(I shouted) ‘GUYS! WHAT THE FUCK!’


As I made my way down the two flight of stairs I saw them from, I couldn’t quite believe the number of ‘participants’ that were actually involved. There were six students, four males who were busy zipping their fly, and two girls, one tied to a water pipe and the other to the railing, all dressed in my school’s uniform.

Just when I reached the floor that they were on, one of the guys jumped on me to restrain me, with two more swiftly joining him while the last dashed for his bag. In under a minute, they managed to zip tie my hands behind my back, and kept me held at pen-knife point in the corner where the girl (at the pipes) was.

(He whispered) ‘guys? we’re fucked already. but I think I have an idea. we can record him fucking one of them. it might come in handy.’

‘OH HELL.. ‘

‘keep talking Mr. Yeh.’

And I couldn’t, with the knife piercing through the skin at my neck. It didn’t take long for them to ready two phones, aimed in my direction, while one of them freed the girl closest to me.

‘take his pants off.’

She followed their instructions and undid my pants, dropping them at the knees where they said was ‘good enough’. With a trembling hand, she obeyed their subsequent commands and started jerking me, to achieve an erection my body could not disregard. It has never occur to me that if I shut my eyes from the corruptible scene, my mind would naturally imagine a ‘plot’ similar to the current situation.

‘suck him now.’

Peggy, as shown on her name tag, raised herself on her knees and took my cock as deep as she could, leaving more saliva each time on the outward-stroke. In time, the guy directing us grew impatient at her lack of enthusiasm, and pushed her head further into my groin, gagging her repeatedly on my cock. The deeper she went, the harder I got (duh), since there was just no way her juvenile mouth would easily take all of it.

When he finally let go of her hair, she fell backward onto her ass and cried even harder. I was dragged to where the other girl was, her hands tied to the upward-slanting railing so her ass would stick out in a standing doggy position.

‘Peg, help Mr. Yeh put his cock inside Faye.’

I could only catch a few seconds of Faye’s sorrowful eyes, before my dick split her small opening too wide apart, hurting her so much that she bit into her arm to prevent her screams from getting too loud. I tried as best as I could to hold myself at that depth until the ‘director’ delivered a kick to my butt, forcing the rest of my.. 6 inch cock into my very own student.

The loud sigh from Faye came as a relief for me, knowing that her body had given up in some ways. Another kick sent me thrusting into her tight pussy, wetting itself gradually as the vagina loosened up. By then, I was biting into my own lips to stay as quiet as I could, to keep the two, vulnerable and susceptible girls out of harm’s way.

To their cheers and crude instructions, I fucked Faye harder and faster, until she began moaning in pleasure. Sick as I was to say that it felt liberating, my mind was on the recovery process for the girls. If this had to happen one way or another, any ‘good sensations’ will be helpful.

At one point, Faye’s legs began shaking violently, as her vagina wrapped itself tighter around my cock. The guys, seeing that she was showing signs of an orgasm, put the Peggy on her chest against my back, for one of them to penetrate her while Faye came.

During the course of her orgasm, her vagina shrunk around my cock, creating a vacuum that pulled me, and all the sensitive nerves ending at the tip of my cock, into an uncontrollable, downward spiral.



The jerking behind me got even faster, forcing me to fuck Faye that ever subtly. But that was all it took, for me to blow my load inside her, overflowing out of her cocked-up pussy and onto my shoes.

The guys quickly picked their bags and made a dash down the block, leaving us to ourselves in our dishevelled state. It took Peggy almost five minutes to pull herself together, cut Faye and I loose, and then break down in that stairwell.

Faye’s eyes were soulless then, and I was completely speechless about what we just went through.

(Faye muttering) ‘cher.. you won’t leave us right?’

‘No way. I promise you two. I’ll never.. ‘

(Peggy grabbing my arm) ‘I’m scared.’

(Faye grabbing my arm next) ‘Me too.’

First things first, the morning-after pill.

For weeks following that afternoon, the guys in possession of our videos gathered without fail at my place, along with Faye and Peggy, to make even more videos with us fucking in all sorts of positions and every imaginable props.

The only thing that I got, was their word to never lay a hand on those girls again, even if I have to subject myself to their atrocities.

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