Piano in the Back

In the back, calm, soothing piano music was playing, but did little to ease the jitters she felt. With nothing more than a ribbon-topped, rubber band, to hold her hair in a high ponytail, the man lying on the bed had his arms spread out, erection standing taller than any one she had ever laid eyes on.

Still, she had a job to do, and the consequences of not holding up her end of the deal, would prove too much for her little head to imagine.

In a jittery manner, she crawled onto the bed, towards him, careful not to press onto any parts of his legs, for fear of causing discomfort. It was his serenity, that scared her the most.

As gracefully as she could, she put a hand around his cock and tugged gently on it, in an up-down motion he let off a sigh to. Seeing how his chest rose and fell, she settled on a tempo, albeit with a very loose grip. Placed comfortably on her knees, she bent her chest forward and gave the tip of his manhood a thorough coat of her saliva, an act that roused him to open his eyes for a peek.

Thankfully, her eyes managed to leave him a hint of the smile she would have given, if not for her lips that parted around his little head. Using the saliva that gradually gathered in her jaws, her head began its descend on his shaft, going as deep as she could, about halfway, before backing up.

A long, liberating groan urged her to go deeper, which she pushed herself for, on the next available moment of readiness. Within the first few minutes, she was taking him almost three-quarter way down, where the last two inches were getting massaged by her index and middle fingers wrapped from under.

In the extreme angle her back was arched, she felt the ache building up at her belly, though not for long, after she came face-to-face with a pipe much thicker and longer than before. Since there were no clothes present on them, she proceeded to crawl over his chest, until she could feel his cock perched perpendicular to her pussy.

What followed was a daring attempt to grind her pussy along his shaft, to replace some of her fears with pleasure, floating right through her body into her head. For one, her bodily secretion was silky despite the minute amount, and his smile made it clear that he could sense it.

It didn’t take long before she leaned forward to put the tip right outside her pussy, and then guiding him into her warm, narrow vagina he sheepishly grunted at while she sat over it. Given how tight she was at that moment, it was a smart move to stay still for a while, to experience the unsettling, vigorous throbbing of his cock.

The next part consisted of straightening her body upright over his, for the unhurried, bouncing consummation of his cock by her leaky pussy. Their bodies had touched so minimally that he seemed like a dildo, except that it was an expandable, extendable appendage she was fucking.

No words were exchanged when he held both her hands, and put it over his abdomen, giving her an ‘ok’ signal to go a little wilder. Of course, she was more than happy to oblige. Her hips went from the up-down strokes to a back-forth grind on his groin, going so fast at times that she would cramp up in her abs.

That man nonchalantly picked himself up as she rode him, placing his chest against her sweaty one so he could hug her. All activities came to a halt as soon as he brought the both of them to the end of the bed, then to the balcony she had no idea had a pool outside with the curtains tightly drawn.

Down the steps he went with her in his arms, until he was able to place her on the deck, while he was waist-deep, just at the height his cock would not be hindered by the water.

His turn came next to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy, sloshing water as he impaled her deeply. Electrifying jolts shocked her mind repeatedly until she came, to which he kept up with the same rhythmic, deep jabs for her eyes to roll white.

In the euphoric, trance-like state, her body got caught in a loop of never-ending orgasms. As for him, he was moaning louder and louder, to the fact that she was getting tighter with each climax. The crazy-but-beautiful sex came and went away at the point he was about to cum, fully aware that they were doing it unprotected.

Just as he slid his cock out of her, she pushed herself over the edge and dropped into the pool, ass landing at the steps where just her head was exposed. She seamlessly took his cock into her mouth and shoved her face at him, taking him all the way down her throat where her gag-reflex took over the milking of his cock.

It was at that very point in time when she took a quick glance at his facial expression, to understand that he felt bad for enjoying himself at her expense. That alone made her worked harder, even using her hands to fondle his testicles as she mouth-fucked him.

Once long, deep groans were heard coming from him, she felt him thicken in her mouth. It was the last few seconds before he would release huge amount of cum into her face, for her to skilfully contain or ingest without so much a flinch of disgust.

The ensuing looks of disbelief in both their eyes confirmed their shock at how much cock was in her when he pulled away. Like the professional she was, she let none of his liquid life go into the chlorinated pool.

He slumped onto the deck as soon as they were done, but she was already going for a lap in her bathing suit. After what she had done for him, and how he reacted to her favours, it loosened things up enough for them to have room service supper in the nude.

It was magic when they exploded all over each other after the meal, fucking from the bed, to the bathroom where they brushed their teeth, then back to the bed, going at it until they fell asleep. The first thing they did when they woke up was to have sex again, repeating the bed-to-bathroom-to-bed cycle again.

There was no mistake when they left the hotel with her glowing full of sex, and him with sunken, strength-depleted eyes.

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