Surely Illegal

He let out a sigh of relief when he finally had her hands on his dick, stroking it in the most glorious view he knew he shouldn’t be enjoying. A pair small, tiny hands, that couldn’t completely wrap themselves around it, and moving up and down in dissonant. It was exactly her lack of skills, that turned him on everytime he knew she was coming.

The young student kept talking about her day while he relaxed in the comfort of his bed, occasionally nodding and prompting her with questions. It was almost a routine for her to go up to his place daily, watch him take his pants off, and sit or lie back for her to do her job.

Her mind couldn’t grasp the morality of what she was doing, but it didn’t hurt her. It was simply a process where she moved her hands until white cum flow all over them, and she would wash it off. That day, after he came to her handjob, she asked him if he could help her out.

The long-time recipient of the heavenly pleasure had no reasons to deny her that and took her shorts off for her, spreading her legs so he could see that nubile pussy with some stickiness between. A single, upward swipe of his index finger sent a chill down her spine, calming her tensed body down instantly.

He stayed on track executing the same circular motion, vibrating his fingertip at her unseen clit whenever she began panting loudly. That sensual cycle repeated three or four times before she climaxed all over the bed, forming a wet spot right under her butt.

At that moment, she couldn’t have looked any more lazy, especially when she asked for ‘one more’. The adult smiled at her and resumed fondling her clit, in the same motion for another five minutes until she came again.

Once he was done showering her in his bathroom, she put on her uniform in front of him like after every time, and left for her home one floor down.

It was another good day for him, and a better day for the unassuming little girl.

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