New Found Rebound

‘Psst.. You know how long have I been waiting for this?’

‘And how long is that?’

‘Don’t pretend you don’t know.. ‘

Mikee put her phone into video mode and handed it to me, barely giving me a minute to figure out what I was supposed to do when she went down on me. I aimed the camera at her face as she tickled the tip with her tongue, before devouring my cock whole without a flinch.

The nineteen year old friend-of-friend whom made a pass at me when we first met, finally caught up with my recent separation from her friend. When I met her for coffee at a shopping mall near her place, the off shoulder crop top, paired with a colourful floral pencil skirt, got my attention like everyone else’s.

Most of the conversation was about her, that I could tell what she was getting at – a wait for someone with my qualities. We ended up at her place after she asked me to accompany her home, as she lived in a condo that was ‘out of the way’, or so I thought.

Seated on her sofa, the non-stop bobbing of her head caused my lungs and mouth to gasp for air desperately. Her firm boobs were a handful to play with, while she kept me on my toes by going deep throat. In a few minutes, she climbed over my lap and raised her skirt to her waist, lowering herself slowly over my erection covered in her saliva.

(Mikee whispering) ‘Do you know I told her I would fuck your life out if she didn’t want you?’

‘She told me.’

‘And it’s coming through.. Now!’

Her ass slammed hard onto my lap, consuming my dick ball-deep into her vagina, that was throbbing so wildly in excitement. Never did I expect to appeal to anyone physically, let alone sexually. But there, right before my eyes, this girl was bouncing her life out using my cock, that was also being driven out of its mind.

I held onto her hips as she rocked back and forth, making dirty noises as she queefed and ‘slurped’. It was the rare occasions where I was not required to do anything, but to be used to someone’s content.

After five minutes of unbelievably agonising sex, I picked her up and spun her onto the couch, on her back. Just swinging my hips at her, she picked my chin up and made out, while I fucked her hard and deep.

(She moaned) ‘I’m coming!’

The immediate tightness held me inside her as her body trembled in pleasure, till the pressure built up in her vagina forced me out in pain. To be squeezed so hard, I couldn’t believe I had to give in to that. She guided me to her face after a few tries of failed attempted to get back ‘inside’.

It was all left to her again, once she started sucking me fast and deep, gagging and choking herself on multiple occasions just to hear me groan for life. Unsure of how much time had past, my mind was spinning in delight when I felt the impending doom building up in my balls.

I couldn’t finish my sentence when I told her I was cumming, and just came into her mouth during an ‘in’ stroke. Her twirling tongue continued to tease me for a few more bursts, before a hard, brain-numbing, spine-tingling suck withdraw all the vitality I had.

Lying breathless and out of energy, we collapsed on each other and my slippery stub planted itself on her wet entrance. We used our last bit of strength to get into her bedroom, for a short nap before her brother returned home, waking us up for some ninja sex.

A rebound, or a newfound?

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