Walk In

Joyce (exclaiming): ‘Wow! You have a walk in fridge?! That’s so cool!’

Glenn’s family had upgraded to a private property and invited his ex-girlfriend who was free the whole day. He gave her a quick tour around his house and finally going back to the kitchen, which Joyce wanted to use to bake.

Joyce: ‘I need butter. Lots of it.’

Glenn: ‘You want to find with me? I have no idea where my mum put it.’

They walked into the fridge and Joyce spotted it immediately, squatting down to collect a few blocks. She was in a normal cream blouse and laced shorts, which exposed much of her thighs when she squatted, making Glenn’s mind wander.

Wasting no time, he pulled her up and kissed her, which she struggled but could not break free. He kept kissing her, planting kisses on her lips, forehead, and wherever he could reach as she tried to break free. In one last attempt, he kissed her ears resulting in a stronger response to push him away, but his move to nibble on her lobes suddenly drained the fight in her, until she was limp and had no more resistance.

His hand ripped opened her top and toyed with her small breasts, until she began moaning unwillingly. The coldness of the room had worn her out quicker than usual, and she barely had enough strength to get back up after he went on to pull apart the shorts’ button and tugged it off her. A scissors within reach was taken and he cut away her pair of tiny panties, leaving her in shreds of clothes.

Glenn went over to close the door of the room, containing the coldness and making Joyce shiver uncontrollably. He carried her up, and placed her on the icy cold ceramic counter in the middle of the room and proceeded to remove his bottoms. The coldness had reached deep into her body and she could not resist his strong arms at all.

Her nipples however got more erected from the cold contact with the table and her thighs had stopped moving to reduce energy loss. With his dick in the cold air, he quickly snatched a wooden ladle and teased her clit with the handle, turning Joyce on in no time. Her juices were warm and it was the only comfort she got, although forced, getting turned on gave her some comfort.

The next thing she felt was his dick, pushing their way through her pussy which was untouched since she fell in love with another girl. The furthest she went was non-penetrative masturbation which she was contented with. His dick felt hot in her and she held tightly on the opposite side of the table she could reach, which breathing out mist as Glenn began to fuck her.

Knowing she had most of her energy drained from the struggle and coldness, his hand left her back and moved to her nipples, which he twisted hard and making her moan even louder. Joyce was brought into his pace and her body began enjoying the process of the rape, although she had no more feelings for him. Perhaps he could help her out, when the sexual side of her lesbian relationship needed something more.

As he continued shoving his dick in and out of her, Joyce lifted her body up and Glenn let her get off the freezing table. She turned around on her butt back on the area where her body warmth the table and opened her legs for Glenn to walk into. She held his little head and guided it as he closed in, making a little accident by letting his dick slip under and touch the table. The contrasting cold temperature made him squeal like a little girl and Joyce felt much better knowing he got a taste of his own medicine by forcing her on the table.

She smiled at his sorry face and opened her arms this time, inviting him in, this time, right where she wanted. With her body stabilised on the top, the only part of his body that was moving was his hips, thrusting his hot lollipop into her. It had been so long since she felt satisfied and happy, to understand that a man was designed for a woman – at least physically.

Her hands wrapped around his neck and would pull him closer everytime she cummed, letting the threads of sticky juices drip onto the floor. If his dick stayed outside her for too long, the fluid coated on his dick would get cold and it would deliver another kind of sensation as he pushed it back in. The duo fucked for a long time in that position, with Glenn slowly down as his legs got tired, and resumed after he recovered.

Glenn: ‘Joyce, I’m cumming.’

He carried her up by holding her butt and placed her onto the ground. She squatted down and pushed him against the counter, which immediately threw him into another gasp as his butt touched the freezing surface. She took his dick into her mouth and worked on it, sucking and licking like a real ice lolli. Her inexperienced mouth did not rest and after a long time, she managed to get him ready and she gave him a strong suck on the tip as his hand tried to push her mouth deeper. A handjob combo on the length her hand could work with, while her mouth continued sucking on the tip, finally made him blew his sugar (okay, maybe it wasn’t as sweet as sugar) icing out of the lollipop and Joyce took it all in her small mouth. As the waves of cum slowed, she squeezed along the tube and made sure everything was out, before she opened her mouth to show him what evil he had done.

Joyce (still with cum in her mouth): ‘I’ve never swallowed for you last time right?’

Glenn: ‘You want to spit it out outside?’

She closed her mouth and gulped everything down before showing him her capability and picked up the rest of her clothes he cut up. They walked out of the fridge shivering and he quickly went up to his room, to pass her her clothes which she left with him when they were together. It fitted her tiny body well and they were also her favourite clothes too, which she thought had gone missing.

Nonetheless, Joyce did not put on her clothes but instead removed the unglamorous torn clothes and baked her cake naked. For the egg and flour mixture, she positioned Glenn in front of her own body, before giving him a handjob until he squirted the second serve of icing into the mix, before moving on to complete the cake. With almost 40 minutes between the baking time, they made their way to his room and had another round of mind-blowing sex while waiting for the cake to be done.

Yes, they are still exes, but they formed a different kind of relationship after their physical reconciliation.

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