It was only last night, that we felt like we had a lot to tell each other. From the moment we met, to the shopping we did at NTUC, up to my doorstep, the endless conversation suddenly came to a halt when we walked through the door.

We took off our shoes, dropped the shopping bags at the kitchen counter, and straight up – made out. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, just like she couldn’t tear her lips away from mine. It was I, who asked her to wear that loud, red lipstick, and boy, did she leave her marks all over my neck.

Her hands impatiently tore my pants off, as I stripped her jeans off her shapely hips. Our kisses only got crazier once we had our respective hands in each other’s underwear, stroking the hard, wet parts that would drive us even wilder.

It didn’t take much for me to knock her small frame over the sofa, weakened by the light, pecks I planted across her neck. My mind was floating in a weightless mode which her hand was transmitting through my erection. For a moment, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with her.

It has seemed, that from the start, she already knew what she wanted to do. A gentle nudge on my chest straightened my back, for the breathtaking sight of her mouth going over my six inches of manhood. One hand, remained at the bottom of my cock, while the other, went under my testicles.

The instant she brought those lips up and down my shaft, my knees began wobbling. She was literally sucking the life out of me, one mouthful at a time. I would never forget how she would suckle the tip, until I was murmuring nonsense, or how she would run her soft, wet tongue under my cock, up and down, covering all sides.

She truly got the best out of me when she popped those testicles into her mouth, lapping them till I was dodging away. When she was finally done with me, I was exhausted beyond words could describe. Not even after I sat down, did she stop fondling my dick, with an anticipating look.

It was my turn next, to put her in my arms and push her knees apart. I had longed to get my hand between her legs, to rub that moist, squishy clit with extra care to her sensitive skin. It was a wonder for me, to feel her tremble, reciprocating the pleasure with desperate kisses in my neck. I knew exactly how to slide just a little bit of my fingers into her pussy, to get her really worked up. If I could help it, I wouldn’t let her stop me before she get an orgasm.

Somehow, we sobered up then and put on our swimming suits. We made our way to the then-empty pool and hopped right into the cold water. Although we mostly stayed in a corner, much of the activities were happening underwater. She knew that I was wearing a pair of trunks that was tight, but that didn’t stop her from sticking a hand in, and jerking me upright. Likewise for her, I slipped two fingers into her pussy and ‘cycled’ while she massaged me.

If you have ever gotten frisky in a pool, you can imagine how to have sex in there. Like a pair of ‘well-behaving’ teens, she turned to me and stealthily climbed over my legs. I held her waist steady while she grabbed my cock, held it upright, and slowly lowered herself over it.

There wasn’t much we could do in there, given the resistance of the water, but that, being inside her, was all we needed. She couldn’t feel any warmer in the cold water. She did moved a little, but we spent a greater deal of time just lying in each other’s arms, basking in the pure rawness of our connection.

After about thirty minutes in the pool, we returned to the apartment and dried ourselves. In the nude, we cooked instant noodles and I decided on the position we would eat in. I sat on the floor first with my legs opened, and she would sit in front of me in the same position. I then moved my groin closer to her until I had my cock inside her, and that was how we ate.

In a very fun-but-confusing mood, we finished our food, and went to the balcony onto the swing. Still naked, I proceeded to roll the stash of weed I had brought for the night, while she helped herself to my half-interested erection. By the time I had one joint done, I swear I was too exhausted to smoke it anymore.

That helpful girl helped me lit it and we took turns smoking. When we finally reached the end of it, that powerful, psychedelic effect kicked in real hard. Our heads were spinning, hands were shaking, but we knew we had each other. My throat and stomach started to burn, then followed by a mysterious glow of heat in my groin. By the time I took another look at her, she was already two fingers in.

There was only one thing I had to do then, that was to grab that condom I had strategically placed and put it to use. In my paranoid state, I managed to cap myself and she was onto me right away. She bent over the swinging bench as I stood behind her, half swaying, trying to get my dick inside her.

Once my dick was warm and cosy in her pussy, all that was left to do was to thrust. My body locked in that final command and we were off, banging away under the influence of weed. That urge to shit came and went, that urge to drink water came and went. The only thing that was constant, was the need to be pumping my cock.

She was especially quiet throughout, only breathing loudly to each of my thrusts. We went from the swing, to the floor, from doggystyle, to missionary. I supposed I looked stoned when I was jutting my groin at hers.

None of us managed to cum then, spending most of the time sprawled on the ground, waiting for the effects to wear out. For some reason, her mouth was back at my cock, amplifying that euphoric sensation leaving my body. We literally crawled into bed that night, cock randomly pounding her whenever I could, or she would ride me whenever she could.

After an hour or so, we were in more control of our bodies. So we resumed what we started, fucking from the bedroom to the toilet, did our business(es), and continued in the living room, kitchen counter, doorway, and back into the bedroom.

The last thing I remembered was cumming inside her when she fucked my brains out in cowgirl. When I woke up, it was 3am, with an overwhelming urge to go for another round. I flipped her onto her back, spread her legs, capped myself, and dived right into her pussy.

Almost robot-like, I just hammered her till I came again, and saw her satisfied smile on that drowsy face.

The next time I woke up, it was her mouth that did it. She was sucking me so peacefully, bobbing her head up and down, while listening to my groans. I let her did what she wanted and delivered another load into her mouth, for breakfast.

It was six before I knew it, and she was on her way out. When sunlight struck my face, it was one of the deepest sleep I have ever gotten in a long time. In front of the bed, was the camera I brought, aimed at me.

She did leave a little surprise for me.

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