‘Thank you for staying with me the whole day’, Grace whispered as we laid in bed, at about an arm’s length away. I have spent the entire day at the coffee shop next to the hotel where she was offering her ‘services’ at, though my presence was mostly there to make her feel safe.

It was almost 1am when I was asked to go up to her room, after the seventh men was done. As thrilled as I was to know that she has reached the target amount, a bigger part of me was aching to the unimaginable, emotional turmoil she has gone through to achieve that.

The moment I walked into her room, she just threw her panty-clad body at me without regard, sobbing in both joy and relief that it was over. Just when I thought I showered pretty quickly, she outdone me by finishing the packet of roasted pork rice at the same time. Dressed in my boxers, I was invited to join her in bed to count the money she has made.

After that, she just got me absorbed into a conversation with the men she encountered, putting my heart gradually at ease with the respect they have given her. By the time we wrapped up, it was close to 3am, and her request for me to spend the night there was just irresistible.

Awake on my side of the bed, I didn’t want to probe further at the tossing and turning she was doing. That poor girl has gone through too much in a day to take anymore from anyone. Luckily, I had my phone to entertain me until I felt her hand on my shoulder.

‘hey’, she whispered again, possibly aware of how she was keeping me up. I turned around to her and before I could say anything, she tucked herself into my chest. I wouldn’t mind if that was all she did, but her legs, they were wrapped around mine too.

The smoothness of her seamless silk panties, combined with the gentle pressure of her bare breasts, caused the thinkable to happen, right in the boxers her groin was so close to.

‘hard?’, that rhetorical question needed no answer, not after she ‘inspected’ her curiosity. The cheeky smile that appeared across her face made me wonder if she was serious about it, since she was already massaging my erection in an up-down motion.

I couldn’t think of anything else to say, since things were of a special circumstance that night. ‘grace.. I don’t think you should. you’ve had a long day and you need.. ahhh.. to rest.. ‘, my breaths went out of sync the moment she stuck her hand into my boxers, and began stroking my cock.

It was beyond disappointment I felt for myself when I didn’t resist her when I could, and things only got ‘worse’ once she disappeared under the sheets. She rolled me over onto my back carefully, removed my boxers completely off, and brought my stick into her mouth.

Starting at the very top, her tongue made tiny circles on the soft, sensitive head while I hummed mindlessly. The more agitated I got, the longer and slower she went, up until she gave it a very hard suck. Just as she exhausted me out enough to fall asleep right away, she slipped those lips down my shaft and squeezed them around my cock, moving her whole head just slow enough to make me beg for mercy.

After a minute of torture, that gleeful-looking girl took my saliva-drenched cock out and fell back in bed. ‘Your turn to do some work’, I was confused about how she could look so gorgeous after what she had been through, and still ‘want’ me.

I was still scanning for a condom when she suddenly wrapped her legs around my waist and toppled me over her body. We had no choice but to lower her panties to her thighs, raise her legs, and put my dick right into her pussy.

‘Am I wet?’, she asked cluelessly, as though she wasn’t supposed to be. ‘Yes, very?’, I replied in disbelief at the evidence my dick was buried in. As I pumped her full of pleasure, she was recalling the times she had to use the strawberry lube she asked me about a long time ago. My ‘recommendation’ has seemed to help her give longer and better oral sex, though there was nothing proud about it.

We fucked our brains out on the bed right there and there, changing from missionary to doggystyle, then going over to the window to jiggle her breasts while I banged her from behind. We were like two sex-starved adults with complete freedom to fuck as much as we want, despite her earlier romps.

At one time, we were so sexed-up that when she got into the cowgirl position, she realised that it was the first time she wanted to do it. The reason, part of it being how loud and responsive I was to each and every thrust I made, was that she wanted to ‘finish’ me off.

We moved to the end of the bed where I sat with my legs dangling, so she could climb over my lap. Putting me on my back, she glide her ass back and let me ‘popped’ right in. That newbie certainly didn’t feel like one when she rocked her ass back and forth, repeating the same motion when I ‘penetrated’ her.

In no time, I was clenching parts of the bedsheets so tightly, while she rode me to her heart’s content. The louder I groaned, the faster she moved. And just when I was getting quiet, she had to discover the up-down slamming move that would throw me off course, flooding my mind with untold pleasure.

My cock was pushed to new limits in her spazzing pussy, forcing every ounce of life out of me. Halfway through whatever we were doing, I had no choice but to scream out, ‘CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!’. Instead of panicking, she went into a squat and bounced her ass on my cock as hard as I could handle.

Some time in the middle of that, my body fell lifeless and my mind was blown to bits the same number of times my cock flushed her vagina full of my semen. The last thing I remembered was tumbling into bed and falling asleep.

The next morning, I was woken up at 7am, rushed out of the room for two more customers that have hired her for a threesome. How could I not feel like a little man after that day?

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