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‘J! Meet K.’


‘Yes! Stay with her yeah? The party is about to begin.’

‘What? I thought the party has already.. ‘


Synchronised cheers resonated across the whole villa where moving headlights blew the already-wild party up to the next stage. K, the girl who was slanting back and forth from the alcohol, caught my arm and led me through a few couples in the corridor. We stopped at a more secluded corner and she suddenly started making out with me, to which I didn’t resist at all.

Her hands immediately went to my pants and undid them, in full view of the other couples there, who was astonishingly doing the same! My underwear dropped to my knees and she threw me a sly grin before squatting at my feet, to take my cock into her mouth. From the shy, tipsy young party girl, to a sex-hungry tigress, my morals were still in the process of aligning to the requirement of this party.

Halfway through that mind-blowing oral sex where she was deep-throating me ninty-percent of the time, she started moaning while masturbating under her dress. At that time, I have yet to do anything to her, but she was already done with sucking me.

From where she stood, in front of me, she raised a leg for me to catch and grabbed my cock forcefully, only to gently slide it into her pussy. The hasty sex began as abruptly as it should, with her slamming her body against mine. I didn’t who was fucking who then, but she sure was tight and wet as hell.

Having had enough of her dominant attitude, I shoved her off and turned her towards a wall. I dragged her ass out and proceeded to pierce her from behind, ramming her as angrily as I was at myself. Beyond the moans she was screaming at the top of her lungs, she still managed to smile at me.

I was at my limit not long after she climaxed, transcending the irresponsible hook up to a controlled, paced series of thrusts. A girl who was a few steps away earlier came over and fondled my balls as I groaned my heart out, at the same time pumping cum into K.

My fuzzy mind was halfway recovering when the unknown girl’s mouth went over my dick, to which K violently yanked her away from.

‘He’s mine! Go back to your man!’

(Girl speaking incoherently) ‘HE LASTED A FUCKING MINUTE!’


K sent her crawling away and tended to my dick at once, sitting next to me as she stroked it gently. Of course, I gradually got hard and her pussy found its way on it again, this time, in reverse cowgirl.

I was just lying there motionless as she fucked her own brains out, cheering to the prowess of my cock. In the distance, the girl from before made out with another girl, leaving his man staring at them guiltily.

I came the second time inside her and she cleaned me up dutifully with her mouth. There was so little to enjoy but so much to feel. I was honestly disappointed, and numbed to what just happened to humanity.

Lights slowly came on across the whole villa and the mess were visible. Girls lying on the floor with cum pouring out of them, men panting and drinking beers next to each other. The few that were still at it was ‘strutting’ their girls around, walking with their cocks buried deep in their half-conscious partners.


(SHer in a sleepy voice) ‘Yes?’

‘Did you enjoy yourself?’

‘Yes. You sir?’

‘I’m glad you had fun.’

Ushers then brisk through the building, helping the girls and men up to the rooms I was accommodated in. A few hours later, day broke and a well-dressed man showed up in my room.

‘This is for you. And this note contains information to her accommodations.’

Just as I thought it was some basic information about the girl I just fucked, it wasn’t that simple. The first envelop contained a cheque in my name, and the second, was an address in Singapore. That was about what my mind could process. I went back to bed and let her suck me awake at midday.

‘Do you know what this is?’

‘Oh! That’s my address!’

‘Why am I given this then?’

‘You don’t know about it? It means that you can come to my place at this address, and have sex with me.’

‘Does this end here?’

‘HAHA! You’re so cute. It begins here.’

For all I know, I could live with her, all expenses paid for, and quite comfortably too. We continued having sex in that apartment in Singapore, though it was mostly her carrying out her mysterious duty of serving me from top to bottom.

This sort of ‘luck’ seemed to be the type that would cost me a lot in the future. And worse still, in non-monetary terms. But till then..

‘Turn around and bend over (the dining table).’

‘Like this?’

How could I resist her with that leg raised on the table?

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