As exhausted as I was, especially after two rounds of sex, the sight of my baby girl in a restrained-doggystyle worked like magic on my limp dick. Unlike the imaginable ways you can tie a girl to the bed, we had a different set up that night.

Two spreader bars kept her elbows AND knees apart, while a center, vertical bar restricted her from straightening her body (or lying flat down). The collar around her neck was chained to the headboard, with an additional long, seatbelt-quality webbing running under the bed to hold her calves as wide as she could manage.

This special bondage arrangement was planned in line with my use of a single Viagra pill, which she was all too happy to test it with me.

As you can imagine, our first round happened with all of our enthusiasm, loud, forceful smashing that would push the sturdiness of my bed to its limit. We were no doubt in a monotonus, straightforward, fucking position, but there was just something about the pill that drove us really crazy.

The moment I pierced her pussy with my cock, my body moved on its own without any control, thrusting mercilessly, fearlessly, almost crazily at that soft, wet opening perched at the end of her body. We didn’t go more than three minutes before she started screaming into the pillows, some times for me to stop, and other times for me to just fuck her to death.

When I sensed her vagina contracting, a sign of an incoming orgasm, my efforts to slow down and pull out, went in vain. My waist only jerked harder in that narrowing gap, splitting her collapsing walls apart AND as fast as possible. That single climax stretched out to three, back-to-back orgasms when I couldn’t get control of my body.

While I was harder than usual, my extra-sensitive head was unaffected. At the end of the orgasm-streak she was on, I crossed my threshold without much effort and let my cock sprayed where it desired, deep into her pussy that I was still plugged deeply in.

My body just fell over her back once my balls were emptied, but the earlier ecstasy was quickly replaced by a hot, pulsating sensation through my shaft. I took a quick peek at where our bodies joined and saw a fully erected cock, that needed just one stroke (in and out of her pussy) to grasp the prowess of it.

Never before have I ever pulled out, and then plunge my cock right back into her pussy to continue fucking her. The first few minutes of ’round two’ took place in silence, thereafter her pillow-muffled screams resurfaced. I was ramming her at speeds we have never encountered, practically fast enough to make her squirt all over our thighs and onto my bed.

For as long as I shoved my cock into her, tiny squirts of joy ensued. The rattling of the spreader bars and chains grew more frantic as one after another orgasm consumed her, depriving her of sanity and strength in three-minute waves. From behind, I could already see a big, wet patch on the pillow she was drooling into, as well as smaller droplets where her tears dripped.

I could not react to the guilt I was feeling, nor could I do anything about the pitiful state she was in. My hips, then still-pounding her, was in total control of the non-stop orgasms she was victim to.

Barely fifteen into the second round, I came again at the same spot, into her pussy that was already overflowing with our mixed fluids. That ejaculate finally brought me down onto my ass, though the erection in front of me had not weakened a bit.

Throat burning of thirst, I went for a drink in the dark and returned to the bed, to see her body shivering, cum and whatnot still dripping out of her pussy.

For some reason, I went back to my spot between her legs and plugged my cock back, twerking just my hips to fuck her hands-free. By the seconds, she turned quieter until she was just sighing and panting to my thrusts. Her pussy had began to dry up, but it only caused a better sensation at my loin.

The third load of cum poured so easily into her pussy that was covered in more ‘white’ than pink (her pussy), not that it made any difference to my strides.

As I undid the spreader bar at her knees, my body was still fucking her. Only after the restraints at her calves were removed, did she straightened her legs to lie flat on the bed. I rolled her over onto her back, raised one of her thighs, and dipped my cock back in.

Despite the sex looking all necrophiliac, seeing how motionless she was, I came for the last time into her. None of us could remember exactly what happened that night, but it did awakened a darker, more submissive side of her. She became my pet who would do as I asked, no matter where we were, at any time I wanted.

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