Round Robin

(May shouted from her room) ‘J? ARE YOU BUSY?’

(I shouted in reply) ‘NOPE. WHY?’

It would be the first time May has ever called out to me so randomly, not that it was any surprise since she is one of my two landlord. I paused the show playing on my tablet and went to her room, giving it a hard knock before she asked me in.

I have been staying with them for a week now, being so ever lucky to find accommodation under the two ‘rich’ girls who were studying in private universities here. Not only did they not insistent on having official paperwork, they weren’t too strict about house rules too.

May, the older of them, came from the Philippines, and seemed to be having the time of her life. Since I moved in, I have noticed at least two men emerging from the room she stayed in, a common room like mine.

While she laid lazily under the duvet, I sat myself down at the edge of her bed, wondering what she needed me for. Her feet instantly poked out of the sheets at me, ‘clipping’ part of my shorts and tugging on it. I was still figuring out what she wanted when she started yanking the blanket away, unravelling her leg, panty-clad hips, and finally her bra-clad chest.

Out of respect, I asked if she was feeling unwell, but was duly reminded that she was more than capable of caring for herself if she was, so no, she wasn’t ill, but certainly warm.

(She ushered) ‘C’mon.. don’t be shy.’

Sitting at the edge of the bed where a university student, also my landlord, laid in just her panties and bra, my mind and heart was racing all over the place. Barely a week had past since I moved into their place, owned by her family in the Philippines, but shared with her and a fellow Malaysian girl.

Given how insistent she was, I gave in to her temptation and ran my hand up her leg, moving across that slim, toned limb up to the luscious mound her panties were covering. As I proceeded to tug those panties down, she closed her eyes and let me do as I wished, fitting my thumb between the soft, moist folds of her vagina.

Small, frequent tremors flashed through her body, reacting appropriately to every vibration I made on her clit. I could sense her getting wetter, as well as the moans that were increasing in both volume and intensity. If I had remembered correctly, she was the more, open-minded one, having noticed at least two guys whom left her room some time earlier that week.

As for her friend, Xinyi, she was always doing homework whenever I saw her. Unlike May, who weren’t shy to be in her bra or panties around the house, Xinyi was always in t-shirts and shorts. In a perverted way, those two girls had styles that would fit numerous fantasies.

When May suddenly grabbed my hand (between her legs) to push my thumb into her pussy, I could feel how tight she was. Not to boast about my conquests, but she had that kind of opening that I remembered cumming too early to, in the a-few-minutes kind of sex.

‘Can you sit closer to me?’

The almost-impatient question got me sliding my ass nearer to her waist, where she could freely reach into my boxers, and fondle with my erection. I couldn’t figure out if I should be concerned from how well she was gripping my cock, moving her hand up and down in a rhythm that would surely make me cum if I let her.

I had no choice but to replace my thumb with two fingers when she got me all worked up, constantly keeping me uptight about cumming too early from her handjob.

After five more minutes of that unbearably-skilled jerking, I ended my foreplay and let her guide me between her legs, where her pussy was more than ready to take me – raw?

(I asked) ‘Do you have any condoms?’

‘No. And you won’t need that.’

As scary as that might sound, she already had my cock in her hand, aimed at her pussy I couldn’t see in the dark. I did the only thing I could then, letting her bring me to the entrance, and pierced right in. For some reasons, she had to spread her thighs wider with her hands, before I even made a single move.

Sounding very exasperated, I ignored her audio cues and began thrusting my cock, immediately garnering very satisfied moans from her. The initial tightness that worried me was gone, but not too far. Her opening was wrapped around my cock so hard, but I could still move thanks to her fluids.

We were going at it like sex-starved bunnies in no time, fucking as hard and as fast as we could, though most of the pauses were initiated by my need to ‘last longer’. For ten minutes straight, I had my balls slapping her pussy so vigorously, cock plunging in and out of her so ecstatically, exchanging bodily fluids that ranged from perspiration to juices flowing non-stop out of her pussy.


Xinyi’s voice suddenly tore through the darkness, ringing in my ears up till the lights came on. I was still balls-deep inside May when I saw Xinyi standing at the doorway, face reddened by alcohol. She then started ranting about the reason I got the room at such low rates, and how May skipped the official paperwork so she could get my tenancy.

Half-fucking and half-listening, Xinyi’s madness finally dissipated when she stormed out of the room. As for us, we resumed fucking in doggystyle and promptly ended the game with a creampie. Having our mood ruined by her interruption, May’s indifference were quite the opposite from my emotions.

I was partly guilty, and partly helpless about their friendship, since I seemed to be the one who caused her unhappiness. Nonetheless, May was pleased with my ‘deposit’ and let me off with a disclaimer to provide pleasure as and when she wanted, in place of rent money. To appease her, I agreed mindlessly and left the room.

Back in my room, the instant I switched the lights on, I was greeted with the sight of naked Xinyi with a finger over her lips. Immediately, I flipped the lights off and went to bed, occupied by the small, tipsy Chinese girl whose body was too small to be legal.

I only had time to lay on my back before she sat over my cock, perfectly placed under her pussy so she could rub herself with it. Grinding her hips back and forth, my cock was squished to such a blissful state that it didn’t take long for it to get hard again.

Somewhere in between her rocking motion, my cock popped right into her pussy and she let off a loud groan I silenced by putting a hand over her mouth. Sensing how weak she had suddenly become, I sat upright and held her in my arms, rotating our bodies so she could lie down instead.

Still on my knees, I raised her knees and kept them apart while I forced my cock in and out of her, calming her spiteful mood with pleasure that sent her thrashing about in bed. At one point, I had to hold her hands down as I rammed her with all my might, a physical response I thought was the only one fit when facing an extremely wet pussy.

Some time later, I shut her knees and kept pounding. Next, I turned her sideways and fucked her even harder. I couldn’t tell if she was sobbing from pain or delight, but her wetness couldn’t be wrong at all. In time, we managed to get into doggystyle where she screamed her lungs out into my pillow.

My sex-ridden mind was completely out of control then, pumping every ounce of strength and stamina into the powerful thrusts of my hips. When I was about to climax, I pulled my cock out of her and sprayed into her ass crack that was all the distance I could tolerate.

Right after that, the both of us collapsed in bed and fell asleep until the sunlight lit my room up. In front of me, was Xinyi’s wide opened eyes, almost in disbelief. She had turned the air conditioning on in the middle of the night, and possibly stayed awake until then.

‘You took my virginity you know?’

‘I.. am so sorry.’

‘But that was good. I can remember it all. For once, I didn’t lose out to May.’

‘But May and I.. ‘

‘I know. And you can still get hard for me, so fast. Can I ask the same from you like May? To get your help whenever I wanted?’

‘Yeah.. I guess.. ‘

‘Ok then. Can you fuck me like I’m worthless?’

That morning, she spent most of her time tied up in bed, while I used every hole – including her ass, for my own pleasure. It would seem, that for the first time, Xinyi found her worth in being worthless.

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