Love for Music

That silly girl was dancing to the music playing in her earphones when she twerked her ass at me, moving towards me backwards until she was on my groin. She didn’t need much convincing to finally let me hear what she was listening to, that got her so worked up. It was a song we both liked very much, and it surely brought us back to the good times when we got too intimate with each other.

Mr. Brightside, by The Killers. Their song blasted through the air on repeat as she wriggled those tiny shorts down her hips, followed by my shorts she grabbed from between her legs. My cock rose quickly to her playful grinding and she didn’t disappoint as well, ‘informing’ me of how wet she was with one flick of my finger.

I was about to continue rubbing her soft spot but she impatiently pushed away, for something I couldn’t complain about. She stuck one of her hands through her legs and got a firm hold of my cock, hips still bouncing in the air as she sat over my dick, to the exhilarating rhythm of the song.

Her vagina swallowed my cock at the same, quick tempo, depriving me of any chance to pace myself. It was her show that night, slamming her ass forcefully to match the intensity. The only break I got, was the few seconds she took to put her headphones back on, cutting me off from the band.

I would probably do the same too, after hearing how strained the music was through the phone’s speakers. But to be ridden so wildly in complete silence, I had to admit that it felt exclusive. Nontheless, seeing how she swung her head around to the beat, my cock was on its own realm of pleasure.

It took her almost three repeats to achieve an orgasm that left her panting in an extremely satisfied look. While she rested, she disabled the repeat function and scrolled to another, for me to hear on the headphones.

Skinny Love, by David Fischbein. She has found a way to instantly turn the ambience around, with one of my favourite piece. She could tell from my eyes, that my mood has changed, and the only place I should be, was on the bed, flat on my back.

My eyes closed themselves to the soothing melodies, but the rest of my body couldn’t relax just yet. Her mouth had found its way to my dick and swiftly hustled my mind into the legendary world of mindless, meaningful pleasure that belonged wholly to me.

My upper body went limp to her glib, hyperactive tongue, stimulating every known nerve on my cock. My mind was blown over and over again so magically with the way she sucked the very tip, from a very gentle stage to a cramp-inducing, hard suction. It was indeed pleasantly torturous to go through that multiple times.

I didn’t know how much time had past when I sensed her moving her head faster, over my cock that I had imagined to be thicker than before. I could feel her lips touch the bottom of my shaft, followed by cold air flowing over the same area.

The movements of her mouth was controlled, in the sense she had maintained a certain speed. When I felt my urge (to cum) rise steadily, I knew that it would be one of those rare occasions she made me cum with just her mouth.

I let the music guide me to the end of the journey, before spilling out my load into her mouth. She has been so accustomed to me that she knew the signs to the start, end, and second-end of my ejaculation where she could remove her lips.

Nothing was left in me after that orgasm, for I know I have given her everything. She had no idea how guilty I felt when she had to masturbate herself, and I, so I could do her proper. That favour was paid in full once I regained my strength, to re-explore our room with me inside her.

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