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‘Ok Mr. Lee, this, very simple. If you want us let her go, you let her do something for us, but need your help.’

‘What is it?’

‘She knows! She already know, that why she ask you here. Correct? Amy?’

(She replied softly) ‘Yes.. ‘

‘Do now. We will watch.’

The fourteen year old student dropped her bag and began pulling her t-shirt off, to reveal her training bra beneath. Her tiny denim shorts was next to go, for the three guys to gawk at the perfect mound of a shaved pussy her panties hid. After all that, she stripped her bra and panties off, before standing uneasily still in front of her teacher, Mr. Lee.

(Mr. Lee snapped) ‘Is that all? Is it settled?’

‘Of course no sir. She haven do anything to you yet!’

Very slowly, she reached for his belt and undid them, while he death-stared at them. With the parangs in their hands, and guards outside the shuttered car workshop, he could not do anything that would risk her life. Whatever she, or her parents did, it has reached this point of no return.

After calling the police on three of their ‘friends’, they were much harder to appease than before. There was no other way Mr. Lee could think of except to confront these people, but not for an outcome like this.

‘Oh ya sir. This one no just one time. Thirty times thank you.’

(Mr. Lee snapped) ‘DON’T YOU GUYS GO TOO FAR!’

‘So how many? We got three guys inside jail.’

At that point, Amy had already gone down on her knees, to stroke his cock from a soften state to one that made all the guys cheer in unity.

‘AMY! I start the time now.’

(Mr. Lee said) ‘Amy? What time? Did they just ask you to make me cum? This will be over very soon.’

(Amy answered softly) ‘No Mr. Lee. They want me to suck you. Ten minutes I think.’

‘OH! You want ten minutes ah? Okay! Ten minutes.’

Whatever that was, she messed up and coyly put her mouth over his cock, for him to take in the full frontal view of his seven incher disappearing into her mouth. Her little tongue then circled around the tip of his cock so seductively that he let off a single moan, to the delight of the onlookers.

With everything captured on one of their phones, he could only keep mum as she stroked his cock with her small hand, and tried to force more of him into her mouth. Following closely to their instructions, Mr. Lee kept his hands on the table behind him, as he watched her go faster and faster down his shaft.

For ten whole minutes, she dutifully painted his dick on the outside, teabagged his firm sags of balls, and focused most of her effort on that red ring of ‘death’. Mr. Lee was just moaning and gasping to her teasing, perspiring profusely in the contradictory emotions running through his mind and body.


Amy coughed up his cock and picked herself up, standing motionless before the full-bodied teacher.

(Amy asked) ‘Excuse me Mr. Lee, the table.’

‘The table?’

He moved away for her to climb on top of it, then spread her legs along the edge of the side he was closest to.

(Mr. Lee snapped again) ‘WHAT THE FUCK?!’

(Amy spoke calmly) ‘Mr. Lee? Mr. Lee? Don’t. Please come closer.’

The rage from the men died down as soon as she voiced out, bringing peace back into the ‘mediation’ they were there for. From all of Mr. Lee’s years with women, he could not imagine how a small, tiny, undeveloped vagina would take him, which just as he thought about it, she widened her legs to the tip of his cock penetrating into her.

(Amy said while panting) ‘Wait a minute.. I’m not.. ‘

Mr. Lee’s cock was tugged in the direction of her pussy as she massaged her clit, ‘swallowing’ him a bit at a time while she got wetter. The guys had long surrounded them by then, watching how her pussy took all 7 inches, in awe.

(Gangster talking) ‘Cher? Dozo!’

A single, backward withdrawal sent Amy’s hands around his wrists, before the forward thrust tightened her grip. Droplets of perspiration formed on her forehead, which Mr. Lee was not wrong to ask about.

‘Amy? Are you.. ‘

‘I am. Just keep going.. ‘

When she raised her head to him, it was a face of overwhelming pleasure. Droopy eyelids, trembling eyes about to roll upwards, parted, red lips exhaling hot breaths of air, he was dumbfounded. Unwilling to break the streak they were on in term of ‘her way out’, he carefully moved his hips according to her tightness.

In time, she relaxed enough for him to go faster, and she sure did entertain the guys as she gave off a cute moan that sounded mature as well. Mr. Lee was so affected that he became rough with her, grabbing her hips so firmly as he smashed her harder. The sex between the two got so hot they started kissing, one looking so much smaller than the bulky, muscular guy buried balls-deep inside her.

(Mr. Lee angrily) ‘I’m gonna cum baby.. I’m going to fill you up!’

‘Oh yes! Mr. Lee.. fua.. fuck me till I’m.. I’m.. ahhh fuahhhh!’

Her orgasm pleased him so much that he rammed his cock as far up her as she could take, pumping waves after waves of cum through his violently twitching pipe. The ordeal they went through left them panting so hard, but still enjoying each other’s lust.

(One guy shouted) ‘EH! When you take out, I don’t want see any xiao on the table!’

Sure enough, they prevented any spillage by helping her put on her panties the instant he pulled out. She had to let them see her cringing face on their way out, to the secluded road where she let off a loud sigh.

‘Mr. Lee, my panties is full.’

‘Let’s go home now.’

‘Can you send me home?’

‘Of course silly.’

In his car, he caught a glimpse of the load he gave her when she removed her panties, only to use her P.E. shirt to contain the mess. Throughout the whole ride, she was just rubbing her own clit, to ease the soreness. Mr. Lee too, wasn’t left out of it when she did the same for her, misunderstanding that he was probably sore as well.

As for the hardness that ensued, it was promptly tended to with another round in the backseat of his car parked right under her block. This time, he served up the second load into her mouth, so she wouldn’t be hungry anymore.

It was a pleasant sore she had the next day in school, and Mr. Lee took care of that by prescribing her pleasure through his cock. It was no wonder they wound up ‘paying’ many more times than the thirty times demanded by the organisation.

Part 1 | Part 2

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