Closet Sub

(Angel asked) ‘你要我吸你吗?
Translation: Do you want me to suck you?

(I replied in shock) ‘Huh? 这里?现在?’
Translation: Huh? Here? Now?

‘Then? 要吗?’
Translation: Then? Want it?

Translation: Can we do it next time?

(She impatiently said) ‘快点啦,什么改次。’
Translation: Faster la. What next time?

The once-demure girl showed her true self after we got together, not that I didn’t know of her background. In short, we have been hanging out since I wasn’t romantically interested into her. But she has been very caring and thoughtful, in ways I didn’t mind. I could see how hard she has been trying to communicate with me in English, and I was certainly moved by her efforts.

Now that we were an item, she relaxed a lot on improving her language, not that it was a criteria for me. It must have looked weird for a golden-haired, seemingly rowdy girl to be with me, who occasionally worked out and reserved. Out in the streets, she is my queen, in control of where to eat (very seldom fancy) and spend (shopping at small, independent stalls).

It has become a routine for us to hang out around either of our neighbourhood at the end of a date, chatting for up to an hour before we split ways. Like every couple, we kissed, made out, and even got a little touchy if there was some privacy.

That evening, we explored her neighbourhood and found a new corner, with complete discretion. I could only make guesses about her enthusiasm when she skipped the chatting part, and started making out with me. She was especially kinky that day, wearing a pair of hot pants and a t-shirt that was probably XS or smaller. She turned so many heads when we shopped, but I suspected there were more people who wondered about this big, hunky man with someone that small (and possibly very young).

Halfway through our intense kiss-a-thon, she took out the new pair of skirt she bought from Bugis street and put them on, removing her shorts from underneath after that. It wasn’t until my hand was invited under her skirt that I realised the absence of a underwear.

I could totally see how proud she was when I received that shock. Like how we petted in the past, she had my dick out of my pants and was stroking it, until she bun her hair up. There was no refusing her advances once she spouted them out, and I was left to watch her kneel between my feet.

Her lips went over my junk first, kissing it so passionately, before throwing a really, seductive glance at me. I watched her lips part for my cock and tingling sensations clouded my vision as soon as she teased the tip with her tongue. A bit more licking later, more meat entered her mouth, down to three-quarter of its length.

I didn’t expect her to go any further but she did, while touching herself. My mind was literally in pieces on the ceiling already, but she would always ‘calm’ me down, just to dazzle me again.

There was just something about having a thick, swollen cock in a small mouth, which was barely keeping you in. Put that together with her desire to please, satisfy and impress, it couldn’t get any more addictive for me.

Before she could go any faster, I stopped her and put her back next to me. It was my turn to return the favour, but she turned me straight down. Since that didn’t go that well, I put my fingers to good use and had her lean (her back) against my shoulder while I rubbed one out for her.

The reason I couldn’t break away from her pussy was because of how smooth, small and tight she was. It felt so surreal to have laid my hands on such a well-maintained, hairless groin, and labia that were neatly tucked inward.

At some point after the second orgasm, she got out of her seat and opened my knees wide. A flip of her skirt, a tilt of her back (forward), exposed the most pleasant looking pussy I have ever seen. If I had not known of her age, she could have easily convince me that she is underage.

I was in disbelief when she held my cock in her hand, tries to sit on it, fail, and then succeed after applying some saliva over it. It was more than the sight that got to me, when I leaned back and saw how I split her opening wider, to the point she had to spread her legs. I believed that she was already doing her best despite how slowly I penetrated her, as if it hurt.

At the halfway ‘mark’, I stood up and turned ourselves around to the bench we were sitting on. There was no other ways to do it. I had to thrust very slowly, coat more of my cock with her juices before making another thrust. It took us almost one full minute to get it in, much to her impatience.

Right after that, it was hell breaking loose once I rammed it in and out of her. Her knees gave way very quickly and we had to do it on the floor, still in doggystyle. Had I not put my hands over her mouth, she would be screaming for all to hear, yet whenever I asked if I should stop, she just shook her head wildly.

I decided to bite bullet and took things in my hands. With her waist held firmly in my palms, I pounded her with all my might. She was so unbelievably hot and tight inside, that I thought I was going to cum any time. However, things didn’t turn out that way once my dick was beyond its limit, succumbing to the overpowering pressure, that it lost sensitivity.

My hardness wasn’t affected at all, still causing convulsions for the girl, while she moaned hysterically into her hand. Driven by part-lust, part-duty, I maintained my strokes for a long time. I didn’t know how many times she came due to the tension around my dick, but she was leaking uncontrollably from the sex.

In a sick way, she did feel like a ragdoll who was begging to be fucked. It took me some time before I regained sensations in my loin, which didn’t make things any easier either. I was soon groaning with her in another position, reverse-cowgirl. It was slightly satisfying to see how much she wanted my thick cock, but her body couldn’t give in to her desire so easily.

She would gasp every time she rose, and moan every time she lowered herself. As for me, I was just enduring the brain-wrecking pleasure quietly, waiting for the moment to cum.


(She moaned) 你终于来了!’
Translation: You are.. finally cumming!

She bounced off my hips and put her mouth right back over my cock, half sucking, half jerking for my load. When the time finally arrived to blow my load, her mouth couldn’t hold all of them and sprayed as much cum, as fast as I pumped them into her mouth.

She got so caught with holding it in that she had began to swallow, a few mouthful before she could breathe. The shocked and confused girl couldn’t even stand up without my help.

We sat there in silence for a while before she threw herself into my arms, as if surrendering to my dominance. For a moment, I thought I sensed fear, and submission to the former emotion. There was nothing else I had to say, when I can feel everything.

(She whispered) ‘你下次就射里面吧,好吗?’
Translation: Can you cum inside me the next time?

With modern contraceptive so readily available, there was no reason to turn her down. She is a closet-sub inside her outspoken lian-ish personality.

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