sex toy online while she was shopping for hers. It was a new type of stimulation that worked through electrical pulses and delivered through a circuit connected by a few wires. It had a male and female version, so she decided to give this new concept a try and ordered a set for her boyfriend and herself. Of course, he paid for it although he did not know what she bought.

The toys arrived sooner than expected and was in time for their next meet up. Her boyfriend, Aaron, had been depraved for as long as she was since the request for him not to masturbate without her was given. They met at her house with him bringing the rarely used BDSM constraints and she began wit h her work.

She placed a blindfold over his eyes, and kept him still while she fastened his limbs to the ends of the bed. He was tied with his arms apart and legs together, but still comfortably enough to smile with anticipation. Jolie then began to stroke him gently, and graciously went down on him, sucking and licking his dick. His five inches of goodness never failed to excite her as her mind recognised the perfect-fitting size for her pussy.

Unwrapping the male set of Estim package, she placed the four PVC cloth-like straps around his girth, with the contact points at the bottom of his shaft. The controller had two input ports, probably for couple play, but her attention was on him first. She clicked on the ‘Up’ arrow and all Aaron did was to take a sharp breath of air. The electrical pulses were flowing through his penis and enlarging the veins on it, till it hurt as the strap restricted any further comfort. He desperately wanted to know what was on him.

Watching his dick twitch as the pulses fired, Jolie got even wetter.

Jolie: ‘How are you feeling?’

His breaths were consistent, slow, deep shocking gasps.

Aaron (stammering): ‘The.. shock.. is driving me.. going to cum.. but.. ‘

She could make out what he meant. It was the same response as the reviews on the site. The device would keep a man close to cumming, but at the lowest setting, it would take a good 10 minutes before he might get numb. She was interested to know what would happen if the strength was increased. She asked Aaron about his feeling, and after he confirmed fine and not in pain, she turned off the power and loosened the straps to fit him better.

‘Up’, ‘Up’. The number two setting made him even crazier and his hands had began to shift. Clenching and opening his fists, she knew it was pushing him over the limit. Very quickly, she removed his blindfold and stood over his head, and began stripping. Pulling off her oversized tee, her shorts disappeared too and she was just in her set of black bra and panties.

Jolie then opened her set of Estim and took out a transparent soft rubber rod. She pushed it inside her pussy and used her fingers to mark the dept. She was going to do the preparation on his chest, and Aaron’s eyes was watching closely. Strapping the same PVC circuits over the marked notches on the rod, she put three around it and slid it back inside her. The circuits on both the male and female version of the toy were the same, neat, with just one wire coming out and into the same control Aaron was attached to.

She then lay beside him, and strapped one of the legs into the same loop closest to his legs. One of her arms also went into the same loop as him and furthest arm away was finally in place, but she held on to the tightening strap with her teeth. One strong tug and her freedom was gone. To illustrated the scene better, imagine Aaron’s right hand was with her left, and right leg with her left. She opened the mouth and the strap fell away from her, rendering the both of them immobilised.

As the control was close to the strap with both their hands, she reached for it and handed it to Aaron.

Jolie: ‘Let’s play?’

Aaron reluctantly clicked on ‘Up’ and the both of them moaned at the same time. Within seconds, Jolie had her first orgasm and was flipping like a fish without water. The orgasm did not end normally, with every following pulse, her pussy that was about to rest, grew tighter and was sent another orgasm. She was regretting the stupid move to get involved without knowing the effects, but it gave her the most intense orgasm she ever got.

He was harder with his crazy girlfriend beside, their hands held each other tightly, and Aaron finally found the courage to up the power. While he simply felt a closer urge to cum, her toy had a different setting embedded in it. The electric stimulation no longer had any pauses in between and the orgasms did not end.

Loud moans and screams were coming out of her humble room along the HDB corridor, but her windows were tightly shut and curtains drawn. Finally, his timer had reached zero and the hardest shot of cum flew into the air. His finger accidentally clicked ‘Up’ again and Jolie’s eyes immediately turned rolled white. Saliva was flowing from the sides of her mouth and tears rolled uncontrollably. For Aaron, his normal seven rounds of continuous fire did not stop and for the first time, a male’s pleasure duration had exceeded 30 seconds.

His dick kept firing as the shock went through it. There was no more cum coming out, but his mind was flooded with pleasure, overwhelming the small ache as electricity passed through his dick. His girl had stopped screaming, but perspiration kept coming and their bodies were wet with sweat. The sweating did not help as electricity loved them a lot and it drove Jolie over the edge. Her eyes had shut, mouth smelling of saliva, and body reeking of sweat. Her body was shaking as though in a fit.

The real timer on the control activated after 5 minutes and shut itself off. Finally letting them rest. Jolie woke up suddenly and tried to break free, but the straps were so well done that none of them could move. Aaron had fallen into such deep sleep that he wasn’t woken by her shouts by his ear.

Jolie (whispering): ‘Aaron.. Aaron.. ‘

After two hours, it was three in the morning and he finally heard her voice.Blinded by the glaring overhead florescent, he took a while to see clearly and saw her impatient look.

Jolie: ‘Your other hand.. try to lift it high enough to free the loop.’

So, there was a way out. They shifted their positions and released his hand, which he wasted no time to free themselves. She still could not move, not because of injuries but rather tiredness. Since he had his rest, his sunken looks make her smile a little before she went back to sleep, this time peacefully without restraints.

Aaron had more clean up to do with the cum almost dried on his body, so he took his time in the dark to pack everything up, and snuggled into the wet bed with her – till noon the next day. Sure enough, a warm sensation on his dick blew his worries off and they began their day with a round of morning sex, which was in fact quite sluggish from their exhaustion the previous night.

Aaron: ‘So, you want to try it again?’

Jolie: ‘No no! But I don’t mind if it’s on you!’

She made breakfast naked for him and they spent their day together, playing with the Estim, though at a safer pace. It was soon a new requirement, that they had to keep it on under their clothes. And on days they cannot meet, it would be their new way of cyber or phone sex.

Once bitten, twice shy. That was some scary shit I have to say.

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