Sister’s Chance

Halfway through a movie on Netflix at 1am, I got up to answer the frantic knocking on the front door, whom I had expected to be my sister coming home after a night of clubbing. In the arms of a man I did not recognise, was her semi-conscious body, which he was more than happy to leave in my care. Her small, petite figure was wrapped in a tight, body-hugging, navy blue mini dress that flared at her thighs, an outfit even I felt embarrassed to see her go out in.

‘Thanks’, was all the man said once I took her from him, before kicking the door close to put her on the sofa. Reeking of alcohol and muttering inaudible nonsense, I fetched a glass of warm water and went right back to my show, which honestly, I had forgotten the front part of.

A few minutes of peacefulness was all I got before she stirred awake, climbing towards me in the darkness of the living room.

‘hey baby.. you are just going to leave me there?’, she whispered those words suggestively as she lowered her shoulder straps, where of course, I reminded her that she was back home and that I am her brother. Five seconds later, she unzipped the back of her dress and lowered it enough to expose her strapless tube bra.

‘kor? am I really home?’, she asked in disbelief. ‘Yes’, I replied, one hand trying to put her back down on the sofa so she might sleep it off. Instead, she crawled into my arms (I was slouching) and dozed off on my chest, a position I didn’t mind since I could still watch my movie.

Suddenly, I felt a hand moving over my crotch, going as far as ‘inside’ of it, for a grope of my manhood. ‘Hey hey hey! Stop moving!’, I had to call out no matter what. Not only did she start massaging the tip of my cock, she whispered, ‘why? can’t your little sister please the one man she loved so much?’

I was certain she thought I was someone else until she spoke in a more serious tone, about the men she slept with. She was looking for me in them, but to no avail. It was at that point I felt responsible, and guilty for her. Whatever I did, however I acted, left an impression on her that she decided was the ideal type for her. If not for alcohol and the situation we were in, I wouldn’t have known all of that.

While my mind was piecing her words together, her hand had gone around my dick, stroking it so sensually like, she wanted to pamper it so much. A tug on my boxers brought them down to my thighs, where she had more leeway to pump my little head more gracefully. It didn’t take long for her mouth to go around it, kissing, licking, and sucking it with more love than I have ever seen from her.

Somehow, things were beginning to make sense. Her openness about sending changing room selfies to me, frequently asking me out for drinks, wearing skimpy clothing when no one else was around, I just wasn’t the type of brother to fantasise in that direction.

‘look how big you are for me.. Mmm.. ‘, she went back to sucking as soon as she said that, pushing herself deeper each time. I was groaning softly in exasperation by the time I realised how far she was taking me down her throat. In her bent-over, doggystyle blowjob, I easily reached for her ass and attempted to pull her panties down, but there was none.

‘Wen wen.. did you.. him.. tonight?’, I already had an answer I wanted to hear when I asked that. And luckily, ‘no.. I didn’t want him. I just wanted to come home to you. I think I told him that I wanted to fuck my brother.. and he freaked out.. ‘

I understood why he was in such a hurry to rid her. After another five minutes of mind-blowing deep throat, she left a ten-second long gag to drive me crazy before pulling her mouth away. Seeing my hot, little sister lying on her back with her long legs spread apart, I could only turn to her and try to locate that gap in the dark.

She helpfully guided the tip in and clenched her fists around my wrists, as I put the rest of the six inches in. ‘Finally.. ‘, she moaned when I buried the last of it inside her. Things went really violent after that point, with my hips slamming so hard on her ass, forcing all of me into her wet hole. No matter how wide she spread, or tightly she tucked her legs together, I was too big for her. Her rolled, white eyes, subtle grin of bliss, desperate, voiceless screams, I was falling for her beyond sibling-love.

‘kor.. i.. let me turn.. slow down.. ‘, those were said as dirty, juicy noises resonated in the foreground of the sounds from the TV. We managed to get her into doggystyle after a while, but she soon realised that it was a worse position to be fucked in. In the sense she was able to feel more of my shaft getting dragged along her slippery vaginal walls.

In the end, she had to mask her moans in the cushion while I pounded her fiercely, venting my guilt in the hopes of making it up to her, for all the men she had went through to find ‘me’. When she stuck her arms backwards to stop me, I grabbed them and picked her off the couch, wading towards her bedroom right across mine.

Her face fell first into the bed and the rest of her body, and mine, remained on the floor, humping away in standing doggy. I lost grip of her hands when she twisted them away, to launch herself onto the bed so she could escape. In an almost-angry manner, she shoved me away and put herself on the floor, between me and the length of the bed, just to pull me by MY cock into her mouth.

As quickly as it started, her hands around my bum forced me deep into her throat where she face-fucked me with some assistance. My hardness only got stiffer as I watched her familiar, spiteful look, eager to get back at me for weakening her so badly. Sad to say, she was winning the ‘fight’.

In under three minutes of the relentless deep throat, I was groaning and shaking on my feet, for the ejaculate she controlled the moment I told her. Stroking my cock impatiently at her mouth, I was treated to the sight of strong, powerful spurts of cum coating her tongue, sticking atop her mouth, and gathering in abundance of her perfect lips.

To tease me even further, she sucked me thoroughly for everything I had, before throwing her head back to swallow it all. I had nothing more in me by then, and slumped onto her bed breathless. As I rested, she left the room for a few minutes before coming back with the glass of water I brought for her.

‘This is for me?’, she asked. ‘Who else?’, I answered with my eyes closed. She shut the door and turned the air-conditioner on, taking a gulp of water before going down on her knees to suck me off again, this time with warmth that soothed my nerves really well.

As soon as I got a little hard, she climbed over my hips and put me back inside her. Since she drained everything out of me, she knew better than to do the work (riding) that lasted for a good, long time. That cunning glances she threw at me, told me of the delight she took in my agony, right up to the moment she laid her bare chest on mine.

‘I’m going to have all of you inside me this time’, I couldn’t believe how slutty that sounded. Amidst my feeble struggle for the unthinkable, her athletic routine took command until the very end, where her unexpectedly, trained pussy milked me for what I didn’t have, to be deposited at her baby-maker.

The rest of the night was a blur when I woke up in her bed the next morning, to my family having breakfast in the living room. You can only imagine how relieved I was when my dad complimented me on how I put my sister in MY bed so she wouldn’t puke in her bed.

As soon as my parents left for work, it was us alone in the house again, starting from the kitchen when she took over the dishes I was washing, so I could be doing her instead.

Let’s just say that I never really had a ‘soft’ moment in the house since that night, and no one understood why my sister and I remained single for the past three years, and counting.

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