Having Designs

‘Hayley, are you alright? You’ve been inside for a while. I am locking up soon.’

‘Yeah I’m fine. Can you come in for a moment? I need to show you something. The door is not locked.’

Thinking that it might have been something imperfect that she saw, I went right through the folding toilet door as she had asked. She is, after all, the interior designer that brought this restaurant to life. As soon as I walked in, her state of undress literally made me go red (in embarrassment). The very trendy, crop top she wore was gone, leaving her in just her bra and that leather-like, high-waist skirt she attended the grand opening in.

‘What’s this?’

The fresh graduate came over to where I stood in shock and pushed me against the raw, rustic concrete wall I was very impressed by. Without answering my question, she just slid a hand around my neck and pulled me close for a kiss, that I could sense was filled with gratitude, and something more.

(She whispered) ‘Thank you.’

Surely, those two words that she has said over a million times, would have conveyed how thankful she was for the job. It was really her enthusiasm that clinched her this deal, when she showed up for a consultation, armed with overly-detailed sketches no one else did (or would do).

She wasted no time in feeling up my groin, for an erection no man could easily extinguish. Given such a situation, as a respectable and disciplined boss, I knew better to turn her down than risk any damage to my goodwill. Somehow, my resistance only caused her to react even more strongly, intensifying her massaging on my cock.

(She whispered) ‘You know, I have never been so crazy to want to fuck someone, until now.’

She forcefully undid my pants and let it hang freely out, while she raised her skirt above her hips. Without warning, she lifted a knee up to my waist and I instinctively tucked my forearm under it, almost lifting her off the ground. Like how similar porno flicks progressed, she casually reached behind her small ass to stuff my cock into her.

Just like that, I was swinging my hips at hers, while she worked equally as hard to semi-fuck my cock. In the midst of it all, we were strutting all over the toilet, until we stopped in front of the mirror.

(She squealed) ‘OH YES! Fuck me in front of this designer mirror. Let it see all of me.’

I bent her over the sink and promptly stuck my cock into her, thrusting like a once-a-year mating season. Her boobs never slowed down for a second, as she took all six inches strokes after another, splitting her tight pussy apart for her scream to. That salivating, foxy look was one that would be deeply etched in my mind, for that was the moment she begged for me to slow down.

As a gentleman, I did just that and backed away to the toilet bowl for a break. She nonchalantly threw me a sly grin as she turned towards me, descending onto her knees to take my cock down into her mouth. The ensuing minutes of sucking, licking, face-fucking, worked me up so much that my toes cramped up at one point.

(As I panted) ‘Hey.. Hayley.. stop.. I can’t.. ‘

‘Can’t what?’

Like a meerkat she popped out from between my legs and did a cheeky spin, only to slip my cock right back into her pussy. Using my last bit of strength, I managed to sit myself upright so we could watch (through the mirror) how our sweaty, shimmering bodies ravished each other.

(I murmured) ‘fuck.. we look good.. ‘

(She replied softly) ‘must be the lighting.’

Her choice of warm, yellow-hue lighting definitely convinced everyone, and also me as I felt how our bodies connected beyond sight. With that, she leaned backwards onto me to lay me down, as she increased her pace over my dick. As if getting squeezed to a pulp wasn’t overwhelming enough for me, so much of her was leaking over my balls.

(I groaned) ‘Hay.. Hayley.. I’m cumming slow.. slow down.. NOW!’

(She moaned) ‘What if.. what if I said.. no?’

At that last word, my hands shot out over her tiny waist, and held her down as cum fired right out of my cock, spraying straight into her pussy. While I was thrown into a temporary fit of euphoria, her ass never stopped, still riding me, although in a very different state from before.

Her tempo was stable, strides even, though much more slippery with the addition of my cum. That trance-like, unusually well-paced ride lasted another minute, until I caught her from falling forward.

(She asked weakly) ‘Is it.. over?’

‘Yes. Did you come too?’

Like a zombie, she stood up and stayed really still. She seemed to be out of her body with those trembling eyelids. While in that state of hers, I put her clothes back on before mine. Only when I held her in my arms, did she finally snapped out of it, claiming to have never experienced such a wonderful orgasm before.

With the both of us confounded, we went on our separate ways home, in a satisfied and fulfilling mood. According to our later correspondence, she would be dropping by very often, partly for the after-sales service, as well as that.

Up to this day, none of us knew how that would happen only with me, and no other partners she had before.

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