Three, in One

With the cum from two men inside Melia, she didn’t know what to say to J when he excitedly peeled her panties away, obviously noticing the extreme stickiness contained in it. Just as she was about to explain herself, he stuck one finger into her and made her moan, shocking her for a reason she didn’t understand.

The next thing she knew, that finger was in her mouth, tasting of cum and immediately cleaned them off. He repeated that action again, for five more times she had to suck them off. When she finally had a chance to look at his face closely, there wasn’t any sign of anger, or disappointment.

Even his dick, that she had one hand on, was as hard as she remembered it, as if everything was normal, as if he had already expected it.

‘Are you going to ask.. ‘

‘Did you hold that much inside you all the way here?’

‘Yes. I didn’t have time to wash.. ‘

‘Are they clean?’

‘Yes. From what I know.’

‘Can you suck me for a while?’

She didn’t know what expression to show when she tilted her head down, to take that gorgeous cock into her mouth, for a chance to redeem herself. The one in her mouth then, was far better than the two from before. It was throbbing with life, and cum, cum that she wished that he had pumped inside her.

Melia didn’t know exactly when it started, but she was wet, and pulsating down under. Cum from other men, was dripping out of her, as she went down on this man. He was responding to every stroke she made with groans, clearly relaxed and satisfied with her performance.

One thing between them, Melia and him, was how she could blow him for a long time, or until he stopped her. Never once did he let her achieve that endless, cock-suck, but that night, he did. He just laid there motionless, except for the occasional gasp she caused him.

By the time he sat himself upright, she understood that he had enough, or that it was long enough. In a twisted way, she wanted to know what will come next. Would he exact his anger through sex? Or will he make her lie down, and rub one(s) out of her.

‘Lie beside me.’

She listened to his assuring voice, and put herself in his hands. Like usual, he glide the hand closest to her, over her waist and southward to her pussy, that was still oozing cum. He had used that exact mixture of cum and her bodily-fluid, to massage her clit in the most sensual, circular manner.

Unlike how pornography has portrayed a ‘clit rub’ to be, he was gentle, careful, and thoughtful. Months ago, he had figured out a certain tempo that would help her orgasm, and he never strayed from that. Although she would often stop him before she came, because she wanted to climax from his manly cock, Melia didn’t stop him this time.

She let him float whiffs of pleasure though her spine, across her body, and awakened her mind. It felt like waves, riding up from her clit, and crashing into her head. She could almost see the powerful, yet embracing, pulses of redness glowing in her eyes. It just kept getting more intense until it was completely red, before it exploded at her vagina.

It would seem, that the price of her orgasm, was the globs of semen slithering out of her.

(He whispered) ‘Are you ready?’

‘Yes. I want you inside me now.’

Their eyes stared deep into one another as his cock slipped between those warm pages, into the sex-filled opening. It wasn’t painful, nor unfamiliar with him. While he needed a minute to compose himself, she was aware of how late he is. He should be inside of her the moment she stepped into his room, but that panty of cum held her back.

It was strangely erotic to have him sliding around inside, especially with two other ‘men’ there. And yet, he didn’t slow down. He was filling her up with his meat over and over, in joyful bursts of lust. He blew that single spot in her mind so many times in a row that she couldn’t see anything else, eyes faded white from the sheer intensity.

The tip of his penis broke her self-restraint in so many places, replacing it with deep impressions at where his cock would pull back from. She couldn’t help how tight she was getting, from all the way inside her, to the opening that was caressing the base of his shaft.

He was always thicker than she had imagined, and stronger, and bigger. He had that cock she would gladly accept no matter how well, or poor it performed. When he came too soon, she would take another ‘shot’ from him, if he let her. And, on those times he lasted significantly longer, she would climax with him.

Her mind, on every night she would have to herself, would picture the warmth of his cum spraying everywhere into her, followed by how she would put her fingers in, just to savour the mixture of their love.

However, this time, at the last moments of his excruciating moans, as well as hers, she felt her vagina wrapping his cock harder than ever, though useless against the extreme slipperiness.

His cum, squirted so hard into her pussy, stirring up whatever remains of the previous two, mixing it with her clear, saucy lubricant. She didn’t delay him from pulling out that night, going one step further to hold everything in until she could reach her pussy.

The same, two fingers she always used to taste him, disappeared within, and returned with a glorious coat of cum around them. It all went into her mouth and nothing could express how delicious he, they, were when she closed her eyes for a long time – while feeding herself with her.

He got on his feet, and stood over her head so she could suck him during her dessert, refreshing her palette with his liquid straight from the source. While it began with them, it ended with him, and he too, didn’t disappoint when he let her suck him off another time.

Somehow, he just couldn’t take his fingers away from the cum that was all swirling inside her. When she finally returned home, to the comfort of her bed, her fingers resumed their work inside her, fingering and tasting, rubbing and vibrating, until her body crashed from exhaustion.

She has already made plans to get more out of him, even if it was just a small spoonful. He was hers, sexually, if not universally.

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