(Jen asked cheekily) ‘So what will you be doing tonight?’

‘Sleep? Maybe watch a movie on my tablet.’

(In her doubtful tone) ‘Sure? Not find girls to massage you?’

‘No. I’m pretty tired already. We’ve walked so much today.’

With a grin of disbelief on her face, Jen shifted herself closer to me until my shoulder was in her cleavage, a move I didn’t quite understand. Just as I wondered what was she up to, I felt her hand move over my boxers, right across my groin.

(I whispered) ‘What are you doing?’

‘Making sure.’


Without saying a word more, her hand went into my boxers and blindly fondled with my dick, until it grew into the size that fit her grip. It was only then I gently put my hand on her waist, sliding downward into her shorts before reaching around for her firm butt. A simple push of my arm lowered her shorts down to her knees, where she kicked them off before taking my boxers off too.

Our hands returned to each other’s bodies once our lower halves were naked, exchanging pleasure in the silence of ignorance. As she continued jerking my fully-erected penis, I slipped my hand between her legs and felt her open up for me. Casually, I brushed my fingertips along her clit and immediately sensed a tiny shiver from her.

Nothing else was attempted that day besides the mundane-yet-innocent acts comprising of a handjob, and a clit-rub. We were both moaning so softly, entangled sexually in something we knew wasn’t sustainable. When she finally closed her eyes to match her serious look, the tremor in her body built up to a full-fledged orgasm that leaked her nectar all over my fingers.

Her shyness made her cup her hand over mine (at her pussy), and held it there until the climax passed. Bringing her attention back to my hard on, she collected some saliva from the both of us and resumed stroking me, in a more sensational mood.

Five, sensual minutes later, I sensed her grip tighten as she moved her hand faster, in response to the climax that peaked after a few seconds. To prevent my cum from soiling the bed, I rotated myself onto my back and let her continue pumping my cock.

Another intense minute later, I held her hand still and watched alongside her as cum sprayed into the air, over our hands and onto my belly. She then instinctively interlocked our fingers and kept stroking my cock for more, until the eruption passed.

That cute, inquisitive girl couldn’t help but played with the cum on my body, rubbing some of it on her drier, flaking skin for nourishment. When that turned out to greatly smoothen her complexion, she smeared some over her inner thighs, where I might have rubbed her too hard.

(She whispered) ‘Make sure that you don’t find other girls.’

What else could I do but smile at her naive intention, thereafter setting the alarm for next morning. Before I could ask her about her plans, she shouted ‘goodnight’ aloud and covered her head with the blanket, partly answering my question.

Halfway through the night, a hand went over my cock again, followed by a mouth that redefined ‘exhaustion’ (for me) shortly after. We ended up eating each other out in 69, tongues lashing at each other’s sensitive spots until none of us could take it any more.

Like long-lost lovers unleashing their lust, we went like wild rabbits that night, fucking all over the room until we were too sore to continue. The next morning, we only left the hotel once to get both lunch and dinner, as well as alcohol to inspire some drunken sex.

Instead of one-night-stand, I call it one-trip-stand.

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