‘Are you alright? It has been so many.. ‘

‘J? Can you hug me for a while?’


She straightened her legs and I took my spot on the bed, for her to tuck herself into my arms. We didn’t say anything else that night, but I couldn’t be more worried about her. For one, she wasn’t the type to be in skirts or dresses, but she was in a tight dress that night.

It certainly brought back painful memories when she put her legs around me like a bolster, though it wasn’t like before. I could sense a small grinding motion, on her groin that felt exceptionally smooth. My impression of her, a decent, naive, happy-go-lucky girl, definitely changed when she reached between her legs to find some wetness.

(She whispered) ‘baby.. is it hard yet?’

‘No it isn’t.’

‘Oh? Maybe I can.. ‘

With that, she slid one hand into my boxers and gave it a rub, in the same, familiar manner when we were together. She didn’t move any differently then, sending sorrowful memories rushing back into my head all at once. I put my fingers to good use when she opened her legs for me, to feel that shaved pussy once again.

She had the same wetness, same slipperiness, as I last fingered her. We shared that intimate moment for as long as it took her to get me hard, and then brought her head to my cock from the side, like always.

In the darkness, there wasn’t much to look at, but she was taking me much deeper, moving her head faster, and using her tongue more efficiently. What really got to me wasn’t the blowjob, but how she touched herself when she was going down on me.

I didn’t know what changed her, or if the change was any good for any of us.

‘Can you put it inside me now?’

‘Yes.. can i?’

(She moaned softly) ‘Uh huh.. ‘

A smile that melted my heart stretched across her face when I moved myself between her legs, flashing me the same, jovial, excited look just before I penetrate her. This time, she felt more relaxed, and did not flinch when I went inside her.

She was all hugs and kisses throughout the whole time I pounded her, moaning so playfully and joyfully as I last remembered. We switched to doggystyle and she took me easily into her pussy, letting me thrust as hard and as deep as I wanted without struggling too hard.

‘I’m going to cum baby.. where?’

(As she moaned) ‘Inside me? ahhh.. It’s okay.. I won’t get.. ahh.. yes!’

I kept going, hands holding her waist firmly, so I wouldn’t slip and hurt her, like that one time. There was no stopping for me until I came into her, embedding my cock and cum deep inside her.

After I went back into bed, she continued masturbating herself for at least two more times, climaxing really hard each time. She then put on her panties and showed herself out, looking happier than before.

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