Front, and Back

Written in the perspective of Maeve.

I wouldn’t have known if he was Vance, or someone else behind the blindfolds J put over my eyes. Those four hands holding me down onto the bed, felt scary to say the least, until I breathed in the familiar scent of the man I loved. That assurance was all I needed to loosen myself up, especially at my legs they were trying to open.

Who could blame those two boys to be so impatient, to want to get their hands and fingers into every crevices of mine, except for that one they knew better not to go anywhere near. Both my hands were hastily brought to their manhood in two directions, left and right, while they ran their fingernails all over my body. My mind, was just basking in the dirty thought of being so desired by two men whose goal was to pleasure me (first), as I did the same for them.

To have fingers from two vastly different hands working on my clit sent strong, minute shocks through my spine. But when one of them put a finger into me, and carefully moved it in and out while the other vibrated fingertips on the outside, overwhelmed my unprepared body.

For a second, I realised how loud I was and so badly wanted one of them, any of them, to be in my mouth. But the way they were torturing me through my clit, made it impossible for me to summon any strength to do so.

‘Can one of you.. ahhh.. use.. put it in my mouth? Please?’

Never have I expected myself to say the word ‘please’ under such circumstances, but I know how much more fluent was I with my mouth than hands. Yet, none of them budged. Before I realised it, my head was moving towards the side I suspected was him, and the two of them rose onto their knees to get me in another position.

My hands remained on their throbbing penises the whole time they helped me sit upright against the headboard, then asked to touch myself with the hand on the cock I want in my mouth first. I let go of my left as it was my master hand, and promptly had that cock buried in my face.

Since I was in control of my hands, I lightly rubbed myself as I used my tongue to tease that cock coming from my left, sucking hard for as long as I needed to make him groan. Although it wasn’t the voice I preferred to hear, he was clearly enjoying my lip service. That alone, made me wetter, embarrassed, and guilty towards the dick still in my hand.

My mouth was freed before I had my fun and he went to my feet, which I tried to keep shut so he wouldn’t distract me from the other one I was going to put into my mouth. In the end, he managed to force my thighs apart and I had to service my man in a sloppy fashion. That was the only part I didn’t quite like, but he wasn’t the type to accept what he was given.

That was also the reason why I didn’t stop him when he stood over my body, held my head still with both hands, and thrusted his delicious sausage into my face. It was that single, thoughtful gesture of his that made this whole thing less of a ‘get what they want’ and more of a ‘we are doing this with just one more person’.

He has allowed me to keep one hand at the base of his shaft while he used my mouth in whatever ways he wished. Until I was put in the doggystyle position, it didn’t occur to me that ‘part one’ has come to an end the moment he stepped away from me.

Even then, I was just glad that he didn’t go inside me first, so I could still taste him for a bit longer. To be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to the man behind me. It was the one before whom I wanted to satisfy, like how this three way became possible.

I loved his saltiness, sweetness, almost everything about it. Compared to the other partners whose fluids I have to wash down the basin, none of his ever went to waste. The slight jerking motion from behind made work easy as I just let the motion guide my mouth up and down, lasting for another ten minutes before the dick pulled itself out of me.

To save the trouble of them switching places, I turned myself around and sat over my man’s cock. Once I had a good grip of the one going into my mouth, I rode him like usual, slamming my butt a little too hard and fast to his liking. Nonetheless, he let me do what I liked and that allowed me to focus on both ends – until the one in my mouth came.

Coincidentally, I was about to climax as well from the one in me, causing me to swallow that load without any choice. All I remembered was moving my hips so rapidly that my vision went white, to one of the most intense orgasms I have ever received.

My mouth immediately revisited the cock that just emptied its load and cleaned it up, before turning myself towards my man behind me. I resumed my ride for another orgasm, that I didn’t dare to go through with it when he warned me about his status.

I hopped off his cock and shifted myself back so I could take him in my mouth again, though it was him who guided my head up and down. My pussy found its way into the other guy’s hand and he helped me come just as I received my meal into my throat.

There was hardly anything left when I lifted my head up to steal a kiss as reward for my good job done. The rest of the night formally began once Vance left, with us ordering room service and then continue humping each other weak late into the wee hours.

I couldn’t stop tasting myself the whole night where he came inside me another two times. Mmmm!

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