To Tame a Monster


I opened my mouth for the same white pill I took daily since we have gotten intimate. Being fully aware of my own sexual stamina, it was no secret that I noticed the changes brought upon by the unknown medication. My erection was harder, thicker on some occasions, and definitely longer-lasting.

Shelia had begun jerking me whilst I was on my back, enjoying the effortless foreplay. Although she was texting on her phone for the most part, it was still pleasurable for me.

‘Umm.. Ros is coming over. You won’t mind right?’

‘What is she coming over for?’

‘This. Can?’

‘If you want.. ‘

She flashed me a smile and dived straight for my cock, taking it wholeheartedly into her mouth for a slow, sensual blowjob I couldn’t keep my eyes open for.

It all began one night, on one of our dates. It was a normal day out for us. Dinner, and a late-night movie where our hands spent most of the show in each other’s pants. Our insatiable lust went from the staircase of the cinema, into the cab we took, and right up to floor she lived at.

As far as I understood about our relationship, we never crossed the lines that we didn’t speak about. So, for the past two months we were together, we did nothing more than just petting. In our case, ‘petting’ did include the penetration of my fingers into her.

That night, like any other, we stripped ourselves down to nothing once her bedroom door was shut behind us, for a pleasant, stress-free, act of mutual-masturbation for each other. At one time, we did 69 and she was really milking my cock dry with that skilful tongue of hers. When we were both breathless and more or less, done, she returned to my sight – with that pill.

All she asked for, was for me to trust her, and I unhesitatingly did.

A raging, brain-wrecking hard on then came about, rendering me desperate for some physical contact or whatsoever, still abiding by our unspoken, no-sex, agreement. But when I saw her bent over in doggystyle next to me, my mind needed no more explanation. I got on my knees, rammed my cock into her salivating pussy, and fucked. her. hard.

She never completed any sentence that night, be it asking me to slow down, stop, or when she begged for mercy. My hips were unstoppable, jamming her hole full of my cock over and over again. From how much force I had to exert to push my way into her pussy, I could approximate the time she would climax.

Nonetheless, I drove her crazy AND unconscious that night through endless orgasms. After she fainted a few times in doggystyle, I rolled her over and instantly resumed fucking her in missionary, no matter how hard she tried to push me away.

Simply put it, she was helpless against the life-draining orgasms electrocuting her whole body. That strong wave of energy that was gushing out of me, lasted for a good four hours to daylight. At 6am plus, she had became this lifeless, ragdoll my cock was still thrusting into.

Ultimately, the effects wore off and I could sense the tiredness consuming me. But above it all, was the urge to unload the overwhelming pressure in my balls. After her pussy attained another orgasm that shrunk her vagina by just a little, I collapsed on top of her and let my loin pushed out however much cum I had, right into her.

I remembered cumming and cumming for a long time, each time feeling ‘full’ and ‘rich’. We slept in that position for an unknown length of time, until we woke up to the scent of instant noodles, under a blanket that was placed over us.

Apparently, her mum entered the room at some point in time, failed to wake us up, decided to cook lunch, and even covered our promiscuous bodies up. When she crawled out from underneath, my cum literally poured out of her into the wet sheets she came countless times on.

One thing that I would never forget, was her satisfied, blissful, bedazzled look when she recalled what we did.

(Shelia exclaimed) ‘ROS! I MISSED YOU!’

The girls hugged for a long time, one fully dressed, and the other (Shelia) naked, not that they mind. Ros didn’t waste any time to get naked and into the bed where Shelia was fondling with my dick, which was all to ready to thrust into action.

Before any of them put any of their feminine parts within my reach, they had to form this agreement, for their own safety.

(Shelia to Ros) ‘After any one of us climaxed, we will switch over. Ok?’

Well, I had no say in that. Ros, the first to go under me in missionary, spread her legs wide for my cock to enter her raw. Somehow, that first ‘taste’ of a warm, moist pussy did the trick to tip me over the edge, and unleashed a machine-like pounding into her groin.

My thick cock stretched her pussy sideways and then plugged her deep lengthwise, caressing every inch of her vagina each time I pushed and pulled. Since I was kneeling upright while doing Ros, Shelia climbed over Ros in doggystyle and used the minor bumps of my stomach against her pussy, to help finger herself.

It was almost two-in-one, in terms of efficiency during sex. My cock, thrusting into Ros, my tummy, pushing Shelia’s fingers into herself. The same monster inside me had snuck out to take over my controlled tempo, unleashing hell for the first-timer Ros.

As soon as she received her first orgasm, I pulled Shelia’s waist to my cock and plunged it right into her. Unsure if the girls were making out, there was no other sounds besides the wild moaning sound from them. The whole cycle of alternating between Shelia and Ros went on for a long time, before Ros alerted me to the unconscious state Shelia was in.

Now that it was just Ros and I, we moved out of the bed and had her bent over the bed, in standing doggy. Little would I expect, that she would squirt within the first few seconds of my penetration, wetting the floor with her juices. I couldn’t stop myself then and just fucked her forward, a step at a time.

She was in bed, right over Shelia when another stream of juices came spraying out. Shelia woke up to that unspeakable wetness, but it didn’t take ‘long’ for me to knock her out again. Ros only soiled the floor from then on, followed by violent convulsions that made her just a little less appealing to keep fucking.

I didn’t wait for her to recover before going back to Shelia, whom was more than happy to wake up to my cock thrusting inside her. Ros managed to climb into bed and laid on her side like how Shelia was, facing towards each other’s drowsy expression. With one of their legs raised to their waist levels, I was free to fuck any of them (sideways).

The girls just moaned and made out and massaged clits whenever either of them climaxed. Like the new ‘usual’, three hours later, my body caught up to me and slowed down, to the opposite sensation of wanting-to-blow-my-load.

Since Shelia was mine (and vice versa) to begin with, I slipped my cock into her sleeping state and humped a big, continuous one into her pussy. She was smiling until she stopped, turned her head at me with a shocked look, and pushed me away frantically. That ‘misconception’ I had that I was just firing blanks was proven otherwise, when thick, white cum leaked out of her.

Still squirting aimlessly over their legs, the grin Shelia had was so suspicious, while she tucked my cock into Ros. Seconds later, Ros jumped out of bed with her hands over her pussy, displaying a constipated look before she sighed loudly.

Huge amounts of cum waterfall-ed out of her into the mess she made, and she then slumped onto the bed.

(Ros uttered worryingly) ‘fuck.. shit.. ‘

Of course, things wouldn’t go that south especially when we had a small stockpile of morning-after. Ros had to take one, but not Shelia since she was on the pill.

(Shelia to me) ‘I think let’s just keep this pointing to my dick to ourselves.’

Things didn’t go that way though, not when Ros was spending as many nights as I did, at Shelia’s place. Now, her mum has to prepare three bowls of instant noodles for us.

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