Twice Daily

I almost couldn’t believe how drunk I was when I woke up to a tight, mushy gap going over my dick, trembling as hard as my thighs were to the surprise entry. The chains around my limbs held me down as I struggled against the unwanted penetration, to no avail. Even the blindfolds over my eyes were impossible to shake free, letting whoever to do what they want, without the risk of exposure.

Besides the two girls I was drinking with earlier, I could never imagine anyone else that daring or crazy to do this. Couldn’t they, or whoever she was, just ask me for sex?



(While I groaned) ‘Who.. who is that.. riding me?’

‘Someone you like very much.’

‘WHO?! Please tell.. ahh.. me.. ahh.. shit!’

I could barely hold onto my words as my cock was milked to a pulp, by a vagina so tight I regretted fantasising to. With my movements limited by the precisely-measured chains, there were little I could do except to moan for my life, as the girl atop me rocked faster and faster.

The loud clanging of chains, coupled with the exasperated breathing of the girl, threw everything I had in mind, off. Which girl of a mother would be that wild to fuck a man in restraints? Apart from the few dirty words she muttered, my eyes were rolling white behind the blindfolds, wishing that she would know when to stop.

Just like how the ‘rape’ started, the break came unexpectedly for her to swap her pussy for her mouth, that was equally menacing once I experienced how deep she could take me. ALL, all of me slid over her tongue and continued down her throat, where erratic contractions gave me a hint of the depth.

There was no way I would miss how quickly her nose bumped against my belly, piercing into her mouth so seamlessly without a gag. Though it was a different entry-point into her body, that relentless deep throat soon felt agonising, as she hit my soft spot over and over again, even smiling (I could sense a little of that) as warm saliva dribbled down my balls.

‘Miko! Please stop her.. please.. ‘


‘No.. but.. ‘

Her breakaway from my cock only frightened me more, proving me right when the familiarly, super-soaked pussy descended upon me again.

(whisper) ‘ask.. he is ready.. ‘

(Miko asked) ‘Are you ready?’


‘Sure doesn’t seem like it! Just go.’

Even after being inside her for longer than I wanted, she was still as tight, but wetter this time. It was from that moment I had this vision where I was looking at myself from the ceiling, jaws dropped, murmuring nonsense as an unseen figure rode me crazy.

It felt like a long time later, when I finally felt my balls scrounged up, ready to explode if she slowed down a little. That urge came and extended beyond my limits, to the still-ongoing cowgirl fucking me so hard.



‘If she.. ahh.. if she slows down.. ‘

‘Don’t stop! Keep going!’

(I cried out) ‘NO! I’ll go crazy if you do that! PLEASE!’

All of a sudden, the girl left my throbbing cock and a pair of hands went around it, clutched in a praying-stance. It was after a minute when I groaned in extreme demise, that my blindfold came loose, wriggling down my eyes to the mystery slut.

And there Miko was, holding one hand over her eyes while using the other to squeeze her breast. How could I not recognise the girl whose hands I was spraying cum all over? How could I ever understand her motive for doing it, to her own brother?

One hand at a time, she raised her cum-covered fingers to her mouth, licking, slurping them off hungrily. After that, she bent over to take me into her mouth again, sipping up any that missed her hands.

Miko finally took her hand away from Hayley’s eyes, and revealed that blank, silly gaze in my direction.

‘Hehe. Yum.’

Nothing else, but those two words. Miko then whispered something to her and she reacted instantly, climbing over my erection again.

(Miko commanded) ‘Gently this time. Like your brother.’

No matter how gentle she was, I could not stop resenting Miko. She had found a way to make my sister ride me in any way she desired, depriving me of any morality when I came a second time inside her. And yet, I was still hard.

Like the bitch she is, Miko ‘hopped’ onto my dick for a ride, fucking me and herself until I fired blanks into her. Guess who did the cleaning up for both our expended genitals?

‘If you want to know what I did to her, you take this.’

A bluish, gel-like pill popped into view, a risk I took just to know what she did to my sister. Ten minutes into the Q&A, my vision became sharper, but body no longer in my control.

‘This.. is what I did to her.’

Miko freed me from the chains and politely asked me to fuck Hayley, in her virgin ass. Using the bottle of lube she provided, my body obeyed her instructions and fell over her petite figure. She raised her legs so high up that my fingers knew what to do once I saw that tiny, little pinkish hole.

Right after some anal-fingering came my dick, which forced itself into her no matter how long it took. In the end, the monster she created out of me, pillaged my sister’s poor asshole until she was crying, and laughing at the same time.

Thankfully, my body collapsed before I could cum. And Miko was no longer interested after that. Right before she left, she whispered something into her ear, as well as mine.

(Miko whispered) ‘If you don’t fuck her at 11pm daily, she will die.’

That threat, couldn’t be more damaging as my dick would rise at 11pm sharp, growing especially attracted to my sister like she was to me.

For the nights that followed, I would instinctively visit her at that time, unload what I have into her pussy, and she would come to me daily at 11am, to fuck a load out of me. Each time, only one of us would be willing partners, but we knew exactly why we were doing it.

Given what was done to us, 11am, would also be the time she took her pills day after day. We have never left each other’s side, or insides, for that matter.

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