Out of Nowhere



‘He (flashing a namecard in my face) sent me. Are you ready to go now?’

‘Go where?’

‘Somewhere. Quickly pack up!’

I still couldn’t understand why I followed her when there were so many unknowns, and the only thing that made sense was the name on the card. He was a customer-turned-acquaintance, whom only spoke to me once in a blue moon. We weren’t close in any way, but he was somehow connected to this.

The girl who approached me earlier, looked very normal in every way. Like how most people were dressed at the shopping district, her pink, spag dress blended in really well. On the other hand, I was the weird one in shorts and slippers, like I was some tourists living in that area.

My confusion worsen at the front desk of Marriott Hotel, where a key card was handed to that girl.

‘Where are we going?’

‘Up? What do you mean?’

‘I don’t understand all this.’

‘You don’t have to. Just relax!’

We made our way to the room and she went straight for the bath, running the water while she stripped herself and I down to our underwear. What happened next, well, she fell onto her knees and lowered my briefs, to give me a handjob.

‘Woah! Wait! I don’t even know your name.’

‘You can call me Charlotte.’

‘Can you tell me why are you doing this?’

‘Nope! But I can show you something else.’

‘What is.. AHHH!’

Her mouth dived straight down my cock and held me still, to complete my erection in the warmth of her throat. My mind was getting these waves of white, sound-waves-like vision as she did that, draining strength away from the knees all at once. I tumbled backwards onto the bed and she began sucking proper, kissing the tip affectionately before her lips formed the seal around the head.

The slow descend, was made better with her gorgeous face I could see upclose, made up professionally, and perfect in every way. She paid little attention to me once she got in the mood, putting every effort to please that cock widening in her mouth. Every drop of saliva that escaped her seal, was quickly licked up, before she restarted the whole process of sliding her lips down my shaft.

I was trembling so hard when she finally gave me a break, to drag me into the shower after she checked on it. In the tub filled with lukewarm water, my muscles, except for one, melted away in bliss. She continued sucking my manhood in there, leaving me breathless and probably useless as she did most of the work.

After what felt like a long time, the water was drained, and she washed every corner of me up.

‘Can I rub myself for a while?’


We were still in the tub when she opened her legs, as wide as the width of the tub to masturbate. I couldn’t understand how she could enjoy herself like that with a stranger, let alone touch herself for me to watch.

Five minutes later, we rinsed ourselves and went to the bed, where she readied herself to go down on me.

‘You can do what you were doing on your laptop. It will be a long day for the both of us.’

‘And what will you be doing?’


She brought my bag within my reach right before she went down on me (again), feasting tirelessly on my guilty-pleasure spot. I doubt anyone would be surprised that I couldn’t do anything else on the bed, apart from putting on some music, and lying back in delight.

I honestly had no idea how long she was sucking for when I opened my eyes again, to catch her asleep on my thigh. She was all apologetic when I accidentally woke her up while reaching for the phone, to order food through room serivce. If only you could see her silly face when the trolley arrived, with enough food to last till supper. It didn’t even occur to her that we were naked when the steward arrived.

Once we had our fill, she was ready to go again, except I didn’t let her this time. I suggested 69 and she excitedly agreed to it, bringing her tiny, shaved pussy in front of my eyes that never once had a chance to look at. From how it glistened, I had no trouble tasting how sweet she was. Every flick I made across her clit was reciprocated, with an equally intense stroke of her mouth. Her juices turned to drippy soup from being a condiment, that she was getting shy about.

‘OK! THAT’S ENOUGH! No more for you!’

It seemed so natural when she turned herself around, put her pussy on my abs, and backed up. I went into her easily and she instinctively did the hard work, grinding and rocking as if her life depended on it. I couldn’t get her off no matter how hard I tried, especially when she pushed her vaginal muscles hard against my dick to throw me off.

At one point, I flipped her over and pinned her under me, only for her to put one hand between her legs – to slide me right in. We went into the doggystyle after that and once again, she was humping me backwards. It wasn’t that crazy like before, where I couldn’t escape.

Once I had enough of her uncontrollable sex, I pulled out and took a break, letting her fingers take my place. She turned herself around after a minute and opened her arms for me to hug her, as well return to her wet embrace at our nether region. Just as I thought I had more control, she wrapped her legs around me and thrusted her hips upwards.

This time, there was no way out when she unleashed everything on me, keeping my head on her shoulder throughout. Her pussy would stay on me for as hard as I tried to shake her off, but it was beyond salvation once I crossed my limit.

Instead, I rammed my cock in and out of her for all that was worth, cramping up every muscles in my body to deliver that hell of a load up her pussy. I just knew I came so hard to that vacuum within, emptying me of everything I had.

By then, we were too exhausted to move and slept in that pose, until the sun shone through the wide, glass window. I awakened in bed on my back, feet towards a trolley of fresh food and wine.

(Charlotte exclaimed) ‘Wakey wakey! We have another day to go! So eat up!’

In the end, I had to pop one of those Viagra pills she had, so I could ‘reluctantly’ fuck her proper this time.

I still had no idea where she came from, or how was she involved in this. But there are some questions better left unanswered, at least until that day passed.

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