She Was

You just sat next to me in silence, and took only one glance at me before your eyes swelled up with tears. I didn’t have to ask about them, but I, or rather, we knew what we needed. I too, didn’t fare any better after hearing your sobs, complete with those streaks across your beautiful face.

We couldn’t find the right words to say, because there was nothing right. You had him to forget, and I have my work to get over. You kept sipping on your bottle of cider, while I breathed in lungfuls of my cigarette. It didn’t bother me that yours ran out and you took mine.

When your head fell on my shoulder, it was so heavy. It represented your joy, sadness, and life. I was sure you felt mine when I put my head on top of yours, careful not to let any ash fall upon you. Once the happiest girl I knew, you have your soft side too.

You wrapped my arm around yourself and held it closely, to warm your cold heart that I always knew existed. You singlehandedly gave me a reason to be alive again, for you if not for myself. We finished our first bottles and popped the second, along with a stick each in our mouths.

The way your eyes gleamed after crying, was easily brighter than the sun. It was your silly smile, and exact words I knew you would say.

‘How have you been J?’

I didn’t say a word, and you looked down in agreement. You could tell how I was from the way I held you tighter than ever. The first drop of rain hit our hands at the same time, but we didn’t mind. I opened my dry pack and let you put all our belongings in. We weren’t going anywhere, nor did anyone needed us.

It was just us, and the rain to cover our fallible selves. We didn’t know when we started crying again, but this time, it hurt more. I didn’t have to ask to pull her into my arms again. She was as limp as she could be when I held her tightly, to hush those helpless, lonely voices in her head. We were as warm as we were, still shivering in the end.

I was half-frozen by the cold when she lifted my chin up, to see me clearer. There was little I could use to warm myself, staring into her sorrowful eyes. And then, she kissed me.

It didn’t matter if our lips were trembling, our faces weren’t moving. There was no love between us, but that didn’t make it less impactful. Rainwater seeped into our mouths as we exchanged saliva, never once moving my hand from her shoulder. She too, didn’t her anything with her hands that were tucked in my chest.

The sexual connection couldn’t be any further, once she put her hands under my shirt. I went for the only exposed place where I knew was warmest, her neck, and accidentally made me moan. ‘Is that how you sound?’

We both knew what I was referring to. No, it wasn’t sex, but something else we shared contrary to that. Her hands moved downwards and went into my shorts, changing her face from a restrained one to one with a frown.

Yes, I wasn’t hard. I was never hard for her.

For a long time, she is a goddess in my eyes. A symbol of perfection, through imperfections. It wasn’t her smiles that melted my heart, but the way she showed them. Whenever I make her mad, she would hit me hard painlessly. And I never hit back, except for the one time I grabbed her neck to feed her a slice of apple in return for hers.

That was the first time she moaned, ‘for’ me.

Water was still blurring our sight when I turned her around forcefully, to hug her differently. She simply took my hand and put them into her shorts, and touched herself with her fingers over mine.

She felt very hot there, and I have my first reason to lust for her. She must have heard the change in my breathing when she reached behind for my hard on, and moved it so slowly in her palm. I was in control of her, who had the same control in her hand. The wetter she got, the harder I was.

We were drenched down to our undies that night, but our clothes weren’t the only thing that was wet. I couldn’t have wanted her to hold me longer when she grabbed my arm, to pull me out – in vain, during her orgasm. My fingers had the other kind of slippery, and she knew better where those came from.

It felt surreal that we finally had each other in our arms, or rather, I had my arms around her waist. We took up the only position possible in the toilet and I was allowed into her cubicle, a damp one in all directions.

I couldn’t be any colder when perspiration covered our bodies, stuck in the unbelievable act of intimacy in the toilet. We just moved in synchronicity at our hips, moving that long pipe in and out of her pussy.

That one single look she threw backwards at me caused us to lose control, of the paced strokes for a wilder one, where I held her arms at her back to thrust deeper into her.

Pure lust took over our minds and led us right into the pit of desires, filled with pounding motion and heart-wrenching, loud breathes of exhalation. I thought there was no limit to how fast I could do when I slammed into her so rapidly, but reality didn’t work that way.

I calmly pulled out of her expended body before the worst happened and let her tuck it between her thighs, for a subtle, gentle make out while we grind our groin together.

My cum, they spilled over her inner thighs and butt when the moment arrived, and we immediately went for a hug. The rain has stopped by then, and our clothes were no drier than before. We got dressed in the narrow container and left the sex-filled cubicle.

A taxi picked our wet bodies up and sent her, and then me, right home. We never stopped texting since then, unless we were meeting.

At the same park, bench, and toilet.

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