It did hurt a lot, when he watched her go down on him again, and it wasn’t out of love. She had to recall, how he liked her to teabag his balls before putting her lips around his cock to suck really hard, until he groaned for her to put it in. It was her duty to do it again, even if she was unwilling to.

He knew what those tears running down her cheeks represent. It didn’t tell of disgust, nor hatred. Neither of them wanted this to happen, nor were they comfortable at all. His erection was a mere bodily response, but her wetness, belonged to the history they shared.

She already knew that he was ready, by her mouth that had gone down on him countless times, but she needed a few more minutes to herself. His heart was wrenching so hard when he saw how hard he was for her, but for all the wrong reasons, and time.

When she bent over on the bed for him, it was at a height he had conditioned her for. Her knees were apart, just at the angle where his hips will meet her ass. Nothing could hurt her more than the hands that now belonged to another lady, possibly pleasured the same way he did for her. His eyes, though they were on her vagina he once had the freedom to cum into whenever he liked, they were transmitting images of other dicks, different in sizes and length, penetrating her in ways he couldn’t.

The long pause they took finally ended once they looked into each other’s eyes, ready to finish what they started. With both hands on her butt cheeks, he peeled them apart to split those sticky walls. The tip of his penis pushed them even wider, and popped right into the tight, narrow gap he couldn’t forget.

More emotions rushed into his head with every inch that disappear into her, lovingly caressing the ribbed walls of her vagina. Each small jerk he made lightened her head more each time, like how she got ‘tipsy’ just at the penetration part. He was back at where she would go crazy for him, and she was back at how he would make her dripping wet without so much a twitch.

His powerful hips starting thrusting that cock deeper inside her, flooding her mind with the good, and better times in bed. While he had missed how shyly she moaned, she didn’t miss how he got only more violent at every sound she made. She was extremely wet for him that night, because of how he claimed her for himself, without a care for her. There was no doubt who she belonged to then, from how he loved her both sexually and romantically.

At times, he would think that he went overboard, only to receive more sex for consolation. For the first time, after their separation, he let her squeeze her vagina as hard as she wanted on him, to make up for all the times he asked her not to.

She moaned the loudest and craziest that night, from all the thick veins and hard bumps lining his shaft. He behaved the best that night, and readily accepted the most intense, agonising-but-awesome sex she provided.

They knew exactly when he was about to cum, and what to do after. He pulled his wet cock out of her and let her turn around, so he could plunge it right back into her needy hole. It felt tighter this way, and definitely easier to climax.

All that were left were timed, powerful strokes that blurred her vision, disrupted her breaths, and cramped up her pussy. He didn’t have to hold himself back this time, nor did he have to ask where.

Her knees spread wide open, and so was her heart for him. His love, in its physical form, shot right at where she mattered, coating her heart and inner lining thickly. She has never felt that kind of fuzzy warmth from him before, but she didn’t mind more of it. Little, gentle contractions at her female port milked him of the last bits, just so they would walk their separate ways with no regret.

They cleaned each other up like before, and walked out the front door in two direction. His cock reeked of her, and her pussy was full of him. In a logical way, it wasn’t that easy for them to split ways. Because there is a ‘next time’ coming up.

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