Sexual Faith

I almost lost my focus on the road when she unzipped the jacket she was wrapped up in, to reveal a pair of braless B-cups for my eyes to feast on. Right after that surprise, she reached into the short pair of FBT shorts and started masturbating, making all those squishing noises to distract me even further.

After twenty minutes of agonising driving, I parked the car at the basement of our condo and let her waiting hands undo my pants. As soon as my cock was freed, her mouth went over it and she began sucking hungrily on it, while I was free to grope her breasts as I deemed fit.

Oblivious to the few cars that drove past us, she put her hands to work as well, jerking me in synchrony with her mouth that was sliding up and down my shaft. For some part, I was puzzled by her unusual display of affection, yet at the same time, was immensely turned on by her domination.

(She sighed satisfyingly) ‘Mmmm! Do you want to cum in my mouth?’

‘Do you want me to?’

‘You can decide.’

I pointed my dong in her direction and she immediately got the cue, heading back down to suck on it like her life depended on it. After a few minutes, I could tell that she was tired and so I stopped her, assuring her that we could finish it upstairs.

We gathered our belongings and made our way up, to our doorstep where she then dragged me into the stairwell. Resuming her blowjob on her knees, she was exceptionally enthusiastic about pleasing me until my legs went wobbly. By then, I was high beyond sober and had to stop her so I could have her my way.

Into the house we went and I went about my usual routine, setting down my bag before heading into the kitchen to find well-seasoned steaks next to a hot cast iron pan. Being the chef-wannabe I was, I took her spot in front of the stove and let her hug me from behind, hands fondling my wiener during the whole time I seared the meat.

In no time, we were having dinner together in the nude, feet stretched across to caress our privates in an attempt to hinder each other from the aromatic, butter-seared beef. Because she had a smaller piece, she was done with her food first, giving her all the freedom she needed to crawl under the table, and get her dessert.

Needless to say, my meal was riddled with obstacles, mostly from moaning and cringing to the penetration deep into her throat. Not wanting to waste any bit, I finished everything as fast as I could and pried myself away.

At the sink, she volunteered to do the dishes, and I was free to bend her over for my cock to ‘get home’. If you could only see how flustered she was, you would not want to attempt such an act again. Besides getting that close to breaking a few dinnerware, she spent most of the time on her hands, panting and breathing to the tempo I was banging her at.

I let her finish what she had to do and carried her into the living room, put her in doggystyle on the couch, and plugged my cock back into her pussy. With Netflix playing some movie we watched halfway, her body continued to jerk uncontrollably to my deep, rapid thrusts, showering her with pleasure-filled orgasms one after another.

At some point in time, I turned her around and held her legs wide, piercing my dick into her pussy hands-free for both of us to admire. Thereafter, it was hard and forceful sex that sent her moaning the dirtiest comments, right in my face I was cringing out of desperation.

Without a word of warning, I unleashed the last burst of energy and hammered her so violently that her eyes rolled white. Maintaining that speed, I kept pumping until that inevitable pause came, along with a humongous load that filled her up so much that some of it leaked onto our couch.

Like the monster she was, she pushed me out of her with another satisfied sigh, and put her hand, formed into a cup, right under her pussy to collect everything that she could squeeze out. The next thing I knew, she was tipping the cum from her hand into her mouth, slurping it up like a perfect, traditional Chinese, half-boiled egg.

Laying lazily with a delighted grin, I decided to slide my semi-erection into her and carried her into the bathroom that way, for a well-deserved shower. It was only after she has personally scrubbed my manhood that she let me face-fuck her until I delivered another load of semen straight into her mouth.

Once in the morning, once at night.

That was how she kept temptations away from me, with the occasional roleplay, frequent use of toys, and random, wild sex like that night to keep things interesting.

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