Bad Day

(I whispered) ‘hey hey hey.. everything is fine now. I’m here.’

I squeezed my arms tighter around her as she bawled harder into my chest, a reaction that I had not expect from a career woman whom just came home from work. When I saw her standing motionless in front of the doorstep a few minutes ago, I had still thought that she might have forgotten her keys.

Instead, after just a few steps of tiptoe-ing, supposedly to surprise her with a hug, I heard soft, sobbing noises coming from her direction. For the three or so minutes we stood with her face buried in my chest, the only thing I could do was to keep raising her chin to leave kisses on her pouting lips.

(Sobbing diminishing) ‘Thank you. I really needed that.’

‘Do you want to go in now? Or we can find somewhere to sit down first.’

‘Let’s go somewhere. Can I have a smoke tonight?’

I said nothing more and carried her briefcase for her, undoing the exterior zipper so she could grab the pack of cigarettes. We went up to the topmost floor where the sky garden was, unsurprisingly empty except for the white cat that somehow found her way up.

Walking behind that one hell of a good-looking woman, I couldn’t feel any fortunate, to have married someone so ambitious, and perfect in that simple white-blouse-black-skirt, office outfit.

We settled for our usual corner overlooking the cityscape, with just one lamp to make our rendezvous so romantic every time. There, she just laid her head on my shoulder and held my hand, mind clearly occupied with the stress of her work that she cannot discuss with me. Nonetheless, it is my role as her newlywed husband, to provide any support she needed, even if it was just my shoulders she could use.

Since there was no one else around, she wasn’t shy to raise her skirt and sit with one leg crossed, panties and stockings exposed for the world to see. Given the privacy we had, I wasn’t too bothered by that than the way she was hugging my arm across her chest.

Palm resting over the pair of nude-coloured panties she was wearing, it seemed natural for me to just twirl my fingertip over where her clit was. Sensing no resistance from her, I pushed her underwear to the side and run three fingertips along her pussy, quickly moisturised by her aroused nether region.

Her head remained stuck on my shoulder as she sighed deeper and faster, reacting appropriately to the speed of my teasing. I then slid two fingers lower than ever down her groin, before curling inward to pop them into her pussy.

Almost instantly, she grabbed my cock and tightened her fist when I started fingering her. Half of the time I was two-joints deep inside her, and the other half went to her clit. It wasn’t long before she had her hand around my cock, shorts lowered to my mid-thighs for her convenience.

She was doing that thing, where she placed her palm over my dick head, and used her downward-pointing fingers to ‘harden’ me. We behaved like two, ill-disciplined teenagers, getting our hands and tongues all tangled up no matter how public we were. When we finally broke free from each other’s bodies, we were so lightheaded to make any sane decision.

She got up and stood in front of the glass railing, stuck her ass out, and raised her skirt above her waist. I Usain-Bolt-ed to her rear and used the tip of my cock to push her panties aside, before guiding it into her pussy. As soon as I felt that welcoming warmth, I held her waist still and took a second, before ramming it right up her vagina.

That moan she screamed into the air was so satisfying that I began humping her at full speed right there and then, forcing my cock relentlessly in and out of her contracting hole. It would possibly be the first time she got so tight so fast, a sign of an incoming orgasm that was achieved in record time.

Since she wasn’t that thick to begin with, I reached around for her clit and gently circled it with my fingers as I twerked my hips into her ass, blowing both her mind and brains at the same time. Sure enough, within a minute or so, she was trembling at her knees, for an orgasm that collapsed her muscles in every limb.

With my hands back on her hips, I kept her body upright while my hips continued rear-ending her, splitting her delicate, erratic vaginal walls with my cock in equally-agonising situation. She was milking me so randomly with hard squeezes, loose grips, in an impossibly narrow space.

‘RIE.. *panting* RIE! CUMMING.. NOW!’

She swung both arms back around my butt and kept us conjoined while she bent her back back-and-forth, fucking my cock at just the tip. In case you have not experienced that before, I’d like to warn you that it would be the most excruciating sensation you will ever go through.

It got so sensitive that I lost my vision for as long as the eruption occurred. I could feel every burst of cum exiting my body, down right to the number of times I squirted. In place of her gorgeous, wet-blouse-clad back that was before me, I could only see bright, coloured flashing lights, like fireworks or large blobs of paint being dripped.

Cherie had to hold onto my wobbly self until my senses returned, but not the strength she drained from everywhere else. We sat back down and shared another stick while our bodies recovered. Back in the house, her mood seemed to have improved, and will remain that way with the help of my manhood.

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