Sitting alone at the beach near the villa where a full-on drug-sex-and-alcohol was happening, I became sure of who I didn’t want to hang around, not because of the people but of the state they were in, which none of them were in the right mind to even speak properly.

Out there, in the bone-chilling breeze, Lisa was the last person I’d expect to see dragging her feet through the fine sand.

‘Have you found someone to bring home tonight?’

‘Not really. I thought I might have a better chance here.’

‘Here? Who?’

The two-second gaze I gave her took a further five seconds to get to her, the both of us thereafter breaking out into laughter. She moved closer to me to shield herself from the wind, but that wouldn’t be as effective as the shirt I (took off and) helped put over her bikini top.

When that didn’t help, she put my arm over her shoulder and snuggled into my chest, the closest we have ever gotten in forever. To be fair, despite our vastly different lifestyle, I didn’t imagine her to be the romantic type. She always seemed to be the outgoing, noisy and if I had to discriminate her sexual preference, it would be wild and possibly ‘hardcore’.

(She whispered) ‘Are you serious about finding someone at the beach to bring home?’

‘Haha. Of course not. Who would come out here? Maybe except for you?’

Before I noticed what she was up to, the knot on my shorts has already been undone, and the Velcro fly made it even easier for her to stick a hand into it. Given how secluded and discreet we were, I did not resist her very fiercely. To see if she was really into me, I put a hand across her chest and into her shorts – where she spread her thighs for me.

When I felt that hot, juicy oyster squishing around my finger, I lost control of my hand rubbing that pearl crazy. A few moans escaped her lips before she could put them over my cock, as a pacifier to keep her voice down. The more I massaged her clit, the harder her body struggled. Before I knew it, she was trying to get her shorts off, just as she squirted in her panties.

Not that it would stop us from having our fun, we picked our belongings and walked three minutes to a service building. At the forested area behind, we found a wooden patio and removed just the clothes we needed to bang, namely her panties, and my shorts.

I had her bent over a table and began fucking her from behind, ramming my cock as fast as she could handle it. The way her vagina gripped my shaft, was so agonising that I had to pause every now and then. After she came once, I found myself getting forced out of her tightening pussy, but not before I shoved it right back in. A few more thrusts got her trembling so violently, for reasons unknown until a huge gush just suddenly splashed into the ground between our feet.

Catching that opportunity right in the balls, I rammed my cock deeper than ever, rapidly like a machine gun to drive her wild. As soon as I felt that urge building up, I pulled out of her and put my arm around her, to tease that clit until she came again.

I was seated back on my ass on the attached wooden bench so she could ride me in reverse (facing away), until I became the one groaning for my life. Everything ‘came’ and passed the moment I unloaded into her pussy, that just couldn’t stop squeezing me no matter if I had all or nothing left.

The panicky us cleaned up as much as we could and made our way back to the villa, her in a wet, denim shorts, lipstick all smeared, wobbly on her toes, while I appeared unaffected. Everyone could have guessed what we did, if not for the fact that a handful of the girls also looked as exhausted as her.

We bade our farewell to everyone who knew us and took our leave, her being the ‘girl I bring back from the beach’.

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