A girl appeared in front of me, wearing a grey skater dress, walking her dog. She was looking for something in her purse when the dog suddenly made a dash and the contents of her purse spilled onto the floor. I hastened my pace and walked over to her, squatting down to pick her cards and receipts when I noticed the opening between her legs. Her shot dress had raised to her butt and at first it would look as though she was wearing nude colour underwear or her panties had a higher waist support, but the lights that was just right, showed me something else. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

The contents on the floor included a number of coins, so as I picked, I spoke softly without looking at her.

Me: ‘Miss, you should now go around without any underwear.’

Her expression turned to an angry one and she spoke in a similar tone.

Girl: ‘What the fuck! To think you were so kind to help me.’

Me: ‘Look, I had intended to help you. It was an accident.’

Girl: ‘Accident my foot. I’m going to sue you for peeping.’

Seriously? Sue me cause I tried to help? She was the one who was panty-less. So, I gave her my number (which was actually a spare SIM card I had when registration wasn’t compulsory) and she stomped away in a hurry.

That night, we had a ‘mobile’ argument but all she was doing was really finding a way to make me scared and perhaps settle this basically-unnecessay issue out of court through settlements. After we texted for a long time, I brought some logic to her senses and even Facebooked her details, just to be sure I had everything on her. For safety, I had never had a Facebook account, and so she was actually the one who had nothing on me, not even my mobile number.

My mobile phone clock showed 3:00 and she was going quieter, SMSes getting shorter too.

Girl: ‘Fine! You win!’

Me: ‘By the way, I got your address and details off your Facebook page. Would you like me to bring this up to your friends so they can justify? I’ll be sure to include all the details.’

She did not reply my text, but gave me a call instead. She insisted on meeting at this hour and since it was just a block away, I went to meet her. She was in the same dress but had no dog this time. She screamed at me for threatening her and I rebuked about who was really a threat. Sadness overcame her and her tone changed to a calmer but sweeter one. A hot girl is always angry, or was it the other way around.

Girl: ‘What can I do to settle this with you?’

Me: ‘Did you remember to wear your panties this time?’

She quickly held her dress down and I sort of knew the answer. She had not bother to put on anything at all. I held her hands, and put them aside, before lifting the hemline of her dress up her thighs and revealed the pussy with short prickly stubs on it.

Me: ‘Touch yourself. And I want to hear you moan. You seem to have many prolific friends on your network huh?

The two lines I said linked well, she she raised one of her legs onto the tiled chairs in the Residents’ Corner under her block. A SMS came into my phone, but I did not read, turning on the camera app instead and placing it standing on the table, aimed at her body. Her hand then went between her legs, and she began touching herself before me.

Moans was also heard as her pussy got wetter, dripping constantly onto the floor. Her fingers kept going until she gave a shudder and a few large drops of juices dripped.

Me: ‘Clean your fingers.’

She noticed the bulge in my thin shorts and she placed the wet fingers on it. Massaging it through the cloth and making me next to moan. Hidden from any flats nearby, I pulled my pants down and she too, took her phone and tapped a few times before holding it with her other hand, camera pointing at me. Shit, she was going to have a better frame and my video might just lose out to her. But making any funny movements might just get me exposed, so I just continued doing nothing after my shorts were lowered. Her wet hand grabbed my rod and jerked it fast and furious. And when it got a little dry and rough, she would reach under her skirt before dipping her fingers into her pussy before coming back to complete the handjob.

But it wasn’t just a handjob. She knelt on the floor between my legs, and went on to give me head. Her mouth was a mean one, biting me occasionally but sucking at the same time, making the whole job much easier with her salivating mouth. She did not bother to swallow the excess saliva and just let it coat all over my shaft and balls, dirtying my shorts.

Grabbing the chance, I adjusted my phone to face the camera downwards at her, while she continued sucking me off until I lost control and exploded in her mouth. She just turned her head away after the first few shots and as a revenge, my dick continued firing the forceful jet of muck onto her cheeks ears. She spat out the mouthful I gave and then skipped backwards, tapping the screen on her phone to show me the video of her giving me a blowjob.

Would that even work? Anyone could see that she did it willingly, and I did not even say a word after we started the foreplay. Her large Samsung Galaxy S3 screen clearly recorded what she did in HD, even capturing my face in the initial parts. She walked away while glancing at me, to make sure I wasn’t tailing her. Why would I need to tail her?

A few minutes later, my Whatsapp beeped and she sent the video to me. I immediately downloaded it and made a few copies to be save. But frankly, it was quite a turn on to watch the sexy wilful girl going down on me. After the video was sent, she sent numerous long messages to detail how she was going to get me into trouble, saying she saved our SMSes, recorded the video. Please don’t tell me she would be sending the video to other people. It would gain her the fame she never wanted in mere seconds.

In return, I sent her the video I took, with surprised me the most. The wide angle had managed to capture the scene she raised her legs and masturbated, fingers moving quickly under her dress. I had her face, voices and everything I needed, in a clear, unshaking clip. I had never replied her since then, but she had been frantically calling me whenever she was free, to make sure none of what happened that night got leaked.

Soon, she became my fuck buddy and was even on very good terms with me. Enjoying moments when we had the chance to be alone, playing a fool around our neighbourhood. Maybe she was doing all these to make sure I was contented and never had to think of releasing the video.

Michelle, I promise you that whatever happened that night will be our secret forever – as long as you keep doing what you had been doing with me. :p

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