Double Mediation

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(Mr. Lee shocked voice) ‘Adrian? Who is this?’

‘This is.. how do I put it? Cassie is actually the daughter of the gang that.. that you and Amy met the other day.’

‘Wait.. I’m confused.’

‘Okay umm.. Cassie? Can I come back to you in a bit? Mr. Lee and I need a moment. Amy? Can you take care of her in the mean time?’

Before Mr. Lee’s eyes, Amy delightfully dropped her bag on the couch and went over to Cassie, who was seated with her feet up. Like two passionate little things, Amy immediately went to work her fingers at her pussy, rubbing and fingering her while Adrian tried to get his attention.

(Mr. Lee whispered) ‘So what is this?’

‘Ok. Cassie was the one who got Amy into this, but hear me out first. Her parents borrowed money from her gangster dad, using her as collateral. I don’t know if it was out of desperation or they misheard the terms, they got to her when her parents couldn’t pay. She must have told you that she seldom see her parents starting some weeks back, right? They knew they fucked up. BUT! But you fixed that. How many more times did you have to, do that with her?’


Sigh That’s not too bad. I am going to be stuck with her, Cassie, for as long as she wants. My daughter did the stupid thing of getting into designer bags and shit. I guess this is it for us.’

(Cassie called out) ‘Drian! Are you done?’

‘Yes yes! Coming.’

(Cassie asked) ‘I want you inside me now.’

Without hesitation, he yanked his boxers off and took Amy’s place, plunging his cock into her reddish fifteen-year-old pussy. On Cassie’s request, Amy sat next to her and removed the only piece of clothing under her skirt, a panties, so Mr. Lee could fuck her for the third time in four days.

Being side-by-side with his fellow teacher, Mr. Lee felt a little less guilty being caught up in this. Adrian, the P.E. teacher many teenage girls and even some colleagues fantasised about, would be the last person Mr. Lee could imagine fucking a girl almost ten years younger than him.

The sheer size of his tool, an expected result of his athletic and muscular figure, tore through Cassie so violently, sending her screams echoing around the studio apartment she lived in. Likewise, Amy was moaning her trademark purrs, in synchrony with the relentless thrusts of Mr. Lee’s cock.

The girls held hands as their eyes rolled back and forth, tiny bodies trembling to the orgasms bursting through their minds. They crossed arms at one point to rub one out for each other while the men pumped their meat into them, hissing to the excruciating buildup of juices leaking out of them.

(Cassie moaned) ‘DRIAN! Change.. change with Lee.. ‘

The irrelevance of an argument promptly put the teachers in front of their new partners, spotting each other for the instance where their dicks dived into ‘fresh’ pussies.

(Amy screamed) ‘AHHH! FUCKK! MR. TAAA.. AHHH.. AHHH.. AHHH!’

Her hysterical moans continued to the wider cock stretching her insides open, while Cassie put up an agonising, teeth-clenching stare at Mr. Lee.

(As Adrian grunted) ‘Cass.. you ok?’

(She bit her teeth) ‘Yea.. yea.. Mr. Lee is.. is hitting some spot I am going to.. panting harder

Right then, her arms fell to her sides as her body shook forcefully on its own, spraying juices out of her pussy at Mr. Lee’s groin. When he slowed down for her, she snapped at him to continue, to go even faster, and not stop until she said so.

How could a teacher hear such words of spite and not get mad? He got on his feet and leaned over her slouched chest, slamming his erection into her pussy so hard she woke up. It only took him a minute to make her sweat profusely, as if she was the one doing the work.

Adrian couldn’t focus any more on Amy than how his little girl was behaving, temporarily slowing down while the two (Adrian and Amy) watched Mr. Lee vent his frustration on her.

Amy, was just happy that he could fuck Cassie like that, and that he wasn’t that suitable for her. She wanted him to be his, and only his. Just a few more minutes of mindless fucking later, Cassie summoned up enough strength to stop him, though in vain. Mr. Lee was out of control, blinded by rage, and the assumed prowess of his sex.

(Cassie shouted) ‘DRIAN! STOP HIM! PLEASE!’


Suddenly, Mr. Lee snapped out of his trance and pulled himself abruptly out of her, causing her to sprinkle her juices into the air and onto the floor. Adrian took the chance to plug her pussy with his cock again, and magically calmed her down at an instant.

(Amy asked politely) ‘Mr. Lee? Here.’

She had used both hands to split her delicate labia for his entry, and he was hers again, as gently and lovingly as he was. The girls took up the cowgirl stance and rode their cocks with the TV playing in the background.

How could Mr. Lee give up the chance for a smoke, despite not smoking for over ten years, while his diligent student rode him so seductively? The two of them puffed away to sexy, cute moans from the girls, engaged in a silly challenge to orgasm first.

(As Cassie moaned) ‘Mr. Lee. Has Amy done anal?’

‘No. Not that I know of.’

(Cassie asked) ‘Adrian?’

He left briefly for a vial of popper Mr. Lee knew the use for, but did not stop him when he let Amy take a deep breath of it. After five or six whiffs, she got weaker in her movements.

(Adrian asked Lee) ‘Lube? It’s silicon ones.’

A tiny drop went over Mr. Lee’s fingertips and he reached around Amy’s ass to apply it, to which she gasped gleefully to. The girls were placed on their chests on the sofa, with their knees aligned to the ground. The next thing the teachers did was to do a half-squat behind them, and carefully poked their anuses with their manhood.

Bit by bit, Amy swallowed Mr. Lee up unlike Cassie whom was used to it. It took him almost three whole minutes to be comfortably inside her, and that was just the beginning. A wireless vibrator was passed to him so he could slip it into her.

Both girls, with their holes filled with a cock and bullet vibrator each, needed little stimulation as a single click on the remote triggered both toys simultaneously. The hard contractions around the cocks drove the men so crazy that they had to resist moving too fast, in fear of perforating the thin linings of their assholes.

Nonetheless, over time, they moved at their full speed at the beautifully stretched holes of their girls, pumping hard and fast regardless of how painful their moans sounded. That said, Mr. Lee and Adrian did take too long before reaching their limits, gradually shifting their gears down for the finale.

‘Girls? Ready?’

(Replying together) ‘Yes cher.. ‘

The men unleashed their demons unto them, ramming their cocks so fiercely until they came – together. From how they have been fucking these girls almost daily, it wasn’t a surprise when they pulled out to no signs of cum. However little they had had coated the insides of their asses.

Amy said nothing but dashed to the toilet right after, for a reason all of them understood. Mr. Lee, Adrian and Cassie followed behind to clean themselves up too, leaving no holes unwashed.

A new rule was set that evening, it was one which the girls have to keep the wireless vibrator inside of them as long as they weren’t getting fucked, and either of them could trigger the toy at any time they wished.

So it seems, that when the girls weren’t getting any dicks, they had each other and their toys to play with.

I wonder, who else was caught up in this.

Part 1 | Part 2

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