A Sunday Together

(I asked) ‘What are you doing here? I told you it’s fine.’

(She replied) ‘I know you did, but why would you do that for me? I cannot just treat the loan as a charity. I don’t want you to.. ‘

‘No. I told you it’s fine, so I have made peace with that already. What else do you need?’

The frown on her face couldn’t be more puzzling as she has just had her debt written off, completely freed from any worries or restraints to start anew. I didn’t let her stand out there to attract more attention and brought her into the kitchen, where I was brewing some tea. Seeing that it was that 茶道 (tea ceremony) kind of tea I was having, she had this ‘helplessly helpful’ look.

We had two cups each over cigarettes, in silence, before I went to the living room to finish up a movie. There was no need for her, or anyone to help me around as most of my home was automated, right down to the automatic deployment of Roomba. The air-conditioning, lights, music, were all network-AI controlled. She just couldn’t find anything to do for me.

‘Do you need to wash your clothes?’

‘It’s Sunday. Everything is stocked.’

(In a heavy tone) ‘Do you really have everything set? Is there anything I can do for you at all?’

Her hand ran over my thigh as she said that, approaching my groin fast before I could reply. I moved myself away from her and she retracted her reach, only to go between those legs she raised onto the couch. Soft, sensual moans then came from her, intensity increasing with each passing second.

Her panties were the first to come off, before the boyshorts she wore. During the whole process of her seduction, I only threw her two or three glances in disbelief.

‘Am I too loud?’

‘No you aren’t.’

I paused the movie at the climax and showed her to the table, which she quickly sat on to continue her performance. I could swear those eyes of hers were so alluring that I didn’t bother to hide my erection, brought upon by the vibe of gratitude, desire to offer something I need.

She just kept going, orgasms after orgasms, wearing herself thin without hearing a word from me.

‘That’s enough. There is a guest room at the right left turn. Rest up there.’

I went back to the kitchen and began to make lunch, briefly interrupted by her curiosity about which room was mine. After about half an hour, I brought the two bowls of chirashi into the empty guest room, to find her sleeping in mine.

‘Lunch is ready.’

She sat upright to flash me her naked top and took the bowls from me, inviting me to join her in bed to eat. She hastily finished her portion and leaned over to me, to open my legs so she could stick her hand into my boxers.

Let’s just say that I have two mouthful of rice left when she pulled my bottoms off, so she could properly massage on that erection she caused. I left everything in her control to do what she wanted, even as far as letting her go down on me, to largely help her feel less indebted.

It didn’t take her much effort to make me moan in delight, especially with her skilled tongue that did such a good, sloppy job. Her hands never stopped caressing my balls throughout all that, solidifying my manhood to the point it ached.

She knew exactly how I was feeling then, and wasted no time to overlap her legs with mine. We sat face-to-face, genitals in each other’s hands, and started to close the gap between our lips. The way she kissed, was so shy, progessive, and addictive at the end.

I found myself kissing her on those soft, glossy, pink lips so many times that it even made her want more. It was a mutual buildup of passion, that set our bodies in motion, sliding an inch closer each time like none of us noticed.

A few seconds later, the tip of my cock dipped into her entrance and she made the rest of the trip. We were joined at our respective hardest, and softest parts of our bodies. The way her pussy tightened, relaxed, pulse, corresponded in equal hunger for my twitching, nodding, hard cock.

It only took her a second to mount herself on my (opened) lap and grind fast and furious, wiping out my thoughts at an instant. She was the one that got fiercer and crazier with each hump, likely over-depraved by how she climaxed on her own earlier.

If this was the price to pay, who would mind overpaying her? My arms soon gave way to her merciless bouncing and I was fucked on my back, with no desire to take control.

When it was my turn to cum, I pushed myself off my back to threw her onto the bed. I jabbed my cock so deep into her pussy she blacked out for a second, but awakened to be knocked semi-conscious again. Her inaudible pleas fell on deaf ears once I crossed my limits, chugging her pussy full of cum at the last few strokes.

I kept pumping until I decided to pull out suddenly, for a squirt of our fluids to spray into the distance. She went into a small fit shortly after, to which I watched in delight knowing that she had come yet another time.

(I asked her) ‘Do you know what to take?’


(I questioned) ‘What?’

(She answered) ‘Morning-after, and the pill.’

‘See this doctor.’

I tucked a name card between her phone and its case, before she pulled me into bed again to suck me clean – and hard again for another round.

It was a fucking Sunday.

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