Wrecked Party

‘KOR! Cindy is here!’

(I shouted my reply) ‘Ok? Why are you telling me that?’

‘Can she come into your room?’

(I lamented) ‘What for?’

My sister’s classmate then let herself into my room and came up behind me, cradling me in her arms to push her breasts hard against my back. Knowing what she was after, I couldn’t seem to forget what happened that night during her birthday party.

It was only a few days back, that I was invited to her (Cindy’s) birthday party, the sort where rich, spoiled millennials organised for their ‘affluent’ friends. It wasn’t until 12pm when I saw the other side of her, along with my sister and their classmates, getting wasted on shots after shots of Grey Goose vodka.

It was safe to assume that I spent more time figuring out how their games worked, than getting my face stuffed with alcohol. By 1am, everyone was either on their backs, or crawling around for some reasons. Cindy, the last to remain on her feet, fumbled a few steps before crashing into the lounge chair I was seated on.

Not only did the two other girls who were still awake catch us, they even cat called her as an encouragement. How else would I be not surprised at how quickly she unzipped her dress, revealing the pair of nipple stickers in place of a bra. The girls were clearly not in the right minds when they saw Cindy shove her boobs in my face, and cheered.

Those stickies were removed and my mouth found its way to her pointy, hard nipples. Unsure if it was the cold or the alcohol, she began moaning to the newfound silence from the two sleepy onlookers. While I used my teeth to nibble on her sensitive peaks, she went to work on my pants, stripping just enough to put her hands over my throbbing cock of steel.

I guessed I had enough when she tried to squat in that tiny seat to ride me, so I carried her to the bed where those two girls were sprawled on. When I dropped her on the bed, her legs had spread wide opened for me, not that I just went ahead with it. Something was clouding my head that night, something that made me put her knees together, raise them to her chest, and then penetrate her.

For a barely-legal girl whom just turned eighteen, she wasn’t shy at all to pry her pussy lips apart for my entry. Just like that, without any other contact with her pussy, I forced my manhood into her womanhood, an agonising inch at a time. Her eyes rolled white before I even started moving my hips, not that it would stop me either.

I held her knees together and thrusted my cock as deep, but as swiftly as I could. She made this long, low groan that her friends giggled at, in between those glances they stole at my cock. As I was standing on the ground when I fucked her, I had full maneuverability to go as fast as I wanted.

Out of nowhere, a fountain spewed juices from her clit, lubricating me up for an even faster tempo. It was almost magical to see her turn into a deranged, sex-overdosed girl from the model student my sister saw her as. My hips were just pumping and pumping, enthusiastic at owning this little, young thing in front of her friends.

When her feet finally fell away from my chest, I leaned over her and humped her towards the centre of the bed. Her friends, weren’t afraid to reach for my balls and cock, caressing them so curiously while I was shagging their friend. I believed one of them had a phone aimed at us at some point, but that jerking, salivating sight in front of me was too hard to resist.

The two girls requested ‘doggystyle’ halfway and I showed them just that, pounding the birthday girl from the rear until she was woke a few more friends, including my sister, up. While she was climaxing non-stop to my deep, hard strokes, I too, was about to reach my limit.

Towards the end, her tightness simply overwhelmed me to the state where I just fell backwards onto my ass, and let one of those girls jerked me off into the air. I couldn’t be more shocked when I looked around the bed and saw more horrified pairs of eyes on mine and Cindy’s bodies, both glowing from that intense sex.

(Cindy whispered) ‘I see that you are hard already?’

‘How can I not be? You’re hitting all the right spots.’

This time, in the privacy of my room, she spun my chair around and began with a slow, sensual blowjob. I returned the favour on my bed, eating her out for as long as she needed to orgasm once in my face.

The rest was pretty much history repeating itself, fucking each other’s brains out in missionary, doggystyle, and finally in her much-desired cowgirl stance. Her two friends too, didn’t miss out on the fun when they ‘joined’ us as onlookers, right next to MY sister.

Those two girls (NOT my sister), would be another story entirely on their own. Tarma, I think, was what a MFF gangbang was called.

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