More than Friends

(She asked shyly) ‘Have you ever.. ‘

(I answered embarrassed) ‘Duh! You?’

(In her excited voice) ‘Nope! So let me see it upclose k?’

Our swimsuits were long gone after we stepped into her bathroom, mostly keeping our hands to ourselves until we washed each other’s backs. Since we both were doing a great job to scrub areas we would usually miss, we had our hands on every corner except for the sexiest parts of us.

I was first to run my soapy hands over her breasts, and she rejected the other valley outright. Being the one with less to lose, I gave in to her request to see ‘it’, and did she take her time to inspect it like a doctor.

Now, I am not embarrassed to admit that I wasn’t turned on by her nudity, because I knew that things would be back to normal once we were done (showering). Somehow, she had unintentionally changed that when she put two fingers on it, to peel the ‘hood’ back to look under. My futile attempt to scare her by reaching for her pussy didn’t work, not when she let me put my fingers right under it.

There was no hiding the fact that it was getting bigger, to the glimmering looks of her eyes. Once my foreskin needed no more help to keep it down, she wrapped her fingers around to ‘measure’ it. I only heard a ‘wow’ before she pulled the skin upwards, useless against the natural tension that kept my small head exposed.

(She asked) ‘You like to put your hand here?’

‘No? I like to do something else down there.’

‘Do it then.’

I swear I saw her gave a cheeky smile when she said that, and proceeded to drag my fingers across her clit. She started out on her feet (we were standing but she was bent slightly towards me), but gradually squatted down with me when I tried to rub harder.

We would seem like we were taking a shit on the floor if not for our hands making wet, slippery noises on each other’s genitals. She was watching my face as I blushed, like how she was. It turned into a competition to put our stamina to the test, and I couldn’t be more thankful when she got too sensitive to remain squatting.

I helped her up after she fell onto her butt and we quickly finished rinsing our bodies. The next part of our ‘exploration’ was carried out in bed, in a sideway-69 position so she could see better. Her trimmed straight-line bush was something new to me, but not how she was getting wetter with each passing second.

My cock though, had stayed in its same thickness and length since the bathroom. I suspected pre-cum was leaking when she swiped her tongue over it, sucking for a bit before smiling at me, and went back for seconds.

Her lips then moved downward from the tip, sealed around the girth as she took more in. My mouth wasn’t going to lay still either. I put my wide-opened lips over her pussy and closed on her clit, thereafter using my tongue to taste-test her. For a first-time-receiver of cunnilingus, she reacted how we would expect. Harsh body thrashing, as though she didn’t want and want me to continue.

Her blowjob went from ‘cute and innocent’ to ‘completely negligible’ once I unleashed my full prowess unto her. By the time we were done, she was wet all around her inner thighs and I had shrunk by a little.


She cried out and sat by my hips with her legs crossed, still within reach of my tireless hand. We just sat/ laid there lazily as we rejuvenate ourselves, until she popped another question.

‘Can I sit over your face?’

‘And let you have all the fun?’

‘NO! I promise! This time, I will do my best.’

I guided her over my face and she put her mouth to hard work this time, sucking while stroking my dick. My mind was struggling between the pleasure, and the pain caused by her elbows on my hip bone. That confusion was soon gone once she used more of her mouth, to drive my tongue really fast over her clit.

In no time, her honey was all over my chin, and we couldn’t stop moaning even though we know we were too loud. My hips started moving on their own, but she knew how to do the same too. Our faces were buried so deep and hard that we had to take a break every few seconds to breath.


Her butt started trembling violently before she came moments after, rubbing her groin harder over my face. My cock was at its limit as well, and I didn’t do what she did.

‘Cumming! Soon! SOON! NOW!’

She grabbed most of the pipe in her hand and only kept her lips on the tip, in time for the powerful gushes into her mouth. She just kept widening her eyes at me until the flooding was over, and we were stuck in that position for a few seconds.

I didn’t know how she was doing it but she managed to suck more out of me. We were both rushing to the toilet once we cleaned the drippy parts up. At the sink, I only saw her rinse her mouth, without spitting anything that resembled melted vanilla ice-cream.

‘Kay? You umm.. swallowed?’


She smiled and shoved me out of the bathroom to take a nap together, in our bathing suits.

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