(Melissa asked) ‘J? Can you accompany Tracie for a while? Let me go entertain these guests.’

I gave her a nod and turned to the lady next to her, who seemed too happy to get my attention. To be fair, she didn’t appear to be the type to participate in such parties, given her conservative attire of a t-shirt and jeans. Not only were her clothes very casual, she came in sneakers too.

(Tracie asked) ‘Shall we go up?’

As stipulated in my contract, I couldn’t say no to anything I can accommodate within my means. And so, we went up to the second floor of the bungalow, into a room that was unmarked. She sat on the bed and did not say anything else, until I joined her.

‘Mel said that you are unlike the others.’

‘Unlike the others? What do you mean?’

‘She says.. that you will know what to do.’

Her t-shirt came off seamlessly before I could make sense of what she said, but I didn’t take too long to understand the situation either. With all my clothes still on, I laid sideways along the length of the bed, keeping one arm across the pillow so she could lie on it.

(Tracie smiled) ‘You got it.’

(I whispered) ‘Oh yes I do.’

There was nothing more alluring than to gaze into the eyes of a clueless, innocent little girl, whose mind was debating about initiating that kiss. I couldn’t let her do that and thus took the upper hand, planting my lips softly onto hers. Our inner monsters gradually took over and my hand found its way into her jeans, under her panties, and over a hastily-shaven groin.

The instant I laid my finger on her clit, her chest rose and fell, to each and every stroke I brushed over that sensitive nub. It didn’t take her eyes long before they couldn’t open anymore, much to the sensual rubbing between her legs.

‘Let’s take our pants off.’

We did just that and things grew even hotter then, hands on each other’s parts, doing our best to make each other moan louder. In mere minutes, she got as wet as a waterfall, and I was comparable to a rock.

‘Can I.. ‘

‘uh huh.’

Her shy whisper promptly disappeared the second I put my cock inside her, reaching her inner beauty with incomparable ease. What happened was the most seamless, controlled penetrative sex I’ve ever had, tucking my cock right down her shallow pussy, hit that sweet spot, linger for a split second, and pull back without slipping out.

Her body reacted to my every thrust, sighing on every out-stroke, and gasping at every ‘in’. Her legs went from ‘wide apart’, to ‘knees-at-chest’, then sideways, before arriving at the break where she got on her knees.

The rest went as nature intended, ferocious pumping at unbelievable depth, until we were both perspiring for all that was worth. At the peak of our copulation, I finished inside her to her wishes and let her lick me clean, to satisfy one of her fetishes to taste our mix of sex.

‘I’ll get dressed first. You stay here. Don’t leave right after me. If you get what I mean.. ‘

I understood her perfectly. She wouldn’t want anyone to see her hooking up with a stranger. Barely a minute after she left, another lady, this time a more mature one, showed up at the door.

‘J. Right? I’m Kiri.’

‘Umm.. yeah? Tracie said I could get some help from you.. ‘

Her dress hit the ground on the short path to the bed, and I found myself deep inside her, under her in less than three minutes.

Oh what have I got myself into?

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