It was a strange sensation, to be walking beside a stranger I had not exchanged a single word with. She stood at about my nose-height, possessed a youthful, but mature body, one that was slim but not too skinny. Her long hair, curly at the ends, were neatly tied in a pony tail, almost reaching her lower-back at its tip. Even her uniform, from a JC I recognised, was tailored down to the last detail to flaunt her ample, body shape.

The whole story began when I started hanging out at a McD outlet near my place, to simply read a book (which is a rare occurrence) that I had impulsively bought. It was not until the third day of my ‘stakeout’, that I held my gaze at this fair-skinned, Orient-descend, student for a few more seconds, for her to throw an inviting glance at me.

I believed we could have communicated in either English or Mandarin if we chose to, but we didn’t. I just strolled behind her, catch her occasional peeps to make sure I was still there, until we arrived at a housing block right outside a park. We stepped into the lift, and she hit on the button three floors from the top.

In there, she stood close, coming face-to-face with me, at a distance I could breathe in the mix of fragrance from her perfume and uniform, while she probably took in my body odour. We didn’t move away until the lift stopped.

Once we arrived at an intermediate landing above ‘our’ floor, she put her bag down before helping me with mine. I was placed in front of a wall before she groped me at my groin, massaging in an up-down motion for an erection she knew I couldn’t resist. As I grew stiffer and bigger, she moved her hands to her skirt and reached under it, to do something similar to herself.

I stuck one hand out of politeness and she took it immediately, tucking my hand, palm-up, into her panties. Her warm, moist pussy was in my hand before I realised, thus freeing both her hands to undo my pants for me.

Our parts were out in the open, getting worked up by our hands, to generate moans we weren’t shy even one bit, to express. Wet fingers, warmed hand, flushed faces, perspiration-mapped shirts, only turned us crazier against each other. The faster she stroked, the deeper I fingered. We were constantly out of breath.

Before I was done, she stopped. She pulled my slimy fingers out of herself and turned to the steps, going on her knees very faithfully. All I had to do was to get on my knees, raise her skirt, and lower her panties. That glorious wedge of fleshy fairness was all mine to put my cock into, beginning with the unbelievably slow penetration of my dick.

Except, my intended ‘slow’ penetration, was promptly foiled by her tightness, despite she was dripping wet. I became the one to groan and jerk, to her insatiable desire to have me inside. There was nothing easy about that entry at all.

Once I was ‘in’, it was a series of rhythmic, controlled thrusts that got her into the mood. The two of us, standing at a staircase landing, banging butt-to-hips was hot to say the least, if not agonising for me who couldn’t move faster than a certain tempo. The biggest beneficiary, turned out to be her when she received orgasms after orgasms, shutting her vagina on my wrangled cock.

I was already due my ejaculation ten minutes into the sex. To signal the imminent arrival of my cum, I could only tap at her shoulder, for as long as she needed to make sense of it – with a grin thrown in my direction.

Couple that with a lip-bite, approving nod, I grabbed her waist and began to move faster. From where I stood, I watched my cock pierced her over and over again, each time coming out wetter than before, until I came. Because I was still in control, I continued to plug her with my dick, leaking white, viscous gel onto the ground.

The fun came to an end the moment I pulled my drenched cock out of her overflowing pussy, but that wasn’t all for her. With her feet wide open, she squatted and rubbed her clit, to expel the rest of my semen. While at that, she put my cock into her mouth and cleaned me up thoroughly, to the point I got hard again.

She helped me to the lowest step and let me catch a breather there, at the same time squatting over my cock with her knees tucked in. My cock went right into her without effort, surprising me with the much more ‘relaxed’ interior as compared to earlier.

She widened her feet shoulder-width, held my knees for support, and went on with her ‘work’. It was my time to be lazy and let her fuck me in this unconventional, reverse-cowgirl stance. I didn’t even need to keep my eyes open to feel that pleasurable sensation firing through my whole body.

After another ten minutes, I gave her the same tap on the shoulder again. Not only did she not slow down, her fingers at her clit made her vagina contract so much harder. I couldn’t last more than two minutes under those conditions, and simply blew my load deep into her space of debris.

In that position, she brought herself to climax another two times before getting off me. Although I was left to clean myself up, she waited for me to be done before splitting ways.

That, would give me another reason to get another book (digitally) so I could read it at the McDonald’s we met.

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