Katie, without saying a word, untied the knot holding her white halter top together, for the man whom she would be meeting frequently in the near future. Seated at the back, she had all the space to take that grey cardigan off, the one she used to hide the indecency of that revealing, bareback top, and a black, satin skirt so short she couldn’t run in it.

His hands then found their way under her skirt, which moved around her smooth, soft butt in the absence of any underwear, to cup a feel of her insecurity of that inner-nudity. You might call her a ‘plain Jane’, since she seldom went out in dresses, let alone skirts that showed so much of her long legs.

While he was running his hands all over her fair thighs, she had already begin to undo his pants, freeing that monster of a cock she knew all too well about how to relieve it. Following his ‘preferred’ sequence, she put her mouth above it to let some saliva coat the tip, before wrapping those pink lips around his little head.

Sucking very hard at the tip, she repeated that act for as long as it took for him to start trembling. Once she revived that cue, she relaxed her lips and slowly slid them down his shaft, listening to his helpless, masculine groans that signalled his submission to her. In a very weird way, despite the circumstances she was in, Katie found herself getting turned on by his reaction.

To see, or hear, a big, grown man shivering weakly to a small, young woman, gave her the sense of ‘power’. As she bounced her head at a slow pace on his dick, she could tell that he was occupying more space in her mouth. When she went as deep as three-quarter-way down his cock, which was all she could take, he began to make noises that sounded – satisfied.

Somehow, surprisingly or not, he was enjoying those few seconds she buried her face in his groin, with his cock down her constricting throat, immensely. She was at the hand-mouth blowjob part when he finally stopped her, to pull her hips towards the side where he sat at.

Head lying just an inch away from the door, her legs were spread apart for him to shove his face in between, tongue darting hungrily on her clit and everywhere to quench some thirst. Just as she thought he was the only one enjoying all that, she felt herself getting wetter. He managed to hit so many ‘right’ spot(s), so many times that she was getting lightheaded. There was even this urge to hold him down and guide him to where felt best.

Since she wasn’t in the position to control, she had no choice but to let him eat her out to the edge of orgasm, where she suddenly went berserk and directed his head (thus tongue) to that space above her clit – so she could climax.

Right at the time when she was still shaking all over, he brought his cock to that throbbing hole and popped it right in, amplifying the euphoria of that already-too-sensitive clit that was pulsating uncontrollably inside.

Against her wishes, these very phrases, ‘you feel fucking good’, ‘fuck me hard’, and ‘oh yes’, escaped her mouth. That man held nothing back from that point and rammed her pussy sore, splitting her vagina so wholesome-ly. To make every thrust count, he pulled all the way out of her pussy, maintained the same altitude he exited, and plunged that erection back in.

Katie’s mind was kept in an ever-confusing mode, for each time he yanked his cock away, and plunged it right into the deepest spot of her pussy. He repeated fucked her body, and mind, with so much pleasure that she could no longer tell if she disliked it.

That luxurious car barely moved an in on the outside, given how much force and G-force that was happening inside. His cock was completely covered in her juices that her body seemed to have trouble producing the previous time, and her pussy lips were so sore from stretching to its maximum width.

It was of course no need to describe how many times she came, from the unstoppable, inexhaustible stamina of that man. Still, he was barely containing himself, having plowed her so fast and continuously. Every time she came, he fell deeper into the ever-increasing pressure for an explosion he didn’t know what to expect.

After ten minutes of non-stop, violent pounding, he had no choice but to slow down. To his shock, she wrapped her legs around him and jerked her hips upward, swallowing his cock entirely. He was backing up to an upright, seated position when she suddenly pushed herself up, threw her arms around his neck, and slammed her groin at his.

That perspiration-drenched man gave her a grin just as he pulled her back into his chest, closing any remaining space between his cock and her pussy for that eruption that caused an orgasm for her.

Squirting one powerful load after another, he filled her emptiness with so much comfort that the last few thrusts forced some of him to overflow into the seats. Katie was barely breathing when she collapsed atop him, but he was in no better state either.

In that chest-to-chest position, he managed to tie the knot at her back for her, adjusted her skirt, before carrying her off his cock. For that ‘deal’ was done, he had no more business with her and let her out of his car.

After he drove off, that half-conscious girl just stood at that (carpark) spot, feeling globs of cum dribble down her thighs into the slippers she met him in. The next day, she had to call in sick for work due to the soreness she was in, and also the cum that was still appearing on her fingers no matter how much she washed herself the previous night.

Although she hated what she has to do, he seemed to have a way to make it worthwhile for her.

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