Unspoken Desires

Arriving at her place in Yishun, she didn’t waste anytime in bringing me to her bedroom, where fairy lights and soft toys lined the bed frame. She almost instantly took my UA drawstring bag from my shoulders and opened it in front of me, for me to fish my towel out. In a similar fashion, she got her towel from her backpack and led me by hand to the common bathroom.

Our backs were facing each other when we stripped, but that seemed pointless once we got the water running. Once we had rinsed the chlorine off our tanned-bods, she pumped some soap into her hand and started lathering me, covering every part of my exposed skin. When she had nowhere else to clean except for my privates, she brought the bottle of soap to my palms so I could begin returning the favour, while she stroked me down there.

Over her shoulders my hands went, down to her voluptuous breasts, around for her back and ass, finally getting to her shaven, woman parts I was still worried about touching. Seeing how focused she was to make sure my cock was fully erected to get in between the crevices, I had less to be shy about putting my fingers at her pussy.

In no time, we were all soapy and wet, enough for her to pull me closer for a B2B scrub. Just when I was getting a little light-headed from the slippery contact, she found the angle to put my little one through the gap in her thighs. From then on, I let my ‘extension’ did the thorough cleaning of her pussy lips, lasting for as long as she needed to wash the soap off our bodies.

The last parts to be rinsed were our genitals, and we didn’t need to break for. Soon, the slipperiness was no longer due to the soap, but something else from her. Once we were cleaned, we dried each other and went back to her room, completely naked and safe from any prying eyes.

We both have agreed, to wait a while before we get dressed. During that pause, she threw a blanket over me and switched on the air-conditioning. I wouldn’t dare to not invite her under the sheets. She could catch a cold. We were seated against the headboard and the wall next to the bed then, and nothing could get cosier than that.

Under the blanket, I could only gasp when I felt her hand going around my cock, one she raised with her own hands since earlier. It was a rhythmic, sensual, light grasp she had when my eyelids began to get heavy, though not intense enough for me to forget. I put one hand between her legs and sure enough, she had already opened them partially, and was still wet.

I thought I sensed some throbbing below, but it didn’t matter once I circled my finger at her clit. The way she jerked me faster and tighter, was all the cue I needed. We already have a good idea of how far we would go on our first encounter, and I regretted not asking about her disappearance under the sheets.

I no longer have to imagine how those pouting, soft, thick lips feel around my cock. She was already on it, pressing them as tightly as she wished while going up and down on me. It didn’t take me much effort to reach for her pussy, that was leaving wet trails down her ass. She has probably guessed, that lying sideways would ensure that she would get some attention too.

Everything was so quiet in her room. We could hear every gasp, every breath, and even the occasional sighs. I felt her tightened around my fingers, followed by a sudden descend of her mouth down my shaft, keeping it at that depth while an orgasm consumed her.

My cock bounced free in her attempt to catch her breath, where after she flipped the blanket away to look me in the eyes.

‘I have never done this before’, she made a statement I didn’t understand, nor do I have to.

She brought herself closer into my arms as she guided my hand between her legs further in, for a finger to penetrate her femininity. A loud gasp caused her to bury her face into my belly, shortly followed by a continuous, constant up-down motion of my wrist. I knew better to take over, to finger-fuck her while she basked in euphoria.

It only lasted a few minutes before she sobered up, likely to have recalled the terms of engagement she set for herself. She went on her knees, and hastily mounted herself over my lap. Our eyes just did the negotiations.

I couldn’t do that to her, or let her do it herself. It was decided that I slip two fingers inside her while she sat right behind my dick, to masturbate me while I fingered her. The safer, non-violent method somehow worked wonders for our unusual encounter, placing both our values above each other.

Our mutual exchange of fingers for a handjob paid off when we pit an unspoken contest against each other, for the same ultimatum. She would come over my fingers, just as I came really hard over her hand. Nothing was broken, everything was in a better place than before.

We had to take another shower after, in the same, unhurried style as we did before. It came quite naturally, that we would get each other off again during the rinse. We didn’t air our bodies anymore, and just laid in each other’s arms until she dozed off.

I left a message for her, depicting the time we would meet the next day for a swim again. We never exchanged numbers, nor mentioned our names. There was no need for those, when we can connect on a much deeper level than many other couples.

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