‘Here you go. Goodnight stranger.’

(In her sleepy voice) ‘Aren’t you sleeping?’

‘Once I am done with work. Just a little more to go.’

With that, I went to the desk where my laptop sat, to finish up the last bit of work so my Sunday would be freed. For starters, the night that I have envisioned went pretty much according to plan; phone set in airplane mode, a few pints of beer over an hour of people-watching, and a pleasant surprise that I totally didn’t mind.

Once I was done with my work, I joined her in bed, a stranger whom I shared a GRABCar with, and asked if she could crash at my place. Barely before I made myself comfortable, she had rolled over to my side and hugged me in her arms, coming into a distance I wasn’t too sure of.

(She asked) ‘How are you still smelling so nice?’

‘Could it be the shower I just took?’

‘Ahh.. so.. this.. must be clean.’

Her hand had made its way down my belly and into the pair of boxers I wore for sleep, gently kneading it between her fingers for the inevitable sign. It wasn’t until I helped her up to my room did I notice her petite, slim figure tastefully wrapped in a strapless, short white dress. As for her bosoms, I would say, they were around 32 or 34Bs, the proportionate size to make most clothes look good.

I put a hand around her back and unzipped her dress, to further feel the absence of a bra, as well as any underwear. That, was a surprise I totally didn’t expect. When I finally laid my hand on her pussy, she was already wet to the core, from outside, to the deepest spot where my fingers could touch.

(She whispered) ‘Have you ever done this?’

‘Sex? Yes. But never during my staycation.’


‘Because I don’t want to be interrupted, no matter if I was doing anything.’

‘Well, you are doing something now.. and I am going to interrupt.’

A cheeky grin stretched across her face and then disappeared under the sheets, for a mind-blowing, much missed introduction into a wet, warm orifice. She took things really slowly, in the sense that she firstly used her tongue, to thoroughly coat the whole shaft, all six inches of it, with her saliva. Her lips then came next, to playfully suck on the tip as she used the tip of her tongue to tickle it, until a groan escaped my mouth.

The ensuing, sudden descend of her mouth, down my manhood completely relieved me of any worldly issues, replacing them with bliss. From then on, there was no stopping of my moans, which at times, came out forced when she buried her face in my groin, or sighed, during the times she relaxed her lips as she went up and down at just the middle part of my cock.

I swear, I would have let her continued if she didn’t speed up so abruptly, nudging me over the limit within seconds. Very swiftly, I guided her back into bed and split those toned calves, before lining my face up with her pussy. Still leaking of sex, I cupped the discreet mound of her pussy and ran my tongue upward, focusing on her clit for seconds on end.

Sooner than I had expected, her body began arching at her abdomen, rising and falling as I spelled the alphabets at her pearly desires of lust. Unlike me, she cried out for me to stop within a few minutes, face displaying the tell-tale signs of desperation and euphoria.

(I asked) ‘Ready?’

‘Ready.. ‘

Just as I was pinpointing the ‘gateway to heaven’, she slipped her hands behind both her knees and raised them to her chest, exposing her soft, slippery entrance for my visual pleasure. Once the fleshy tip of my cock was docked, the rest of the trip was a slow, long and agonising one, that lasted way too long for her patience.

Contrary to my expectation, she actually let me stay inside her for as long as I wished. We were both just stuck in that position motionless, all the while gasping for air, letting our eyelids flutter to the random twitches our genitals felt, it was definitely an experience none of us would forget.

(I asked) ‘Ready?’

‘Uh huh.’

She replied in a trembling tone as I pried her knees apart, still raised as high up to her shoulders as they could reach. Like a locomotive, I began thrusting at low speed, gradually going faster as her calves swung on their own. It has never crossed my mind that we would be kissing as we fucked, making no more noises than what coupulating persons should. Most of the sounds were the slapping of my balls against her pussy, some queefing, and the unavoidable, sexy juicy slurps.

The one thing that caught us off guard was the consensual decision to change position, despite us not saying even a word of it. We seamlessly switched to doggystyle and the pounding resumed, though much harder than before. From time to time, she would turn her head back so we could make out, without breaking contact at all.

Once we crossed the threshold of our ‘niceness’, it was all but crazy when I slammed my hips against her firm ass, ramming as deeply as I could. It was then her orgasms came one after another, wearing her out in mere minutes compared to how long I have been inside of her.

Needless to say, I was at the end of my demise as well, counting down to the seconds before I would explode.

(I called out) ‘Cumming! I’m cumming!’

(She screamed) ‘OH YES! GIVE IT TO ME! ALL OF IT!’

Just as I was listening to my body’s call to slow down, she jerked her body backward and pushed that one button, forcing me to go berserk during the whole time I creampied her. I just went on and on, hammering her pussy until the contractions stopped, to pull out a still-erect penis.

Somehow, she had the strength to turn around for my dick, put it into her mouth, and sucked it for all that was worth. It wasn’t until I collapsed into bed did she finally stop, to cuddle in my arms while we fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up to soft moans, coming from the sofa she was masturbating at. Once she saw me, there was nothing I needed to do except to fall back into bed, while she milked my morning wood with her pussy.

What could be better than waking up to the moans of a nypmhomanic vixen, and then morning sex to start a Sunday off?

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