Good Morning, Sir

‘Sir? Good morning. Mmm.. mmm.. ‘

While it was one thing to wake up to an alarm clock, it was another to wake up to the blowjob of our helper, May. She was already naked next to my bed, sucking the life out of me through that morning wood she never failed to catch.

For close to a month now, that was how I woke up, no matter if I had to go to work. I have since become her ‘breakfast’, after those five days when my parents were on an overseas trip.

That fateful morning, I awakened to the smell of bacon, and true enough, she has prepared a gigantic serving of English Breakfast for me, complete with a huge glass of ice Milo. We had breakfast in bed that day, though she wasn’t exactly in my bed.

Like every morning, I would stay in bed until my morning wood died down, but she didn’t leave me alone that day. Instead, we starting talking about our families, partners, and hobbies. My mind was completely off that hard on until she accidentally patted on my groin, swiftly putting the both of us into an awkward silence.

‘Are you ok sir? You are blushing.’

‘Yes. I’m fine. I’ll be out after a while. You go first?’

‘You sure?’

She slid her hand over the white sheets and arrived at the bulge, where my cock was standing upright underneath. A little squeeze from her made me give off a moan I wouldn’t forget, but it did felt good. She then moved that hand so seamlessly under the blanket, onto my thigh, and into the boxers she knew I slept in.

A solid grasp of that erection widened her eyes instantly, and she just kept fondling it. It got so hard to the point it ached, but didn’t stay that way as long as she played with it.

‘Sir? Can I see?’

‘On one condition.’

‘What is it?’

‘Take your shirt off.’

I was so sure I saw a grin when she pulled her shirt over her head, to flash a pair of perky, brown breasts in my face. It almost came too naturally for me to caress them when she bent closer to see my cock, which she spent a long time admiring.

Her head got lower and lower until I sensed a wet kind of cold at the tip, followed by her lips that cradled that pipe in her mouth. She was alert enough to shift her lower half towards me, so I could reach into her shorts to feel her soft, shaven pussy in my hand. The moment she parted those legs for me, I knew better to put those fingers to work.

We quickly got caught up in the mutually-beneficial exchange of pleasure, progressing mindlessly to the part where she climbed over my hips, pussy exactly seven inches away from my body.

‘Sir.. I don’t know if.. ‘

‘May? Me too.. (Pause) Shall we close our eyes?’

That one, unified act concluded our encounter when I felt gentle warmth engulf my cock, descending from the tip to the base of my shaft. When we opened our eyes again, the blissful, exasperated look on each other’s faces were deeply etched into our minds.

Our morning turned primal the second she started riding me, towards a mirage my breaths would not catch up with. I rolled us over and gracefully thrusted my hips in and out of her pussy, to watch her eyes roll back and forth in euphoria.

There was no loud screams, or moans that our neighbours could hear. Only agonising, sexed-up grunts came out of us. She was so tight at the entrance, but calming before that. I would never forget how she covered her own mouth when she lost her mind, thanks to the rhythmic strokes my cock was giving her.

We flipped ourselves over time and she had full control this time, bouncing only her hips up and down on my cock.

‘Sir? I’m going to.. ahhh ahhh ahhh.. going to.. ‘

‘May? MAY! OFF!’

She sobered up abruptly and backed away from my dick, that was longer, and thicker than we thought was inside her. Her mouth went right over it and she slammed her face into my groin, taking all of it down her throat. That very first time she deep throat me, she stayed down while she fumbled around for my hands, so she could put them over her head.

I didn’t think twice and used her as wildly as I needed to, till cum poured directly down her throat. My mind was most confused, when she took that seemingly never-ending cock out of her mouth, with a smile.

We then realised, I was still hard, at that same size.

‘Sir? I have something to tell you.’

‘What is it?’

‘I put some Viagra into the Milo.’

‘What?! No you didn’t! Get in bed, and hold your legs up! NOW!’

She scrambled and positioned herself as I asked, to receive her punishment that would last to this day. Her morning blowjob, is just one of the many times I will be inside her on a typical day.

A helper indeed.

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